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Oud Shamash by The Different Company

The top of this fragrance pulls off a woody spicey feel that reminds me of potpourri, similar to al oudh. What this turns into though is a very gentle sandalwood and rose fragrance. Personally I think think a better name for this fragrance is sandalwood shamash. The oud is barely detectable. This is still a very nice fragrance though, just not an oud one. If you're looking for an oud fragrance, I would skip this one. If you're looking for a soft gentle sandalwood rose fragrance this could be right up your alley. The rose is very tame so I feel this stays pretty unisex. I prefer oud for love and as far as for the comparison with al oudh, I'm sticking with my Al Oudh :-)
13th April, 2013

Dangerous Complicity by Etat Libre d'Orange

Sandalwood and jasmine are the main players in this. Very very mild essence of rum, coconut and leather....very mild. It's soft and gentle. Luckily for me the jasmine is softened by the creamy sandalwood. I am not a fan of a strong jasmine note in fragrances. Very nice soft comforting fragrance. I give this a neutral just cause it hasn't thoroughly knocked my socks. Not a bad fragrance whatsoever but just falls in the average category for me.
29th November, 2012

Aoud Forest by Montale

Def not an oud fragrance. I would call this a fresh, musky, salty and slightly aquatic scent with a touch of rose to soften it up. I wouldn't consider this fragrance that has a bunch of character and is going to make you scream for joy but it's still not a bad scent. Very enjoyable for me. Could be an everyday scent.
27th November, 2012
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Black Musk by Montale

This fragrance is dark, leathery, woody and spicy from pepper. I thought at first I was really loving this one but today I feel different. This scent is so dry, it almost borders on reaching this powdery state. I think this is coming fromt he musk used in this. This frag does bear a resemblance to Black Aoud. Now when it comes to oud oils, I have sampled many. Some of them smell more like leather than oud. I have no idea what's really going on these frags (black musk and black oud) besides what the house tell us. For all I know There are using an oud that comes off as leather and woody at the same time. I do know that this frag comes off as more leathery than black oud. Black aoud is more on the woody side.
20th November, 2012

Agar Musk by Ramon Monegal

I would say it's a fragrance on the fresher side and while it has 3 notes that I love that make up that up leaders of this fragrance, the blend just doesn't scream out at me. It's a good fragrance but not a rock star to me and for the price...probably not. I would say the fresh musk (not animalic at all) makes up most of the composition with vetiver, oud and nutmeg lightly playing along with it. If Calvin Klein were to release this fragrance I would give it a 5 out of 5 in the designer world but in the niche realm I give it a 3 out of 5.
20th November, 2012

Verveine / Lemon Verbena / Eau de Verveine / Verveine d'Eugène by Heeley

The overall aura of this fragrance has a heavier fresh shampoo quality about it. The top is heavy with lemon with some tartness from the rhubarb and the beautiful freshness of verbena. It is also a touch salty in the top as well. As the scent dries down more of the sweetness from the rhubarb comes out and I love it at this point. There is also a funky characteristic going on in the top, I think must be the black currant. When this fragrance finally dries down it's gets slightly creamy with a gentle jasmine with white musk. The jasmine is not dominant, if it were I would hate it. I think of this fragrance as unisex but have a feeling ladies would love this more than men. For me this is just OK.
18th November, 2012

Aoud 1 by Martine Micallef

For me the fruit in this fragrance pulls off a pineapple accord like that found in Aventus. This fragrance takes a turn for more of a gourmand feel though. I would describe this fragrance as juicy pineapple sitting on top of a vanilla cream pie with oud as the crust creating a gentle but noticeable incense woody feeling floating through this fragrance. This composition in this fragrance is superb and has become one of my all time favorite fragrances. Will always have this. I would say that longevity and projection are just average which is ok. Oh, did I mention this thing is flippin unbelievably delicious!!!
05th June, 2012

City Love by Dueto Parfums

What we have here is a very well done Rose fragrance. Soft smooth and slightly creamy. Longevity and projection are excellent. I can see this as unisex. Reminds me of noir de noir without the deep balminess that noir has. I would also add that it feels like vanilla is at the base of this as well.
30th April, 2012

Golden Boy by Dueto Parfums

What we have here is an excellent leather fragrance. Soft smooth and slightly creamy. Very very reminiscent of tuscan leather by tom ford. Very powerful fragrance and the longevity is outstanding. This one gives tuscan leather a run for the money. Very smooth leather mixed with saffron sitting on a gentle creamy vanilla.
30th April, 2012

Vetiver Dance by Tauer

Vetiver dance is amazing! Unlike any other vetiver I have tried but still keeping itself grounded with the vetiver note. It moves with herbs and spices at the top with a touch of sweetness and as the hours go on you realize the sweetness is an ambrien accord like that in ambre narguile. Not as in your face and remaining soothing and comforting with soft vetiver dancing with the sweetness!
01st July, 2011

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

The top of this one is reminiscent of Bogart Pour Homme without the power and tobacco that BPH has. I get a soft powdery cherry accord at the top and when this hit's the drydown after a couple of hours I'm left with french vanilla. The drydown smells exactly like a glad french vanilla candle to me which isn't a bad thing. I get very minimal tobacco out of this one. It's a pleasant enough fragrance but more suited for a young woman as far as I'm concerned. If your a lover of french vanilla you may just love this one. I get average projection and excellent longevity out of this one. I goes forever on my skin.
04th May, 2011

Silver Bond / Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

Gorgeous incense fragrance!!! The main players in this are Iris and Incense. The iris in this is sweet and waxy. It creates a balmy effect. Right along side is the incense. There is also a touch of violet and a touch a jasmine to compliment. After a couple of hours the cedar comes out to join the fun. This fragrance after the 5 hour mark hits the base and all I'm left with is amber. I love amber but I wish I would have gotten more longevity out of the heart. I get about 10-12 hours out of this one and projection in great. Almost a perfect fragrance for me.
15th April, 2011 (last edited: 10th May, 2011)

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Yes this is not a ground breaking fragrance but if your a man looking for an excellent signature scent, this could be a great choice. It's a very well done fresh fragrance that could be worn all year round. The top starts out with a nice citrus accord then it transforms into a fresh and green vetiver scent, accompanied by ginger, with a touch of florals to soften it up. Vetiver is the last man standing as this fragrance fades out. Longevity and projection are great. I get about 8-10 hours out of this one.
15th April, 2011 (last edited: 25th April, 2011)
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Tam Dao Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Beautiful soft sandalwood fragrance. The top has a slight touch of fresh cypress but this scent is very linear. It's sandalwood throughout the life on my skin. It's like someone took some sandalwood essential oil and thinned it out a little bit. It's very smooth and has the perception of sitting like a velvet blanket on my skin. This one sits closer to the skin. I would have liked more power from this fragrance. Longevity on me 6-8 hours.
15th April, 2011