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Parfums des Beaux Arts Majhoun by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

I did not expect to like this scent. When I smelled it on paper, I said, "wow, this is a cake." Dawn confirmed that in fact it was inspired by a dessert. I tried it on my skin in a spirit of experiment, and was captivated. It wasn't smelling like cake on my skin, instead I felt around me a cloud of spices in a sweet aura. I got a sample of it and wore it next day for a night on the town, and I felt irresistible. A little bit goes a long way, but I will be looking for a bottle after finishing my sample.
21st September, 2010
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Chemical Bonding by Ineke

Wow, what a lemon! Is it just a burst of lemon with leaves, tree and bark? Is it just about to melt into a lemon meringue? Is it -- God forbid! -- just a lemon scented dish soap??

Just when I thought that lemon will overpower my senses, the lovely note of peony rose up. Stayed like that for about three hours and went into a very mild drydown.

This one is nice... but... it makes me think about L'Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin and the comparison is definitely favors this old favorite of mine. It has the beginning of Sicilian lemon leaves, a lemony beginning, too, but a far more interesting one. A peony note it delivers is sweeter, and the lasting power is definitely 8 hours+ rather than about 5-6. I guess it's just me -- now I know what it feels like to find a Holy Grail since I'm turning down two new peony fragrances (this one and Paeonia by L'Occitane) with the same phrase: there's nothing this fragrance does that L'Eclat d'Arpege doesn't do for me.
17th April, 2010
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Poême by Lancôme

Poeme to me is all things yellow. A bright golden sunshine. A huge bouquet of yellow flowers -- yellow tea roses, narcissus, yellow tulips surrounded by European mimosa from all sides, baby breath looking yellow from all the liquid gold around. A jar of wildflower honey. That delicious fragrant stuff that bees collect on their legs after a day of flights in the fields.

In fact, this is what it smells most to me -- the flower pollen that is the first stage of making honey and the beeswax in the drydown. I generally don't like sweet perfumes, but the ones with honey notes are exception. I guess I've been called 'honey' so often that I don't mind smelling like one.

But fear not the thumbs down reviewers, I would not wear Poeme to work. To me, it's an evening affair.
04th April, 2010
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