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Oud Zen by Areej le Doré

This arcane smoky/balsamic sandalwood's rendition (finally slightly civilized and rouded by soft balsams and stout leather) represents my first approach with the infamous Areej le Dore's "rocky" siberian alchemies. A first greasy Oud Zen's fist on my decrepit skin from the southern provinces and I'm immediately connected with the most obscure and extreme Abdul Samad Al Qurashi-oudhs straight outta dark caves, with the Calice Becker By Kilian Pure Oud's boot polish-like cypriol oil/cistus labdanum/smoky woods/saffron/tolu balsams/myrrh-founded animalic connections and definitely with my appalling bottle of pure castoreum-oil from Abdes Salam Attar Profumo. Castoreum (supported by acid civet) is indeed aggressive along this first stage and the animalic strength is in addition "extremized" by hints of (mezcal like) worm-rotted/mould, by secular dust, bonfire woodiness a la Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods or Fireside Intense, boisterous smoked leather a la Omer Ipekci Pekji Cuir6 and by (civet-nuanced) medicinal syrup. I substantially disagree with the excellent and super qualified ClaireV since I don't see any credible wearability in this straightforward combination of agarwood-pure oils, rancid resins, smoked woods and animalics (neither in the final barely tamed phase). I detect saffron which is a perfect dry companion for the authoritarian licoricey/salty/leathery/woody starkness but I catch as well a richer musky/green balsamic vibe (at same time vegetal and animalic a la ASAQ Royal Oud Gazelle or Deer Musk) from the ancient woods of the siberian mountain. A feral potion? Oh yes baby, at least (for three/quarter of its run) on my skin of moonshiny "suburban" pseudo-perfumista and till when a barely perceptible touch of softer balmy presence gets soothing the general "burnt sense of stale prehistoric antiquity". Exotic facets from Papuan Oud? Naaa. A faint floral presence? Probably, in a subtle final way perceptible as spark (minimal) of amberish/floral sophistication. Complexity is not proper to these types of musky/mouldy alchemic experiments to me and frankly (sorry again dear Claire) vintage Habanita (seriously powdery) or Onda Voile d'Extrait (eminently hesperidic) are completely different stuffs imo. The general structure turns out to be lacking. The final wake is lighter but still smokey, mouldy and leathery, an arcane feel which could by no means be introduced as "luxurious".The Oud Zen'wearer is definitely a saturnine fellow out of this standardized time and with a poetic sense of life. I appreciate in any case the hard "opera" of general balancing appointed by the artist creator. A status of mind (projected back to ancient centuries) more than a fully accomplished fragrance imo. 7,5/10.
P. S: the great surprise is that along the final stage, nearly 10 hours over the "application" on skin, the note of civet (a synthetic amberish/musky civet a la Zoologist Civet) unveils all its "suggestions" providing due to its "organic acidity" (and on a certain extent) the illusion of an old school animalic classic massive chypree a la Tabù Dana (or neo classic a la Zoologist Civet) under the vest of a still dominant (but reduced in intensity) musty smokiness and overall represents a great work of civilization appointed by perfumer imo.
22nd November, 2017

Credible Noir by Louis Cardin

A first blast of Credible Noir on skin and it seems to deal with a new Creed Aventus-clone with all its citric/smokey/fruity/coniferous "repertorio". I detect a touch of fruitiness, possibly hints of peneapple, huge bergamot and a tad of grapefruit. Probably the Louis Cardin's list of notes is just partial, aiming to veil the larger (in number of elements) perfume-composition. I detect fir-resin, pink berries and a sort of leafy-earthy-rooty presence (patchouli, herbal notes, jasmine-leaves??) as well. A rosey/piney/peppery-twist keeps "swarming" under the nose while (along the way) a less sharp and gradually smoother spark starts jumping up from the "backstage" in a way conjuring me intensely the Mazzolari Nero's final "outlook" (musk, rose, synth ambergris and vanilla, overall smoother than the current Aventus dry down). Hints of leather (a la Aventus/Royal Vintage) come up along the journey but in a pretty minimal way. The juice is surely fresh, "projectful, "modernly classic" and fancy but by no means seriously groundbreaking. A nice virile concoction (finally rosey/lemony, smokey and amberish) which is anyway far to be "credible", original and innovative. Another lost occasion, sorry.
20th November, 2017 (last edited: 21st November, 2017)

