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Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

Unique. A beautiful alternative to fresh, citrus summer fragrances. It is crisp enough to cut through humidity.
The bergemont is light.
I have never had the opportunity to smell Roiboos tea. I assumed it was similar to Egyptian karkadeh tea. Karkadeh is sweet but still a bit tart. The tea flavor in ATR is tart but not sweet. This was a pleasant surprise as I am not always in the mood for sweet smells.
30th July, 2010

Eau de Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

As other's have commented, Eau de Grey Flannel should not be confused with the original Grey Flannel. There is no oakmoss, there is no soapy drydown.
Instead, EDG is a fresh aquatic spray. Picture an Axe body spray, but more developed, more depth. Its pretty standard, but not offensive.
Its not necessarily my cup of tea, but its dirt cheap.
30th July, 2010

Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

Smells really nice when you spray it on. Smelled like a tropical scent to me. I suppose that would be the watermelon. Very refreshing and reasonable projection(?).
Then, as if a trap door opens, the scent becomes very, very weak. I had to inhale deeply just to check if the scent was still present.
07th April, 2010 (last edited: 20th April, 2010)
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Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label by Givenchy

I was not prepared for this cologne when I opened the bottle. It was a birthday present from my sweetie so I wanted to love it. I can't say that I love it, maybe just indifferent. To me smells like a strong citrus, without refinement and then clean, laundry smell. I would recommend for a young man loooking to smell fresh.
03rd April, 2010 (last edited: 22nd December, 2011)