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Acqua by Tonino Lamborghini

I haven't been much of a fan of Lamborghini scents since the first one, but Acqua I really like. I have no idea why this apple-spicy scent is called Acqua.
25th August, 2017

Caribbean Joe for Him by Caribbean Joe

Caribbean Joe For Him (aka Caribbean Joe For Men at Fragrantica)is the closest smelling scent to Green Irish Tweed that I've come across. It is closer to GIT than Aspen, and has more longevity and sillage than Aspen. But it isn't as rich as GIT is.

It did smell a bit like Cool water for the first couple of minutes, which was interesting.
13th January, 2017

A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

I tested Pure Shot eight or nine times over 10 weeks, as it was going for a reasonable price in a shop I visited. I really wanted to like it, because the bottle was so sharp looking.

However, it reminded me of some notes in A*men for about 20 seconds, then turned to something green, which just did not grab me, despite sniffing it all day long afterwards (the scent does has excellent longevity).

It plainly had next to nothing to do with the other "Pures" I had tested (i.e. Malt, Havane and Leather), and I had to pass on it for now.

22nd November, 2013
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Joop! Homme Wild by Joop!

I wasn't wild about Joop Wild, something about the rum note didn't grab me.

That said there was something a little discordant about it which kept me wanting to to go back and sniff it.I finally bought a bottle of it going cheap and, surprisingly, I've worn it quite a lot.

I don't know why I find interesting - even if it doesn't really grab me - I've had that same reaction to a few other scents like Herrera for Men and Lagerfeld Photo.

I'm sure the crowd here that won't even smell anything made by Joop will have nothing to do with Joop Wild, but I think it's definitely worth checking out, especially if one is into the odor of rum.
26th January, 2013

Vetiver by Roccobarocco

Roccobarocco Vetiver is the designer vetiver that smells raw and unrefined, totally unlike most other designer vetivers. To me it is very reminiscent in style to niche vetivers like Villoresi and Etro. All three are extremely masculine to my nose, and I use them interchangeably. Roccobarocco doesn't last quite as long as the Villoresi one, but lasts longer than the Etro.

If you can find it anywhere, give it a sniff. You may be pleasantly surprised.
25th January, 2013

Very Sexy for Him 2 by Victoria's Secret

To me, initially Very Sexy For Him 2 smells like a light version of Versace Man Eau Fraiche, then it turns into something spicy almost like a light oriental. It has little by way of projection. Its longevity is somewhat confusing - the six sprays I put under my clothes disappeared after four or five hours, but the spray I put on my wrist is still there with some strength as I write this 15 hours later.

The bottle states "Cologne Spray" like numerous other American made EDT bottles have written on them (e.g. Tommy and Michael Jordan). I'm not sure how other reviewers have drawn the conclusion that Very Sexy For Him 2 is thus necessarily an Eau de Cologne.
26th May, 2012

Royal Water by Creed

I tested Royal Water in a shop by spraying it on my wrist, and it smelled unisex all that day to me, something that I liked and wouldn't mind having. Some time passed and I found a good deal on it on-line and ordered it. When it arrived I sprayed some on, and immediately gave it to my wife - it was way too feminine for me. She loved it.

Did my perception change over time, or did variability creep into production? Who knows?

Our cat went all besotted with this scent when my wife wore it. It was hilarious.
15th May, 2012

Indigo by Gant USA

Gant Indigo is similar in style to L'Eau Par Kenzo, but it lasts longer on me than the latter. And it lasts longer on me than Erolfa does.

Thus I really like wearing it in warm weather.
05th January, 2012

Andy Roddick by Andy Roddick

As indicated below, Andy Roddick is very similar in style to Echo. I've never been that taken with Echo, but my wife likes it a lot. And she likes Andy Roddick better than Echo.

