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Voile D'Ambre by Yves Rocher

Another one I can wear to my highly public workplace with no reservations. Refined Mandarin/Cardamom topnotes subtley balance Myrrh/Oppopanax midnotes wich are strengthened by sandalwood/patchouli/though-of-vanilla basenotes. This smells like a lavender and amber combo, a true masterpiece of blending which pleases all who have smelled it (on me at least). This is one which should have gone to the masses, before the age of celebrity phakes enticed them on to other unworthies.

Here we have a classy French number, by the respected house of Yves Rocher--which frankly hasn't done enough to extend itself to the masses worldwide. It is easy to see the correlation between this piece and 50+ year old classic Viole perfumes by a number of makers, and the ambre of today. BUT it is time to get the word out in a way that will attract the attention to keep this scent popular.

Classy enough for any occasion, work or play. No threats, no promises with this crafted batch...
09th January, 2012 (last edited: 03rd February, 2012)

Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

TRUELY A BHUTANESE SCENT. For those acquainted and in love with the highest grades of Bhutanese incence, Dzongkha Calls!!! On first impression I discern a deep, resinous and vegital blend. The incense is obvious--traditional Bhutanese, It is a close and fragrant version of Nado Poizokhang A or B grade incense. In addition, dry Vetiver is here, balanced with Iris and tangy-sweet Peony which is vaguely reminiscent of a Chinese Herb shop. This reminds me distantly of two of my favorite Galbanum perfumes--Lancome's Magie Noire and Shorell's resurrected Bakir. To Western noses, there may be something of a pepperish (as in pimento) scent in Dzongkha.

This one can be pulled off by an alpha female or male, or a bohemian of either sex. Any other person with any sort of cultural education will know you know...but even if you only spritz this on yourself in private because you love it, it is worth it! Exotic, enticing, thought provoking.
09th January, 2012 (last edited: 03rd February, 2012)

Ambre Gris by Pierre Balmain

You're getting the Fine Gray Amber. Nothing like the wishful thinkers who thought they were going to get the full blast of ambergris (maybe never having smelled the real deal raw--YAW!).

But Oh, THIS is a CLASSY scent! I can't hide my exitement, having worn it on special occasions for the last few years where I know I will be RECOGNIZED but not separated...

The House of Balmain has done well. Sweet but aristocratic, woody yet balanced, LONG lasting and claaaa-ssssy! Women think they have smelled it before but can't remember when (HOW). Men just want to know what it is so they can buy it for their wives.

I get something unique here, and thank goodness it isn't unrefined Ambergris--a fine job has been done here, which might take our generation a bit of time and humbling to recognize. This laaaaasts into the day and evening... a lovely smoking bit of light as the nose listens...
09th January, 2012
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Premier Figuier Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This green beauty reminds me of nothing more than the corner of my yard where my fig tree and grape vines coalesce, offering the tangiest pungence imaginable during the late summer. I remember reading George Washington longingly looking forward to retirement time spent under his "fig and vine"...this scent also leads me to invision the Persian Palaces of ancient times, with their fine poets, grapes and figs.

This is my "fig & vine" scent when I really want to relax and contemplate, go out to the ocean or sit under my actual fig tree with a good book. Here is depth without shock--regalness lacking the overbearing. A scent of mythical and biblical times, colonial times, and modern times. Fig Leaves first, a touch of (I had to focus on identifying this one) coconut which to me comes across as fragrant grape leaves/vines. I'm sure those who love the smell of these ripe leaves in nature will favor this scent. It is easily one of the most creative I have ever worn, although considering some of the other treasures from L'Artisan (such as the wonderful earth Dzongkha), not so much of a surprise.
09th January, 2012

Bakir by Long Lost Perfume

Originally produced by Germaine Montiel, Irma Shorall's reissue of this fine scent is a laudable reincarnation. I find the Shorell reissue to be fresher and last longer in a balanced way than my old hoarded stock bottle of this nifty elixer.

The galbanum here stands out in a way fans of Lancome's Magie Noire will appreciate. The oakmoss supports in a way which cannot be denied. If you are into assertive dark-resinous-incensious odors that last and boost your spirits throughout the day (or night), this is a strong possibility deserving of your consideration. A classy and definately alpha-woman scent (although I could see the right man pulling this off). Finally, a resurrection of a heritage fragrance not overdone in choking florals!
09th January, 2012

Madness by Chopard

Sharp, Woody and Resinous, on the first spritz I wan't sure what to think. I have never smelled a combination quite like this. Dark fruits and a touch of florals lead, raspberry and pomegranite, I think--they seem overwhealming at first--but be patient, before you sniff the first time, wait for the drydown. Definate woods and resinous base for a long-lasting anchor.

Here is a superb balance between excellent staying power and something different to gain attention. I wear this scent several times a week, most often during the warmer months, and field an average of 1-2 queries a month from women who would like to know what it is and who makes it. I usually write the info down for them if they seem sincere and not just offering polite complements to make conversation. Love the staying power, love the scent. Reminds a little bit of the pomegranite in Bijan night, and the woody-resinous appeal of several classics--after drydown isn't lead by fruits or florals. Another teriffic work that isn't saddled to the celebrity of the month, but will outlast. Compliments to Chopard!
09th January, 2012