Orchidea by Louis Cardin

Orchidea is another Louis Cardin's attempt to follow the comfortable route of a successful market: combine a tad of the classic Tom Ford Black Orchid's "edible milky/semi-gourmandish/humid orchid" with a twist of the fruitier Black Orchid Voler de Fleur (with a soft whiff of initial hesperidic medicinal) and you will have this powerful spicy floral concoction. Cinnamon, gardenia, orchid and patchouli are olfactory stars. A tad of honeyed chocolate? Super feminine and creamy-spicy with a sensual temperament though not something particularly original. Dry down is softer (creamy-woody) and far more enjoyable than all the rest.
16th November, 2017 (last edited: 17th November, 2017)
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Ombra di Tiglio by L'Erbolario

Super laundry-leafy take on a (soapy-victorian) damp rose/geranium-accord. Kind of synth but pleasant. A sort of "neutral-abstract" soapy-barber shoop silvan aroma. Lot kind of detergent cleansing toilette rose-water. Along the way a green tea-like sort of vibe (citrus, sharp floral "aqueous/transparent" notes, musk) a la Bvlgari Pour Homme jumps up providing a more classic cologney twist.
11th November, 2017

Patchouly by L'Erbolario

Musky. L'Erbolario Patchouly is definitely a dignified patch-based combosition unfolding a sort of soapy-powdery patchouli-rendition with an evident presence of dusty iris, balmy vanilla and ylang-ylang. Dry floral notes and a tad of earthiness balance the yet presence white "talkiness". Quite recommended to all those people looking for a pleasant wearable patchouli with a spicy-floral-musky radiancy.
11th November, 2017

Givenchy Gentleman (new) by Givenchy

Totally raped the original formula. Damn violet (at least in my perception), saltiness and synth harsh woodiness, an umpteenth sort of Trussardi Uomo new, Gentleman Only or bla bla bla. A pathetic collapse. A nightmare.
05th November, 2017 (last edited: 06th November, 2017)

Jimmy Choo Man Ice by Jimmy Choo

A translunar uninspired aromatic/vaguely minty collage of Dior Homme Cologne, Givenchy Gentleman Only, Versace Eros, Bvlgari Man Extreme and Guerlain L'Homme Ideal. I get synth "icy/cardamomish" musk, melonal, citron, vetiver, saltiness and benzoinic woodiness.
05th November, 2017

Le Cinéma Olfactif : No. 1 - Mood Indigo by Folie à Plusieurs

An aroma straight outta chemical/pharmaceutical "sterilized" firm. A cedary/incensey neo-futuristic alchemy of new-age perfumery, a languid, diaphanous, liquefied dazzling olfactory spotlight. Mood Indigo smells like something in the middle between an Ulrich Lang's elusive metropolitan creation and an Andrea Maack's aldehydic twist, overall with a sort of woody pencil shavings spark a la Montana Graphite. I get in primis a super liquid "aqueous" frankincense with a sort of metallurgical/hyperbaric/pharmaceutical minimalistic (vaguely floral) vibe. Pepper and aqueous floral notes (lily, freesia, may be gardenia) enhance the dominant chemical twist while I detect a cedary (vaguely pencil shavings), endly drier final effect. I agree on the decidedly generic-synth effect and about the anaemic general "consistency". Extreme woody-incensey minimalism with a touch of "chemist". Nothing special, just for the lovers of this super sharp "cold" restrained genre.
02nd November, 2017

Extravagance D'Amarige by Givenchy

A great green/floral accord with an initial smoky/bitter faint undertone (pink pepper and bitter herbs), a tad of green muskiness and a vaguely hesperidic/baroque appeal. The floral bouquet is rich (violet, iris, orange blossoms and jasmine), almost aristocratic (a la Floris, in a sort of "British" royal way). Dry down is woody and musky with a tad of soapiness. Such a type of fragrances are simply a solid choice in any occasions. Extravagance d'Amarige (on my skin) is bright classic elegance and dynamic charme.
26th October, 2017

Altrove by Acqua dell'Elba

Just tested Essenza di Un'isola Acqua from this italian "house" and I have to say this ranks right up with the 2/3 best aquatics tested by me so far on skin. Perfect balance between "salty" and "creamy/soapy citric" with an amazing green balsamic vibe (and soft breezy floral nuances). Musky, softly musky and salty balmy musky. Really a dreamy and summery scent like a sort of aquatic Must the Cartier Pour Homme's little relative from the southern Mediterranean lands. This juice smells like a never ending bath up in a terrace's pool in front of the sea (the sea iodine under the nose). I smell "minty" myrtle and pine, perfectly complementing salt, citrus, seaweeds and floral/ozonic elements. The aroma of a "bright" june-sunset while waiting the upcoming summer there in the little island (the heart filled with joy and optimism). A juice which tenaciously I recommend to all the ozonics-freaks of this wonderful world.
22nd October, 2017

