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Reviews by tamashek

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Vetiver Dance by Tauer

Wow, sharp and spicy at first application. Within about 15 minutes, it mellowed and was slightly powdery. This is when I find the grapefruit oil note a bit more noticeable on it's own. The dry down is not overly sharp, but clean and dry with the rose contributing a mellow sort of spice layered on top of the pepper and sage. I also really get the ambergris. I quite like this one. Very different than anything I own. Good sillage and lasting power for an EDT too. The only negative is the fragrance can be irritating to your nose due to the spicyness.
01st May, 2010

Vanille Noire du Mexique by La Maison de la Vanille

I like it at first application. Fresh sweet vanilla. Unfortunately after 5 minutes, it was rotting fruit sweet. That didn't last and I was left with a pleasant, soft sweet vanilla with just a tinge of tonka in the drydown. I never found the florals real apparent. I don't find much about this fragrance that's marketly better than other vanilla fragrances.
29th April, 2010

Père Noël Coward by Smell Bent

Wow, piney. After half hour, settled down to a tart straw like scent with a tinge of sweetness. I was reminded of lemons. Also after a few hours, the sweetness of the immortelle came out because I could smell the underlying maple note. I kinda like it but then again I don't.
27th April, 2010
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Hippie Holidaze by Smell Bent

Sweet, can really smell the maple and then the tangerine. A bit spicy. I like it!
27th April, 2010

Gelty Pleasures by Smell Bent

Fun like the other holiday scents. Real chocolately, like a tootsie roll with some spice. Dried down spicer but on me smelled like black licorice. Not my favorite of the bunch. Too young and sweet.
27th April, 2010

Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy by Smell Bent

Yum, love it. Smells like there's some vanilla in there too. As wear time went on, tabacco and woods more evident but not enough to wipe out that cinnamon. Yes, it's prominently a holiday fragrance but if you want, wear it all year long.
27th April, 2010

2010 by Smell Bent

Floral prominently, but I smell the fuel too and a tinge of something woody. Does not smell overtly like gasoline (what you'd smell while pumping gas) but deeper, more raw, more dirty. Like motor oil. Smells like a airplane flight line which is exactly what I think they were going for. Least "holiday" like of the seasonal scents. As it wore on, the floral was more pronounced. I like this one because it's different and I have to give Smell Bent props for that.
27th April, 2010

Debonair Eau Dandy! by Smell Bent

Citrus and tobacco is what I smell. Spicy yet sweet from the vanilla. Ultimately a bit too masculine & smokey for my tastes to move into the love category, but I do like. I've seen some marketing calling this a "cute" fragrance. This is not a cute fragrance unless you equate curly topped youngers with tobacco.
27th April, 2010

Chrysalis by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

This one isn't as exciting as the notes lead me to believe. Starts a bit boozy at application, softens nicely to a slightly sweet spicy middle. Definitely get the incense. Not enough oomph to make me want to buy it. Sadly, very little staying power so that lowers the rating.
27th April, 2010

Touch by Tocca

The pomengranate sweetens it a bit but to me it is primarily about the flowers. At first application, it kinda smells like hair-spray but that is gone within a few minutes. The jasmine and tiare flowers are the main notes I smell, yet, close to the skin, the sandalwood appears. I find this fragrance more enjoyable as it wears and softens.
27th April, 2010

UNTITLED #2 by Tristan Brando by UNTITLED

Yuck at first application. This smells like rotted fruit. Sickly sweet and just this side of making me gag. Smells like there might be paypaya as a note. Definately has vanilla. As it dries down it improves but never gets to good. I get a bit of a "dirt" note and even something a bit spicy. Alas, a dispapointment since I has such high hopes based on the notes.
27th April, 2010

Onice by Omnia Profumo

Ok, at the opening, all I could smell was black licorice and celery. Eww, not exactly a pleasant combination of notes. But give it 25 minutes and the fragrance turns into something quite nice. It's a bit spicy and masculine and I can smell the cedarwood and a tinge of musk. It certainly ended better than it started.
23rd April, 2010

Natori by Josie Natori

What a pretty fragrance. Soft, not a punch you in the face at first application type floral. Graceful is a great way of describing it. I could smell the rose and peony. Faded quickly though. It's a scent I'd readily wear if gifted, but not necessarily something I'd rush out to buy since I don't find it overly original.
23rd April, 2010
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Momoberry by Sanrio [Hello Kitty]

I felt like I got strawberries & peach at the opening. I wish that had lasted longer than a few minutes because it gave such a nice freshness to this fragrance welcome after what seems like such a long winter. The drydown is all flowers with no one note overpowering. Extreme drydown brings just a hint of sandalwood. The fragrance reads young and great for summer. This is the first Tristan Brando fragrance I've tried that I like - the others were too sickenly sweet or smelled like rotting fruit.
23rd April, 2010

Maharanih by Nicolaï

Kinda meh for me at first application. But give it a few minutes and it warms up. I can definitely smell the orange and zest then while the immediate opening seems to be all flowers. Carnation fleets by too. Alas, it doesn't stay as interesting since it seems to be mainly oranges and I find myself wanting a little spice to well, spice it up. Soft sandalwood more evident in the drydown. Average staying power.
23rd April, 2010

Amandes Orientales by Montale

Ok, I should like this but for some reason on me this was foul. Bad sample? Just has a horrible urine undertone that throws everything off. I get the vanilla but not the toasted almonds. I was going to order a fresh sample in case that was the problem but see others have had the same experience so I'll have to pass.
23rd April, 2010

