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Je Reviens by Worth

I owned this in the1970's, it was my first bottle of real perfume. One day I got past the tester dragon in fine fragrances in the department store; when I sniffed this a new world opened up for me. I used to get euphoric from this scent, I would put it on and listen to Mendelssohn and Chopin and get higher than anybody with a dime bag ever could.
After we had a falling out over the power frags in the 80's, we met again by chance; in Walgreens. But oh, how you had changed, je reviens; Your name means "I will return,", not "I will return as a watered-down lurching zombie version of myself" I have hope however, that someday you will be reincarnated for me as a bottle of the couture version that I have not seen in the US as yet. But always you will be one of the fondest memories of my younger self.
20th April, 2010

Ma Griffe (original) by Carven

I found a large, older bottle of this at a charity shop and got it for 99 cents. I decided I would wear it on the weekends while I save up for the big bottle of escale de portofino. Hmmmm. I like it. A flock of old ladies flew out of the bottle and started knocking me around with their powder puffs for a few minutes, but after they settled down, it got very nice. I put it in the refrigerator for upcoming hot days. I think of this as a cotton, linen and face powder scent
20th April, 2010