Tan-Tan by Coquillete Paris

A courageous idea of aromatic failure. Coquillette Paris Tan-Tan is (for long but thankfully not tout court ) another post-modern perfumed "anti-perfume". Dusty, dissonant, strident, leafy, chemical, electrically crazy. Opening (the less creepy part) is by soon intensely floral and prickly-herbal before to become plastically off-putting, sticky and synthetically dusty. The plastic/xerox toner-like smell a la CdG Odeur 71/Odeur 53 is evident, sour-green, acid and vaguely resinous in its floral background. I smell sticky white lymph, coniferous resins, petroleous rubber, dry florals and "a discount kind of leather" (milky/resinous). I detect several incensey/dusty un-liturgical aromatic facets (cold and impersonal) as well, combined with shopper bag-plastic, "liquid woods" (metallic and dry) and rubbed herbs, like smelling on skin a sort of watered down plastic/herbal/floral Durbano Black Tourmaline with figgy/leathery/piney disturbing nuances and with no trace of elegy.
P.S: dry down affords a significant improvement since the juice reduces its rubbery/leafy/dusty facets becoming a more properly leather-floral (almost fur-like) accord with classic woody-leathery-musky-floral elements.
19th October, 2017

Illicit by Jimmy Choo

Positive is my response. Along the first stage it seems to detect a sort of soapier and gentler Thierry Mugler Alien with a dominant (but definitely less "electronic") fresh (vaguely balsamic) sambac jasmine, some creamy orange blossoms and a huge dose of resinous/honeyed white woods. Rose (never earthy or leafy) provides a tad of "cosmetical - pink" delicate soapiness. Amber, musk and honey (a la Elie Saab Le Parfum) grow up gradually with all their dose of fairy elegy. Radiand and well appointed minimalist ambery-floral by Jimmy Choo. Dry down, after several hours is warmer and a tad less interesting.
17th October, 2017

Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy

I'd not define it a total scrubber but Only Intense is a somewhat mediocre synth scent combining the angular-metallic-calonic regular Only's vibe with an overdose of sweet spicy tonka, hints of leather and chemical resins. Pepper and incense are overly dosed and too sweet for my pleasure. Pass by.
15th October, 2017
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Kenzo World by Kenzo

Minimalistic synth fruity "powdery-candied" amber with a standout breezy/tart peony and a fresh ethereal soapiness. It seems to detect a red-berrish and vaguely gummy/waxy presence probably elicited by ambroxan/jasmine (something finally talky/soapy). I detect a quite tart/leafy ostensibly aquatic vibe. Honestly this juice is a new drop in the ocean of modern perfumery. It finally smells like a soapy detergent.
12th October, 2017

Eau de Rochas by Rochas

A sophisticated monument of "electric" cologne with a dominant brightly citric/herbal/floral minty accord. Neroli, bergamot, basil and rose-jasmine-carnation provide a supremely classic-naïf cologney vibe while an anisic/licoricey/lemony presence discloses a touch of cool "latin" aromatic exoticism. The juice is freshly tart and sparkling, recalling several Guerlain Aqua Allegoria or 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser. Dry down is muskier with an amber/patchouli dominant presence (and quite refined on subtle florals). A classic timeless concept. Stunning bottle from a left back glorious past.
12th October, 2017

Dragonfly by Zoologist Perfumes

A further Zoologist's well crafted olfactory twist. Freehearted and almost oneiric feminine ambery-musky fragrance. A credible synth accord with a radiant brightness. Dragonfly ideally conjugates a typical Andrea Maack's aldehydic combination of papyrus, greens, musky/mineral amber, medicinal lime, white powder and dry flowers with an equally "futuristic" accord of aqueous pond-like florals (lotus, peony, lilac) and synth muskiness a la Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique or Chinatown Bond No. 9. A froozen in time translucent white-green atmosphere. There is all around a dominant medicinal/tart floral muskiness with a sort of mineral/vaguely ozonic spark. Heliotrope and amber slightly tame (along the journey) the dominant lemony/leafy floral tartness but the aroma is all about aldehydes, tart berrish fruits, humid/lymphatic/leafy florals, pharmaceutical lime, secret minerals and aroma chemical green muskiness. Dry down is softer, diaphanous, vaguely talky/poudree and super sophisticated. Ancestral kind of ostensibly vegetal fragrance. The Dragonfly's idea of woman is ethereal and elusive, a "presence" from a sort of muffled and candid/naive untouchable world of innocence, silk and white dreams. Welcome to the ancestral universe of innocence.
10th October, 2017

