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Uomo by Valentino

Clearly a mixture of Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense , first few minutes smells like DH(vintage) then a sweeter Dior Homme Intense starts just misses the Iris. People bash small companies like Armaf, Lomani etc for making copy cat fragrances but is there any restriction on these famous Perfumers making the same fragrance for various companies? It would be redundant imho to have both VU and DH/DHI. I would always prefer the Dior btw even its reformulated.
17th May, 2018

Pardon by Nasomatto

comparisons with LIDGE really make sense to me, these two definitely share some similarities but LIGDE to me has always been something outside this world nothing comes even closer to it at least to me. Pardon is stronger , thicker and may be a bit long lasting , it has chocolate , woods , flowers and OUD , OUD makes it thicker , sometimes cloying and heavy , could not be worn in hotter days. All in all a favorite from the house and works very well if applied in nights. I would go with neutral rating bcoz of my personal taste , o/w its a five star fragrance if somebody likes the oud.
17th May, 2018

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

I just Love this , love each and every breath which carries it without being bothered to explain why...this is simply Sex in a bottle which whenever confronted, suspends whatever is running in my head for a while and compels me to adore the perfumer and the wearer as well. To me Addict is the sexiest fragrance on a woman besides Hypnotic Poison.
Fucking Fabulous indeed.
17th May, 2018
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Amber Aoud by Roja Dove

Smells like a million already available Arabic Attars / oils.. candy like sticky sweetness with synthetic oud, very sticky and cloying imho.

definitely targeted to a specific region where similar thick / sweet fragrances are preferred.
19th October, 2017

Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

Read a lot of reviews saying its a generic , run of the mill fragrance with hefty price tag, well,i may agree with the price tag complaint but still desperate to have a single fragrance which smells like this.

Straight to Heaven reminds me of only one fragrance and thats French Lover, in fact I always wanted French lovers' drydown to smell like this, STH is all about Cedar and very refined Patchouli with the hint of musky booze.

I Love the dry down of this , that's so refined so elegant , so manly and so heavenly. So far the best from the House among all tested earlier.
23rd October, 2016

Lalique White by Lalique

Considering the price of few Lalique fragrances if compared with the quality , I must say this is a very good House, Lalique white is fresh , lovely and very pleasant, It can be termed as one of the very good 'easy going or go to fragrances'. Its spicy , green and sweet may be its only me but I detect white musk a lot.

All in all a lovely fragrance for daily use.
28th October, 2015

Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

A wonderful fresh cologne which got a truely refreshing scent without being cloying , overpowering and similar to a thousands of so called fresh aquatic cheapo synthetics.

DHC is all about Citrus( Bergamot) and musk , I get the Orange peel and Neroli hints besides some flowery notes which might be wrong but whatever it is , really a treat to wear in hot and humid climate. Another Underrated one.
Simply Awesome.
28th October, 2015

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Excellent stuff, though I did not like it on initial application, seemed another boring woody / Oudy composition but after a few wearings it becomes the most favourite TomFord replacing TF Extreme.

Dont Know about others but I do get a similar vibe with Amouage Dia in the far drydown. Lovely blending and quality material probably from Givaudan.

To all those(like me) who dont like Oud in its full , I would recommend to give it a try.
29th January, 2015

Memoir Man by Amouage

Not my thing honestly!. Tried a lot to like it , to understand the typical Amouge complexity as a huge admirer of their work and ingredients being used in perfumes, but after repeated attempts , i am really not impressed.

A clash of notes is apparently making it unwearable , it gets very thick and cloying since the start, cant detect and enjoy the composition.

I will definitely try it again to see if I can wear it.
31st August, 2014

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Stunning piece of art from the prestigious house of Guerlain which never let me down, what an ideal fragrance for a mature and confident man who always wants to smell elegant and nice.

Awesome start with orange blossom , mandarin and carnation feels very unique and energetic, and who does not know the Guerlain's dry down.

A Masterpiece.
31st August, 2014

L'Homme Idéal by Guerlain

The very first sniff reminds me of Back to Black byKillian, with the heavy dose of tonka , vanilla and some citrus besides consistent vibe of Almonds(Pi givenchy), further it goes on towards the mass market sweet spiciness which can be found in dozens of so called Men's fragrances these days , closet is Avant Garde Lanvin.

