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Burberry Sport Ice for Men by Burberry

I thought this would be interesting since I live in very hot and humid climes... I wanted something cool, refreshing, that would smell good while keeping me refreshed. I had all the wrong expectations I guess. This juice was bad, and the smell was nostril-piercing. I resisted the urge to wash it off with a brillo-pad and waited for the drydown, which was moderately alright, but a far cry from what I expected from Burberry.
07th May, 2011

Chypre Rouge by Serge Lutens

Hmmm... This scent is a big disappointment to me. At first, it smells exactly like a tutti-fruity Kool-aid sdrink mix. Just open a canister of the juice powder and sniff. That's Chypre Rouge.

After a while, it settles a bit and the Patchouli and Vanilla come through juuuuuust a little. But it's still sickeningly sweet, like Diptyque's Eau D'Elide.
18th September, 2006

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Jaisalmer by Comme des Garçons

Wow, what a great, complex scent!! In many ways, it seems to have a similarity to Vetiver Extraordinaire... But with less of the earthy smell and more of the spices. Lovely.
25th July, 2006
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Activist by Body Shop

Oh wow... Quite a surprise to find this re-launched in 2006 as a limited edition set! Smells like a smoother D&G PH with a dash of cinnamon. Awesome scent, wonderful bath gel!!!
18th June, 2006

Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

A very fresh, very well-done lavender. Be aware though that in hot weather, the lavender can really take over. Best worn in cooler weather, where the smooth dry-down can really come out and play.
17th April, 2006

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

A very light, very fresh fragrance... Very soothing patchouli and sandalwood. Great longevity!
16th April, 2006

Blu Notte pour Homme by Bulgari

Eh. It's not bad. But on me it smells like a fresh diaper. Sorta powedery. Smells good on others though.
07th April, 2006

Jack Black Signature Black Mark by Jack Black

Holy heck!!! I'm really glad I got this on a "blind buy recommendation" from a friend. Absolutely fantastic, like a smooth Gucci PH. Leather, Cedar, Coriander... Wow!!!
04th April, 2006

Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I didn't quite get the incense note in this, though this could be due to skin chemistry. It's a nice scent, slightly floral, but longevity is poor for such an expensive frag.
28th March, 2006

Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur

What a wonderful frag! It starts off with a blast that reminds me of Eau Sauvage, but then quickly settles to a smooth, gentle Patchouli. Wonderfully done!
28th March, 2006

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

This is not a "Black" scent at all... Rather, it reminds me of Acqua di Gio with a synthetic, woody note. girls like it though... Go figure.
21st March, 2006

Kouros Cologne Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

I love the original Kouros for it's blatant in-your-face sexuality... Kouros Cologne Sport turns it into a gentle, fresh seduction.
17th March, 2006

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

Lovely scent for an evening out at a formal restaurant... It just oozes class. :)
17th March, 2006
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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Oh yeah. Hail to the king! Man, this is one of those fragrances that need a "walk through the mist" application, but by god it gets the girls drooling! Just be careful how much you apply... I really can understand the people who say it smells like piss or urinal cakes, but if you squirt this from a distance you'll be fine
17th March, 2006

Black by Bulgari

Man this stuff is great. It's a slightly smoky vanilla-like scent with a hint of rubber, like a formula1 car driving through a vanilla patch.
15th March, 2006

Herrera Aqua by Carolina Herrera

As many have mentioned before, it's not really an "Aqua" scent. Boss Elements Aqua is *much* better in that regard. But it is a nice, slightly floral yet masculine oriental. Not bad at all, but not outstanding or unique. I got a good deal on a bundle, so I'm not regretting my purchase. It won't be high on my rotation list though.
14th March, 2006

Obsession Night for Men by Calvin Klein

This is a really great fragrance! It's warm but mellow, very sexy and mysterious. An excellent, excellent scent with great longevity. Go easy on the squirts though, or you'll OD and it'll go bad. 2-3 squirts will last all day and envelop you in a soothing, yet at the same time dark and mysterious cloud of sexyness.
08th March, 2006

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

It's quite a unique scent, and always brings back memories of High School, where i wore this... It's strong, has great longevity and is very unique. Just doesn't work too well in warm weather.
08th March, 2006

Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

Ugh, this stuff is awful. It smells like the cheapest green-apple candy you can find. I suppose this scent may appeal to 8-year-olds.
20th January, 2006

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

I don't knwo what is is... The smooth caramel, the gentle, perfect iris scent... But somehow, Dior Homme has managed to get the smell and feeling of freshly washed silk sheets, and all the sexy erotic imagery that entails, and bottled it. It's great. I like it. Girls like it.
18th January, 2006 (last edited: 21st March, 2006)

Cool Water Frozen by Davidoff

Totally agree with iMaverick... It's like the original, but much, much fresher. Great for warmer climates, like Singapore. :)
18th January, 2006

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Very interesting scent... At first it smells fairly normal and boring, nothing special... But give it 30 minutes, let it dry down, then notice the girls start sniffing the air when you walk past. Worth it! :)
18th January, 2006

Fahrenheit 0 Degrés by Christian Dior

Interesting, but i honestly find it too citrussy. I prefer the "normal" Fahrenheit Summer.
18th January, 2006

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Oh, lovely. Starts out woody, then settles to a wonderfully musky, masculine smell. Perfect for quiet dates, when you *want* the girl to cuddle up to your and not let go. Fantastic, classy. And the bottle is so huge and heavy that it makes for a great self-defense tool too! ;)
18th January, 2006

Romance for Men by Ralph Lauren

A very mixed scent.. On one hand, i find it to be quite ordinary... Yet for some reson, girls can pick out this scent in a crowd, and then they'll home in on you.
18th January, 2006

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

This is definitely a hit-or-miss scent... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I honestly prefer Fahrenheit Summer over this.
18th January, 2006

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Very old. Very classy. Nowadays, very unique. Too bad the smell of soap after my shower lasts longer than this.
18th January, 2006

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Ugh. This scent is the classic "Dirty old man" cologne. Just waaaaay too 70's!
18th January, 2006

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Ugh. Way too sweet, cloyingly so, and absolutely horrible in warm climates. But i got to hand it to them... This is the one Armani scent with great longevity. 2 squirts last all day, which, unfortunately, is not a good thing. :P
18th January, 2006

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

A lot of people will say this scent smells generic... I DISAGREE! It's definitely one of the "powdery" scents, but one of the BEST I've tried! It smells fresh, clean, and just lasts and lasts and lasts... I sprayed a tiny bit on my arm at the SF airport to test how it mixes with my skin, and by the time i got to Singapore (22 hours later) the scent was still strong enough for me to smell it when I moved my arm. I immediately bought a 125ml bottle. Great, fresh, gets compliments, and lasts all day... Thank you Guerlain!
16th January, 2006