Floïd by Floïd

A gentlemanly legend.
07th October, 2017 (last edited: 08th October, 2017)

Emporio Armani City Glam for Him by Giorgio Armani

I don't get all that "furiously reviewed olfactory disaster". City Glam for Him is just generic, a quite fresh-virile accord of herbs, bitter green orange and aqueous spices, ending down towards a finally generic synth connection of woods and "ostensible ambergris". I detect points in common with Emporio Armani He for him (a sort of initial fluidy, slightly oily-resinous and surely piquant trait coexisting with herbs, woods, musk and bitter orange). The herbal vibe is minty and aromatic throughout and it provides (connected to fresh cardamom) this kind of fluidy bitter initial twist. Dry down is warmer, a generic woods/ambroxan-accord a averagely sensual and virile, yet synthetic for sure (conceptually a la Badedas Noir but even Code or Emporio Armani He).
06th October, 2017

Lune Féline by Atelier Des Ors

A daring balmy/resinous (finally drier) amber appointed for us by Atelier Des Ors. A super resinous yummy accord of sweet spices and balsams with an aromatic (vaguely minty) aura, a sort of lingering peppery/incensey twist and a finally sharper/talkier woody "tail". Opening is quite mesmerizing and inebriating. Balsams are almost gourmandish and edible. The aromatic/green vibe is quite exotic and somewhat intellectual. A central accord of styrax, green patterns, frankincense and cardamom is heady and kind of "smokey/tropical". I definitely enjoy the heady chord of amber, cinnamon, frankincense and "aromatics". Balsams hold on seriously captivating and "juicy" till almost the end of the journey (anticipating and heralding the final cedary/dusty white powder). There is an undeniable amberish (slightly tobacco-veined) dominant presence which represents the "feline side of the moon". Fortunately the woody undertone is moderate in strength and well balanced (more than vaguely pencil shavings a la Montana Graphite). I don't get the musk at all. Balsams and dry woods are quite well combined, woods (kind of dry and cedary) balance the resinous vibe while providing a final sharper (kind of poudre, dusty and misty) aromatic atmosphere a la Tauer L'Air du desert Marocain. The fresh green vibe is durable along the development and finally slightly talky. I detect a certain resemblance with radiant resinous ambers a la Diptyque Eau Duelle and So Oud Nur (especially along the top and the central stage). Anyway this juice preserves for itself a tad of more assertive misty "shadow". Lune Feline is not a stand out crack in perfumery (and is not surely a quite articulated and structured masterwork) but we can say it exudes olfactory dignity being a quite intriguing juice for all the lovers of the "animalic amber theme".
06th October, 2017

Credible Oud by Louis Cardin

Louis Cardin Credible Oud bangs us immediately with a credibly destructive fist of synth bammy-creamy-musky oudh, sambac spicy jasmine and "cosmetical" (make up-vibe's conjuring) amberish sandalwood in a way you could swear (at least for a couple of seconds) to be dealing with a sort of boisterous Thierry Mugler oudish Alien on steroids (if possible). The amber-presence is since the beginning musky, angular, floral and vaguely powdery. Opening is seriously hardcore; such kind of gassy/floral intoxicating synth perfumes could severely test the common taste and the average tolerability indeed. Anyway, thankfully I detect in a while a sort of softer fruity-volatile-waxy-airy oudish presence a la Maria Lux Deeply or Heeley Agarwood (benzoinic-amberish spicy and candied rose/oudh, something still powerful but slightly more tolerable). Saffron (more than vaguely chemical and kind of detergent) gradually settles on the ground its spicy/rosey aura with a recall of that typical oudish modern rosey/saffrony recipe a la Dueto Parfums City Oud, Mancera the Oud, Xerjoff More than Words or boring stuffs like those. Dry down is a nowadays mainstream creamy-spicy-resinous accord smelling about soap, rose, tuberose, orange blossoms, vague berrish fruity molecules, talky saffron, powdery woods and something kind of "rosey" candied (a sort of oudish-gassy-powdery-cosmetical assumptive Chanel Gabrielle). Really too much of everything.
02nd October, 2017 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)

