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Eternity Summer for Men 2005 by Calvin Klein

While not outstanding or even remotely original, I was pleasently surprised by Eternity Summer for men. A far cry from the original, this version is light and fitting for summer but doesnt rely on citrus to keep it fresh. The one thing that is truly outstanding about this frag is that it easily lasts 12+ hours with a single spray! Now that is rare for a summer frag. If you are looking for a long lasting, casual frag for the summer, give CK Eternity Summer a chance.
24th May, 2006

Kouros Eau D'Été by Yves Saint Laurent

(2006 version) Citrus (lemon?) and mint over top the traditional Kouros basenote. The result: a much lighter more modern Kouros that isnt cloying and still does not stray far from its heiritage. Great stuff.
01st March, 2006

Arden Men - Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden

A very strong long lasting cologne. For any who wish to try it, it is still available from perfumeemporium.
31st October, 2005
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Jeans Couture Man by Versace

Jeans Couture has a really strange/interesting bottle and the colgone itself isnt half bad. Though sadly, I dont think it has all the much going for it either. JC just doenst do much to distinguish itself. It is just kind of another designer fragrance that will sell because it is versace and because the bottle is great. But, like I said, though the scent isnt incredibly original, it isnt bad. It lasted about 6 hours on me so not the best but it could be worse.
10th August, 2005

Metal Jeans Men by Versace

Not impressed by this one at all. I tested both Metal Jeans and Jeans Couture while in Orlando this summer and within an hour after spraying Metal Jeans had almost entirely vanished without a trace. The scent doesnt really have much to it, just a very very light scent that (at least on me) stays close to the skin and doesnt last. I was entirely dissapointed by Metal Jeans because I had already discoverd my favorite cologne, Black Jeans and the Dreamer by Versace. Even at its cheap price Metal Jeans isnt worth picking up.
10th August, 2005

Baldessarini Del Mar by Baldessarini

Kind of boring really. Nothing that truly sets it apart from all the other "classy" frags. Give it a try if you must but odds are you will just keep looking.
09th August, 2005

Style In Play by Lacoste

One of Style In Play's/red's ingredients sums up this fragrance and that is "manzana verde". Yes, "green apple" says it all. This is a nice airy-fruity cologne. All in all it is just a light fruity citrus engulfed in apple. To my knowledge there is no other cologne in which only one ingredient is readily detected and in which that ingredient is apple so thus this scent in unique. As for lasting power, it stays a decent amount of time on my skin (4-6 hrs) and can still be detected the next day on clothes. In my opinion this scent is perfectly suited for hot and humid summer days and for workouts at the gym. I must, however, say that I do agree with those that say this scent is not for the older crowd. I am 17 and I do like this scent but it is very straightforward and thus has no complexity or change with time (though that is the quality I most like about this cologne because it never takes any unexpected turns.) This is definitely one that you must try before you buy. I was able to acquire the entire bath line as well as the 75ml cologne for under 45 dollars so I have no complaints. Hopefully this very long review was helpful.
09th August, 2005

Romance Silver Men by Ralph Lauren

A nice clean somewhat spicy refreshing scent. By no means original but still not bad. For a standard designer scent that will no offend you cant go wrong with this. Good for everyday wear in my opinion.
09th August, 2005

Ocean Pacific for Men by Ocean Pacific

Went into perfumania and told the sales associate that I wanted a cologne for summer. He then had me try this stuff. I'm sorry but I find this cologne boring. Nothing about it stands out as unique and the scent doesnt even project. Add to that that the fragrance hardly changes in its 20 minute lifespan and all that is left is the fact that you just wasted money on Ocean Pacific for Men.
09th August, 2005

Versace Man by Versace

Very strange. Some days I think its great others I wonder why I havent traded it off. The scent is unlike any I have ever had or tried before. So in the least, it is different. The scent starts off strong but loses power and fades away on my skin in less than two hours and then out of nowhere it occasionaly shows up throughout the day. Not one that projects itself far but is also not a skin-hugging fragrance. Worth a try because it is different but may not sit well with you. Who knows, this could be another frag that needs a certain skin chemistry to pull it off.
09th August, 2005

