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M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

To me, M7 smells a bit like Opium for five minutes, and then becomes something that reminds me strongly of Diesel Zero Plus.
02nd May, 2003

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Eternity is my favourite CK scent. This unique green scent is one of longest lasting ones around - thus it's somewhat easy to over do in application.
30th April, 2003

Rectoverso Man Blue Atoll by Ulric de Varens

To me, Blue Atoll is a fruitier, more citrusy (lime) version of Escape, which lasted 11 hours in my standard wrist test. Well worth checking out if you're after a light, lively, long lasting warm weather scent.
28th November, 2002
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L'Homme Essentiel by Roger & Gallet

A very interesting, fresh, oriental spicy scent. It's not loud and excessively spicy like Opium. And it's like a lot of the newer scents, it doesn't have a high output, but it lasts a long time. It's like Envy in that it seems to only linger around ones personal space. I paid full price for it, and it was the cheapest in the store. Amazing value. It's aftershave balm is a bit different. It comes out of a 50ml spray pack (like shaving foam does). It's not that long lasting, and doesn't quite smell like the EDT does. Still, it was relatively inexpensive.
28th November, 2002

Vétiver (original) by Carven

My bottle doesn't look like the one posted above. Carven's Vetiver is like a citrusy, drier version of Guerlain's. It's not that long lasting, unless you apply a double dose of it (spray close to the skin, then go back a minute later, and spray over that patch). Then it lasts all day. It's a good professional, warmish weather scent. The after shave splash is way too weak.
28th November, 2002

Metal Jeans Men by Versace

The scent smells great, just don't expect to get much more than two hours out of it. It's the least enduring Versace scent on me.
28th November, 2002

Équipage by Hermès

Equipage is an interesting, fresh, spicy oriental, which reminds me a bit of KL Homme. I didn't like it at first whiff about a year ago. But I guess I'm becoming a more tailored, mature gentleman nowadays, because it grabbed me a year onward. Girlfriend's comment - deep whiff followed by an "Ohhh yummm".
28th November, 2002

Cold by Benetton

Well, every man about town should have a bottle of this. It smells great. It's one of the light summer ones, so it's only good for a few hours.
And women love wearing it too. Think this through - and you will get a bottle of Cold.
28th November, 2002

Benetton Sport Man by Benetton

Benetton Sport is a moderately priced, long lasting, very citrus scent. It and Chrome are my preferences when I want something that lasts all day during a very warm day (since most citrus ones don't). Benetton Sport is the more casual of the two, I often wear it to the beach.
28th November, 2002

Basala / Basara by Shiseido

This is one potent, aromatic, leathery scent which smells Japanese-like, beats me which notes remind me of Japan, since I've never been there, but it does. If you're after something distinctive, but non-oriental, check this one out (Hmmm - a non-oriental Chypre, which reminds me of a country in the Orient). Women seem to smell and comment positively on Basala instantly. It's more a cool weather scent.
28th November, 2002

Aqua Fitness by Biotherm

After about 40 minutes, to me, Aqua Fitness seems to transmute into a stronger, much longer lasting version of Aqua de Selva. I thought the guy next to me was wearing Aqua de Selva, then I realized it was actually me. Definitely worth checking out for a moderately long lasting citrus scent (but it doesn't last as long as typical Eau de Toilettes).
28th November, 2002

Pontaccio 21 by Gianfranco Ferré

To me, Pontaccio 21 seems like a richer, stronger version of Aramis. But it's lasting power isn't as extremely long as Aramis's. The first time I tested it, I had one spray on my arm - which for the next two hours seemed to infect every office I walked into.
01st November, 2002

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

I like this spicy scent, and others around me seem to like it even more. But by the end of the work day, it sometimes starts to cloy on me.
Blv is the longest lasting of the Bvlgari scents I've tried.
18th September, 2002 (last edited: 07th February, 2011)
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Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

The great smell of water and sea-weed. I went from not thinking much of this scent, to it's growing on me, to now thinking it was just too subtle for me to have properly appreciated initially.
Of the various aquatic/oceanic type scents, Kenzo is the longest lasting I've come across. It's unique fresh scent is at it's best after about two hours' wear.
And the Kenzo aftershave balm lasts as long as the best of them (i.e. right up there with Joop and Boss 6).
18th September, 2002

Elements by Hugo Boss

Elements is my best all round scent, it is appropriate for any occasion. But I go off it a bit in the cold weather (as I do most of the very fresh-fougere scents). It is very long lasting on me. The way it's fresh notes hits one's nose, is somewhat reminiscent of the way that Platinum Egoiste does the same. However, one really has to wear this scent to test it properly, as a back of the hand or wrist testing would probably leave you unimpressed.

And it is the one scent that I have received more compliments about, than all the other ones put together.
11th September, 2002 (last edited: 14th April, 2008)

Hot by Benetton

I bought two bottles of "Hot" - one for my niece and one for a female friend. Here in Australia everyone universally sees it as a female fragrance, similar to one of the Chanel perfumes. If I try real hard, I can sort of imagine why someone might think this is a unisex scent. I even sprayed some on my wrist to see if it changed over time. But after an hour, it had not changed and I got some abrasive soap and washed it off.
14th September, 2001

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Is it possible for there to be an Oriental/Fougere-Woody fragrance? If so, then in my non-expert opinion, I think Xeryus Rouge is it. When I smelled it on paper in the shop, it seemed clearly like an Oriental. But when I wore it, it seemed far more akin to wearing XS or Black Jeans, both of which I also like a lot.
01st August, 2001