Montana Black Edition by Montana

A darker/drier more assertive sort of Parfum d'Homme. Spicy, dry, rubbery, restrained, peppery, overall with a more than vague traditional powerhouse-twist. Black Edition smells like an orgiastic bacchanal between Nostalgia Santa Maria Novella, Jacomo de Jacomo, Bvlgari Black, vintage Trussardi Uomo and the classic Montana Parfum d'Homme. Superb piece of flanker-fragrance. Recommended.
28th September, 2017 (last edited: 02nd October, 2017)

Sacred by Louis Cardin

Louis Cardin Sacred is all about sweet resins, musk and dusty vanilla. I detect a sort of rosey spiciness (saffron, cinnamon?) as background. Hints of pepper? The aroma is pretty common, faintly (mediocrely) structured but surely inebriating and pleasant. This juice is kind of vaguely powdered, slightly almondy, woody (a dusty "white" kind of woodiness) and definitely cinnamonic. Juices a la Farmacia SS Annunziata Chia, Ortigia Ambra Nera or La Maison de la Vanille La Vanille Noir du Mexique jump vaguely on mind. Dry down is comforting and warm. This scent is excellent to be worn "intimately" for yourself (winter time at home on your coach) but not enough articulated to stand out in the middle of a Gala night at Royal Palace.
26th September, 2017

Cedrat Boise by Mancera

A quite fruity (kind of apparently berrish and surely lemony) sophisticated creamy sandalwood. There is a quite present lemony/grassy aura (the cedrat vibe) which is musky and floral (definitely classic in effect - some old school or classically appointed sandalwood/jasmine-implementations from Estee Lauder or Mark Buxton jump vaguely on mind). The "sandalwood/jasmine/black currant connection" is surely central. I detect the "Cedrat Boise-effect" but the note of sandalwood (a floral sophisticated musky sandalwood) is equally dominant. Feminine.
23rd September, 2017

Aspiration by Louis Cardin

Super spicy, I finally pick up powdery saffron in particular. A classic fleeting herbal/aromatic dry opening (vaguely a la Paco Rabanne Xs or D&G Pour Homme) finally reached by soapy/musky/rosey resinous balsams with a powdery/chypre (brightly "laundry-detergent/toilette cleaner" and slightly talky) undertone. Dry down conjures me vaguely scents a la Dueto City Oud (but in a less resinous and synthetic way). In conclusion I detect a sort of harsher "hay/papyrus/pencil shavings-like" final twist. Not properly an olfactory "Aspiration" for me.
21st September, 2017

Missoni Parfum pour Homme by Missoni

Missoni Parfum Pour Homme starts as a revival (in a contemporary key) of scents a la Byblos Uomo original or Versus Pour Homme by Gianni Versace (glorious modern juices sice the moment of their inception) in order to gradually assume an its own darkly musky sporty evolution based on lemony patchouli, aromatic herbs and synth musk. Ginger, green lemon and lavender provide the sporty/fresh darkly-aromatic twist a la Badedas Noir. Some drier/soapier soothing amberish woodiness a la L'Erbolario Corteccia (probably because of the oak-note) emeges gradually but this scent is all about musky/herbal patchouli and green lime. A pleasant dynamic masculine modern fragrance but nothing more.
P.S: the "deep drydown" is eminently woody (kind of pencil shavings in vibe) and along this stage the scent losts almost entirely the interest on me.
19th September, 2017

Emporio Armani Stronger With You by Giorgio Armani

Conjures me a lot (at least conceptually) scents as Azzaro Pour Homme Intense (new) and Boss The Scent Intense (woods, spices, tonka bean, fruity notes, hints of leather and vanilla). Valentino Uomo (less woody but more "chocolatey") is not so distant. A cedary kind of woody (pencil shavings) undertone is unfortunately the silent star. Nutty, woody, sweet, vaguely liquorous/caramellous and strong. Dry down is highly peppery on my skin. Not properly my cup of tea.
15th September, 2017