To me it's a good alternative for warm weather wear, though I wish it was a bit louder at the four hour mark.
28th November, 2011

Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss

Hugo Dark Blue was categorised as an ambery fougere scent in the H&R Chart, while others list it as an oriental spicy scent. I concur with the former, as it's always seemed like a cross between Boss Elements Aqua and Fahrenheit to me. It's an excellent long lasting scent, and I've yet to come across another scent quite like it - it seems loud, yet understated at the same time.
23rd October, 2011

Cumbia Colors Man by Benetton

As a fan of licorice/ aniseed scents, I found the strength of the aniseed notes a bit weaker than i would have liked. I had to spray twice as much Cumbia on than I normally would with other scents. But with this double dose, I thought it smelled quite good.
02nd July, 2011

Luciano Soprani Uomo by Luciano Soprani

To my nose Luciano Soprani Uomo is the same style citrus scent as Emporio Armani White - where White is the somewhat richer scent, and Soprani lasts a bit longer.

For a while I wasn't overly fond of either of these two, as I prefer stronger more pronounced citrus scents in summer. But they've both made a bit of a comeback for me. Both are very good for a warm day when one wants a scent to be somewhat more subtle rather than particularly loud.

With reference to one of the comments below, the box my Luciano Soprani Uomo EDT came in is black, and there is no mention or picture of the soccer player Roberto Baggio on it.
03rd March, 2011

Heaven by Chopard

Contrary to other opinions, I haven't come across any scents remotely resembling Heaven. To me it's a bright, lively scent with excellent longevity and sillage. By the H&R charts it's a Fresh Fougere, but to my nose it also smells a bit oriental to me.
03rd February, 2011
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Night Show by Joaquin Cortes

This scent has excellent longevity and well above average sillage.
23rd December, 2010

The Original by Gap

I'm hopeless with most fragrance notes, but here's my description. Take something like Creed Silver Mountain Water, remove the sharp black currant note, add leather and plum, and that's what The Original smells like to me - a sweetish leathery scent. Except that The Original lasts with more strength for longer than SMW does.

I've owned about six months now, have worn it on quite a few occasions and am quite impressed with it.
28th June, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)

The Lover by Gap

This scent reminds me of niche type scents. It starts out feminine then turns slightly masculine after about an hour.
It was too feminine for me, so I gave a bottle to a female friend who was ecstatic with it - says she gets comments whenever she wears it. She notices it turning masculine too.
28th June, 2010

Carlos Santana for Women by Carlos Santana

I don't like all that many women's scents, but when I came across Carlos Santana for Women going cheap, I tested it and thought it pretty darn good. I walked away, came back and hour later and tested it again. And even though my wife has categorically told me to stop buying her scents, I bought it for her anyway.

I want to smell this on someone.

28th April, 2010

DKNY Men (original) by Donna Karan

It's fresh, it's sharpish, it's long lasting and, to me, it smells quite classy and opulent - a notch above other well made fresh scents with a bit of citrus in them.
21st July, 2009

Nautica Competition (new) by Nautica

I didn't like the old version, but didn't mind the new version.
Some are critical that it smells synthetic - it certainly smells a bit odd at first.
But it has very good lasting power, and keeps one smelling fresh for ages. Which after all is what a sporty sounding scent is supposed to do.
18th May, 2009

Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti

To me, this one is initially somewhat like a less rich, less loud version of Creed Original Santal (I did a side by side comparison). Unfortunately, as time progresses it changes and reminds me more of a version of Joop Jump - a scent that I'm not overly fond of.
02nd February, 2009

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

Fresh, very long lasting, citrusy cloves is how I'd describe this scent.
I had a sales girl spray it on my arm, and I instantly bought it.

04th January, 2009

Opium pour Homme Poésie de Chine Eau d'Orient by Yves Saint Laurent

I was quite taken with this lighter version of Opium PH, and had to buy it the day after I gave it a thorough testing out on my arm.

It has excellent lasting power, but lacks the great sillage and projection power of the EDT and EDP versions. Thus one may find it a tad disappointing if one is after a powerhouse scent akin to the other two. However, on the other hand, to me it's a lot more wearable than the original versions, which I tend to reserve mainly for night time/going out type usage.
11th December, 2008

Reaction Thermal for Men by Kenneth Cole

I really like this scent. Thanks to the poster below for noting the similarity to Body Kouros, as it was driving me mad trying to figure out what Reaction Thermal reminded me of. It's nowhere nears as thick and rich like Body Kouros (which to me a is a night time scent), but is lighter and far more wearable.
08th December, 2008

XS pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

Do not worry about the dud rating for XS Pour Homme in Perfumes: The Guide.
Do not worry about the negative and neutral reviews below.