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

Doesn't change a lot from first spray till the end but I see that as a good thing. This is great, another scent that immediately bring abercrombie and fitch to mind. So at least in that right it is already a classic. A relatively inexpensive and readily available scent that fits teen culture.
09th August, 2005

Hei by Alfred Sung

Surely they jest! This cologne is too boring and light as well as short lived to be a serious fragrance. While it doesnt completely go away after 15 minutes, the scent that stays with you hardly deserves mention because one must focus on smelling for it in order to detect it. I dont find this any more refreshing than the morning air and I can get as much as I want of that for free. Just another sweet floral not really deserving mention.
09th August, 2005

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Not a bad scent by any means it just doesnt differ much from any other scent. If you are looking for something affordable and worth wearing this is a good bet. However if you are looking for something different and intersting dont even bother to stop and look at this one.
09th August, 2005
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Royal Copenhagen by Royal Copenhagen

It may just be that I am too young to appreciate this cologne as I am 17 but in my opinion, this stuff is awful. I received a free tester of it from Perfumeemporium with my last order and I actually tried to like it. However, after putting it on I did not make it out of the front door before my entire family asked what I was wearing because it stunk so badly. I believe this to be a harsh chemical cologne. To this cologne I must honestly give the award of worst cologne I have ever tried.
09th August, 2005

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I really, really tried to like this one but it just didn't work out. This was the first oriental type cologne I have ever tried. From what I had read it was the best, so perhaps I just don't like orientals and that is why I don't like opium, who knows. Anyway, Opium was a very strong nearly cloying on my skin. I only had a tester vial of Opium and after a week of trying to like and washing it off everyday, I tossed what remained. Perhaps worth a try if you want a heavy oriental but it just wasnt for me.
09th August, 2005

Nobile by Gucci

In a word, classy. A very sophisticated "green" scent. I purchased a bottle after reading reviews on this site from a TJ Max for only $14.95. Starts off strong but then drys down to a great aroma that sits close to the skin and makes the women want to get closer to get another sniff. Great stuff and one can't go wrong for the price.
09th August, 2005

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

While the top notes of this scent start off ok while still being very bold, less than 5 minutes later it starts smelling like the fresheners put in urinals. No kidding. Some people like it because it is so different and sticks out so much (people 5 feet away can smell it). While I wouldnt recomend this to people who like to smell clean or to people with small dogs (this smell may scare them) it is still a classic that all should at least look at. But please, dont just go out and buy it. Go to a store where you can test it first. Yet, for all of this there is still a quality that makes me want to give it another chance over and over again. Maybe I just don't learn of maybe there is actually something appealing about this cologne.
09th August, 2005

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

I tried this at a JCPenny recently and I don't know how this stuff is still selling. Granted it is different from all the light airy mens colognes being release by designers today so for that I give this fragrance a plus but that still isnt enough to save it from a thumbs down. I sprayed one spray on my wrist to try it out and that was too much the cologne quickly became cloying and i had trouble washing it off. Very heavy cologne that desperately tries to suffocate the one wearing it.
09th August, 2005

cK be by Calvin Klein

My first and only CK scent. I recieved this one as a gift from a relative. Before even looking it up to see that is is a unisex scent I had already made that assumption. Very light, very sweet and a touch of floral. Just not to my tastes at all.
09th August, 2005

Adidas Moves by Adidas

Honestly?! This smells like plastic and synthetic apples. Nothing appealing just a cheap scent that smalls like a storage container sprayed with a cheap air-freshner. Keep looking.
09th August, 2005

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Honestly this cologne isnt bad at all, women really seem to love it. However, it is not without a big problem. You can get Acqua Di Gio about anywhere (even walmart has it). That makes it easier to get than Abercrombie and Fitch which I can vouch for as being very overused. The halls of my high school smell of Abercombie and Acqua Di Gio. If you just want something nice and dont care that every 3rd person has this stuff, then go fo Acqua Di Gio. Otherwise, just keep looking...
09th August, 2005