Loud Whisper by Louis Cardin

Unfortunately another more than pleasant but un-original LC's creation on my skin.
A sort of "musky/talky bath-foam-like" mix of several "market cracks cliche'-formulas". If you are in to Amouage Reflection Man, Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men, Joop Homme Wild, Baldessarini Ambre or in to a whichever musky-talky "all around ubiquitous" bath foam and you even appreciate Paco Rabanne One Million or Gaultier Le Male (also Le Beau Male), well here's Louis Cardin Loud Whisper, the umpteenth member of the infamous clan. Probably the latter is a slightly more balmy/soapy "heavenly" mix of the former juices, finally so light, soapy, delicate and almost oneiric. At the end of the run Loud Whisper turns out pretty soapy/talky, floral-chic and creamy/vanillic. It seems to detect also a whiff of candied heliotrope, spices, jasmine, patchouli, ambroxan, tonka, sandalwood and a few more. Probably I finally detect hints of soft suede (a spark of salty-leathery remote feel) as well and soft woofiness. A captivating juvenile mainstream formula lacking class, structure and elegance imo. Nothing new under the sun guys.
11th September, 2017

Lumination by Louis Cardin

Lumination is a pretty ordinary sporty fragrance from Louis Cardin and another take on aromatic/green/citric (fougere)
saltiness after the pleasant Scentanium (being the latter more oriented towards a sort of minty/metallic woodiness while Lumination is more typically musky/ozonic with a plain sporty twist of final synth "piquant" ambergris). Fresh, clean, ozonic, lemony, metallic, musky. The combination of metallic/ozonic patterns, fresh lavender, hesperidic patchouli and synth (aromachemical) ambery/lemony muskiness conjures me significantly (yet undenied and remarked all their evident peculiarities) scents a la Egoiste Platinum, L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake, Allure Homme Sport or D&G Light Blue. I get some sharp floral notes but this juice is all about ozonics and lemony/aromatic/ambery muskiness. Dry down on skin is darker and more dry/virile with a plain piquant spark. Lumination is definitely a "bright" aromatic/sporty "conventional" juice but is finally nothing but a ramake of previous renowned classics on the same theme (and finally smells somewhat boring and uninspired, my humble rating is barely 5/10).
07th September, 2017 (last edited: 08th September, 2017)

Gabrielle by Chanel

Gabrielle is a delicate brand new Chanel's bouquet with a translucent "neo-Victorian" graciousness. Tuberose is the main element (creamy, soft, orangy, musky) immediately supported by earthy jasmine, sophisticated (soapy-cosmetical) synth ylang-ylang and by a final fairy (but vain and kind of fuzzy) balminess. An initial angular/hesperidic leafiness evolves by soon in to a soft musky-orangy twist of floral and soapy notes. Orange blossoms, ylang-ylang, tuberose, musk, namely a sort of hardly enchanting perfumed "remake". A gracious "baume", slightly dull and with a tad more than mediocre structural magistery. Nothing new under the sun.
02nd September, 2017

Scentanium by Louis Cardin

Interesting first approach with the Louis Cardin's "perfumed" family. Scentanium is a super spicy/salty fresh citrus-based mature aroma rich of charme and freshly-oudish boldness. I suppose a not listed well calibrated touch of musky/spicy oudh could have been included in the blend. The extreme "toiletries like" spiciness conjures me significantly the musky-oudish Arabian Oud Gentleman Secret's exotic radiancy (which I deeply appreciate). The latter shares with (the saltier) Scentanium this sort of spicy-exotic classic twist of "arabic" aromatic virility (conjuring me more than vaguely the image of an utterly distinguished seducing exotic man and ideally capturing the scene of a tall "hypnotic" man in the hall of a luxurious hotel with its broadly projecting wake of "cardamomish/salty" muskiness). I detect markedly an arabic concept of aromatic-exotic masculinity all around but it seems to notice a sort of western yacht club-like sense of aristocratic summery "yuppies-ness" as well. It seems to pick up huge doses of ylang-ylang, citrus, pepper and cardamon on a base of well calibrated oudh, woods and ambery muskiness. Really dreamy, charismatic and "oriental". Supremely masculine with no compromises. I detect hints of ozonics as well, salty patterns (hints of vetiver too?) providing a modern sense of dreamy saltiness (the connection between ozonic saltiness, musky woodiness, peppery spiciness and aromatics conjures me more than vaguely the core of Bottega Verde Nero d'Ambra). A touch of mint enhances this widely sparkling aromatic sense of seductive/daring/exotic/hesperidic freshness all around (a la Egoiste Platinum but with more piquant saltiness) while it seems to detect a touch of florals and secret dry fruits in the mix. Hints of woody-metallic-floral temperament conjure me partially the Montblanc Emblem's woody-salty-aromatic restraint as well. An erotic perfume. An excellent choice for all the lovers of a classic fresh concept of daring virility really sensual, piquant, bold and dry. Surely recommended.
01st September, 2017 (last edited: 02nd September, 2017)