If you wish to own a scent where, after applying six sprays, gorgeous looking blonde women are likely to say something like "Oooo - what's that you're wearing?", then I strongly suggest that you consider investing in XS.

If you do not care what gorgeous looking blonde women think, and only buy scents that please your inner self, then I suggest that it may be time to re examine one's priorities in life.

The longevity of this scent is very good on me.

09th September, 2008

Jil Sander Man Pure (new) by Jil Sander

This scent shares the same unfortunate characteristic that Gucci Rush has on me - it disappears within two hours - but it's still there numerous hours later, awaiting reactivation with a bit of perspiration.

My initial impression was much like that of the other reviewers - ho hum, and short lasting to boot. But I was astounded 7 or 8 hours later "what is that wonderful scent (among the many I'd sprayed on my arms that day) wafting everywhere?". Sure enough, it was Pure Man. I was amazed that a scent I'd dismissed so quickly earlier that day, I now thought was absolutely delightful. I went and bought it next day.

Rating it is somewhat difficult. If I were rating it as an anytime scent, I'd have to give it a neutral. Rating it as a scent worn when one is likely to perspire as in summer, or in the gym or while dancing, it's a definite thumbs up.

08th September, 2008

Sultan Safran / Safranier by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I bought Sultan Safran blind, and it does smell pretty good, and has excellent longevity.

However, I am somewhat disappointed because it's really not particularly masculine in any way that I can detect. This may not be the fault of the manufacturer who I don't know ever claimed that it was masculine, but of the internet retailers who pretty much universally put it in the Men's section. To me it's a unisex scent, and I just don't go for them all that much.

As a unisex scent I'd give it a thumbs up. But as a masculine scent my rating is neutral.

05th September, 2008

Black Marlin by Nautilus

From their website, it's meant to be a marine scent.
But to my nose, I have difficulty thinking of it as a marine scent, since it strongly reminds me of a rich apple version of A*men. It's plainly an oriental, and I find it more wearable than A*men, and it has excellent lasting power.

28th August, 2008

Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

It's a nice enough sweet scent with very good lasting power, but Cuba Gold reminds me more of Van Laren's Absolute Musk (which I don't like much) than JPG's Le Male (which I like a lot). To my nose, it smells plainly cheaper than other scents to which it's been compared below (Le Male and Body Kouros)

I gave each of my two nephews a 4 pack of different Cuba Cigars last Christmas. They loved the cigar shape, and curiously, Cuba Gold turned out to be a big hit among their classmates at their respective primary and secondary schools.
19th July, 2008

Dark by Police

A pleasant ambery woody oriental scent.
It starts off very strongly, but then quickly settles down to something a more subtle.
I liked it a lot more than the original Police scent, which was next to it when I was testing before buying.

Their site describes it as follows

"Its top notes have the bright, fresh, Mediterranean tones of bergamot and lavender, underpinned by the dark, spicy tones of juniper and blackcurrant.
Its body resonates with the flowery notes of geranium and jasmine, mingled with the woody tones of fir resin and oak moss.
Its base notes consist of the warm tones of sandalwood, vanilla and amber, enlivened by the crispness of vetiver.
An oriental blend sparked by outdoorsy aromatics mingling harmoniously with rare woods, backed up by a long-lasting drydown based on vanilla and musk. "
28th June, 2008

Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

Luxurious, classy and refined comes to mind when I think of Tiffany for Men. It's supposed to be an oriental, but I've seen other classifications for it. It has excellent lasting power on me.

But I do have a problem with it. When I wear the EDT (six squirts under my clothes) I've never had a comment on it, other than from my wife - who didn't like it much, saying it reminded her of some Tweed scent her mother used to wear.

But when I've worn the equally luxurious Tiffany for Men After Shave Balm by itself - well, positive comments have abounded from women, including the aforementioned wife, who when I pulled her up on the fact that she'd said she didn't like it, said she may have been too hasty in her initial assessment.
15th June, 2008