May be Guerlain is keeping in view the success of recent(crowd pleasing) offerings of Chanel and YSL.

A generic offering from a unique house nuff said.
31st August, 2014

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

ohhhh my my.... what a fragrance it is ... Beautiful Oriental... why ... i mean why i got this gem after discontinuation............Awesome work of a woman who knows what a man wants...............Bravo.
13th July, 2014

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

Vetiver alone has never been attractive to me......but Tom Ford vetiver is different imo , it has some sexiness , very refined and wearable... espeacially in hot sweaty weather it becomes very pleasent. recomended to those who dont like vetiver scents, you will be thankful. Excellent stuff.
13th July, 2014
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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

After sampling it multiple times my immediate question was 'WHATS NEW' which i havn't tried or smelt earlier except the amplified linear violet note which remains at base alongwith ambergris and cant let ambergris to make a powdery effect.

in my opinion there is a lot of fragrances which are created on same structure i.e. Cool Water, Aspen or Grey Finanel to some extent, so whats the big deal..........

Here comes the HYPE which has been created by spending millions on advertisement. the only thing i appreciate abt GIT is separation of note otherwise its not worthy of the praise and price.

A Generic Fresh Scent which can be worn in office ( if applied moderately ).
13th July, 2014

Royal Oud by Creed

I really did not expect that , I tried Royal Oud with an expectation to dislike or merely like it as we usually do saying oh its nice ..and thats it, but its absolutely Royal not sure about Oud ( may be you get that)
Fabulous quality and shockingly elegant , rather 'elegance in a bottle', I dont know what it is in the dry down but i get very refined sandalwood blended with musk or something else with creed signature note but whatever it is, its awesome.

Sophisticated and high quality stuff for a classy gentleman.

13th July, 2014

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

No offence to the lovers of PE but , I Personally (despite several attempts) do not understand even a single quality of this scent which makes it worth a buy.

Moreover it induces headache to me sometimes if i spray a little more.

But Its very subjective and personal as everybody knows.
13th July, 2014

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

I got it finally , and what a lovely fragrance it is , very incensy , woody oriental which has a hint of some Gucci's fragrances like Envy and Rush for men but far more better and high quality then those, Awesome blending of so many notes never get cloying , A trail of Myrh and Olibanum makes it dark smoky and sexy. So far the best Amouage I have tried.
13th July, 2014

Interlude Man by Amouage

Very dark combination of Ambre and Oud mainly , Incense gives it a smoky touch, Absolutely not everyday fragrance especially in day time coz Oud alongwith sweetness of Ambre makes it dense and dark.

Interlude also reminds me a little of Black Afgano by Nasomatto,due to Oud i guess , otherwise its a way better fragrance than BA.

I really appreciate the blending of notes and quality of ingredients and like to smell it on others but personally i m not a fan of Oud/Ambre dominating fragrances.
13th July, 2014

Héritage Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Love the way it smells , pleasure folded in sandalwood , woody , sweet and soothing , absolutely mesmerizing, a scent for very special occasions only , i also find some similarities with L'Instant Guerlain which is a favorite... a must have for every perfume lover. Its a Gentleman's fragrance.
13th July, 2014

Virgin Island Water by Creed

I like the idea of lime , rum , coconut and the beach , behind this fragrance , but to me its a lil lime and rum at start and dominating coconut "Bounty" like fragrance due to dominating co co nut, its yummy , delicious and a very simple scent which I can wear once in a blue moon just for change of taste, otherwise it sometime strongly reminds me coconut oil.

I would recommend it to women rather, as imo it suits more to them.
13th July, 2014

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

As a huge fan of Dior Homme 2005 , i was very excited when I received this as a gift , I must say its very nicely done with Iris and Vanilla(too much imo) but I badly miss the leather and cacao here which I got in original EDT, and that is the main difference I see between them , I just like it but I Love the original which is far more better, masculine and very versatile piece of art if compared to this extreme version.
20th May, 2014

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Starts very strong heady and dense but gradually settles to a smooth creamy vanilla / Almond Scent.
Its strange to see no Almonds listed in the notes as there is a strong and persistent vibe of Almonds , Vanilla along with smooth and light Tobacco.