Alien by Thierry Mugler

At first application I got anise, pepper and grapes. Yuck. Softened with wear and got smokier. I prefer drydown much more than the opening but even so, this is just neutral to me. I don't find it overpowering if applied very lightly.
23rd April, 2010

Présence d'Une Femme by Montblanc

This at first application is a two headed fragrance. On one wrist, the fragrance strikes me as masculine in a middling quality sort of way. I smell the citrus and even wonder if this fragrance has lavender in it also. On the other wrist, the fragrance is much more feminine with the citrus retiring and the florals front and center. The cyclamen and heliotrope are so pretty. That side is also very shy. At the drydown the woods take over. I think it is very definately a unisex sort of fragrance depending on your chemistry.
23rd April, 2010

Morning Blossom by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

At first application, reminded me for a few seconds of old Jean Nate because of the citrus opening. Then the neroli and bergamot took center stage with lavender very distant. The scent maintains a slight tart note throughout so the fragrance has a bit of a tang. Well I must not be cool enough because it didn't do anything mind altering for me. I didn't experience blue skies and crisp streams and a jolt that this is one of the most beautiful fragrances I've ever tried. I think overall it's because the notes aren't ones that appeal to my taste at the gut level. Worth trying though because the fragrance is very well done.
22nd April, 2010

Divine by Boadicea the Victorious

The jasmine here is pleasant which is great since so often I find jasmine too overpowering for me. I think the violet softens it a bit. The fragrance does have a sweetness to it giving it an innocent feel. I know Boadicea considers it a "bold" & statement making fragrance but I just don't feel that way about it. It's not a scent I equate with power - at least not in the traditional sense. This fragrances power is more a one on one, more subtle type way. I quite like it through the dry down. I don't get too much sandalwood or anything spicy, just the sweetness of the flowers continuing. I've seen where this is considered a "unisex" fragrance. I think it's more feminine oriented due to the strong floral element, but of course, with the right body chemistry and personal taste, it might just be what a guy is looking for.
22nd April, 2010

Evening Edged in Gold by Ineke

This is an interesting fragrance. Flowers with something mysterious. I think the golden osmanthus is a unique note. I do know I like the softer drydown better than the opening. I don't really get either the saffron or the cinnamon though as the fragrance wears, it gets a bit more spicy. Good sillage.
22nd April, 2010

Acqua di Parma Profumo by Acqua di Parma

(This is for the 2008 version). What a lovely chypre fragrance. Kinda old fashioned in feel with its floral, slightly powdery notes (glad they kept some parts true to ther original) but absolutely very feminine and classy. I don't smell too much bergamot or anything sharp and didn't find the drydown too woody. But that could just be how the scent works with my body chemistry. Really worth trying. Too bad it's so outrageously expensive or it'd be mine right away.
22nd April, 2010

Tilleul by D'Orsay

Too much watermelon at the opening touched with a bit of cyclamen. Love to eat watermelon, but don't necessarily want to smell like it. Luckily it settles fairly quickly and the linden comes forward with a bit of greenery too. It's only so so to me. Just a bit too fresh for my tastes. I'd prefer it if it had a warmer base, a bit more linden and less watermelon that lasted through the life of the fragrance.
22nd April, 2010

Le Dix by Balenciaga

(this is for the reissue) I find Le Dix soft and slightly powdery. I get the bergamot and lilac at the opening while the rose becomes more apparent as the fragrance wears. It's feminine and totally wearable. Elegant
22nd April, 2010

Gold Woman by Amouage

At first application, floral and powdery. Smells fleetingly of Johnsons baby lotion. Soft, comforting, nice. I don't find any one floral note dominent though the rose is more prominent after 15 minutes of wear. Got a bit spicyer as it wore which I liked. Sadly the extreme drydown didn't live up to the opening promise. While I like the fragrance, I find the longevity of it lacking so it's not purchase worthy since sooo expensive.
22nd April, 2010

Little Miss Panda by Smell Bent

At first application, I thought peppery mechanics shop in a forest. Give it a minute though and it smells quite a bit like Comet Cleanser or caulking used around your bathtub. There is just something very industrial about this fragrance. It softens a bit from the jasmine as times goes on but is just very unappealing. In my opinion, Smell Bent doesn't do anything too middling. They either produce a great fragrance or one that's horrible. Very rarely is anything just "nice". This is a scrubber but I got to give them points for trying.
21st April, 2010

Rose de Siwa / FK2 by MDCI

Slightly plasticy at first application. Quickly faded down into a softer powdery type rose fragrance with just a tinge of green. Drydown brought a bit of spice with musk with the rose balanced out by the other floral notes which seemed to move a bit more forward. I don't find the rose heavy handed - it's there but not obnoxious. Might be a good choice for someone who doesn't want a rose fragrance to be only about roses. Not overly long lasting.
21st April, 2010

mb02 by Biehl Parfumkunstwerke

Slightly spicy floral from the carnation. I do get a bit of musk at the opening along with bergamot. Slightly green feel. Elegant. Good sillage.
21st April, 2010

Djin by Michael Storer

Wow, spicy, definate male feeling at first application. This so makes me think Jersey Shore men due to the slight hairspray note combined with the musk and civet. Not quite as cheesey though but definately macho. You better like the dirty feel because this fragrance reminds me of someone pretty cocksure. Drydown brings a bit of softness and smoothness to temper the macho opening.
21st April, 2010

Vaniglia, Bourbon & Mandarino / Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin of Sicily by Antica Farmacista

At first application, I got a Creamsicle type vibe. After a few minutes, it smelled like Bayer's childrens aspirin. The extreme drydown is decent and sweet but I don't really ever get the bourbon.
21st April, 2010 (last edited: 22nd April, 2010)