Tobacco Vanille seems very similar to Dior Hypnotic Poison to me and can be a very nice option for the ladies who like HP Dior.

I personally love smelling it on others (especially Ladies) but cant wear it, A very long lasting and sweet (in a good way) fragrance.

20th May, 2014

Derby by Guerlain

It took so long to write about a fragrance of this calibre , Guerlain is the trend setter in perfumery for others and so is Derby and Jicky for Guerlains itself imho.

Apart from the likings or dislikings (as it is a very subjective and vastly varies ) , Derby is a very very complex and rich fragrance which could not be evaluated in a few wearings, I have been wearing it since few months and I am still discovering something new in it on every wearing.

This starts( don't enjoy the start a lot) very herbal and pungent due to so many spices but majorly i get mace and patchouli which remains so dominant till the drydown kicks in , the drydown is the part which i love , its very Guerlain , smooth , subtle , smokey leather and musky sandalwood with mesmerizing aura of Guerlain's signature.

A Masterpiece but not for everyone
20th May, 2014

Eau Sauvage Parfum (original) by Christian Dior

A dominating Myrrh fragrance from the start to the middle , very power full and some how different from the available lot...I really like the the opening but I love the dry down which very very musky and smoky to me....stunning fragrance with very good silage and longevity. Thumz up.
20th May, 2014

Encre Noire by Lalique

Love in first sight does not happen always...sometimes it takes a lot of time to understand the characteristics and attributes. so is the case with Encre Noire with me...when ever I sniffed it , it reminds me of two very Beloved scents which have been discontinued unfortunately ,Gucci Pour Homme and Lui Rochas...IMO, EN has a similar vibe of that muddy , wet, Vetiver which we call 'KHUSS' , a very nice take on Vetiver with lovely musk , I m in love with this these days , especially for my all time favourite notes of woods, musk and smoke.

I can have a little of all my favourite fragrances in this single fragrance...GPH, LUI, Grey Vetiver and Terre d Hermes.

I initially regretted the blind buy but I now regret that regret. Love Encre Noire.
20th May, 2014

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

How curious I was to test this and how disappointed I am after sampling it , I cant say I hate it but One thing I can surely say that I cant stand it even for a few minutes , furthermore, proper blending of CIVET is not every perfumer's thing, I love Civet in Kouros which is blended in honey by One of the greatest perfumer ever.

Musc Ravageur starts from the heavy dose of synthetic notes of Amber and Cloves (eugenol) with a hint of Lavender which makes it sticky sweet and cloying, suddenly Animalic notes of Civet kicks in this is the stage where the problem starts, IMHO it has not been handled properly and it transforms into a play-doh like smell and a very out dated stuff which has a huge silage.

Both thumbs down for this.
20th May, 2014

X for Men by Clive Christian

I love woody spicy scents since I was first bitten by this perfumery bug, and it is the first time I kinda don't love a woody spicy scent that much, due to its too much spiciness (cinnamon) which actually ruined here by labdanum right from the beginning, Interestingly don't get Pineapple rather i feel a burnt metallic sort of vibe which reminded me of Bvlgari Black from top notes, but anyway the X for Men by Clive Christian has got nothing special as expected, an ok woody spicy scent imo.
21st March, 2014

Casamorati 1888 Regio by Xerjoff

Absolutely not worth the price , very messy kinda blending from the start with some sweet , dense floral and fruity infact syrupy mixture having no clarity in notes those could be enjoyed, some times it reminds me of Eugenol a heavy dose of Eugenol and it settles to some kinda Black Orchid of Tom Ford. Both Thumz Down
21st March, 2014

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

This is why I respect Guerlain... wow wow wow... awesome take on cocoa with sandal wood just love this stuff.. Amazing blending i must say , true pleasure folded in layers . BRAVO.

23rd June, 2012

Dune pour Homme by Christian Dior

relying on the positive reviews of reliable reviewers on BaseNotes , i bought it blind..........and all gone to the drain........ except the top note which stays hardly for few minutes , nothing can be termed as pleasant.
I cant stand that FIG. Absolutely uncontrolled note of Fig which prevails till end and ruins the entire composition.

I did not expect it from you Dior.

Ahhh... Bad luck.
23rd June, 2012