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    Poison by Christian Dior

    This is one giant of a fragrance, and purple with a capital 'P'. Peppery sweet plum for starters, then it's a wallop of heady florals which include carnation, tuberose and jasmine; amber, sandalwood & vanilla are some base notes. Dark, sweet, spicy, and rich. Because of its enormous sillage and longevity, I'd caution to keep that in mind when choosing to wear this. I was lucky enough to acquire some vintage parfum. It's simply glorious. When the mood strikes, I apply a couple drops and might keep all the enjoyment and appreciation to myself. Poison will broadcast itself for miles.

    24th July, 2011


    In Control Curious by Britney Spears

    Straight to the creme brulee and middle notes, I couldn't detect the loquat fruit at all. That being said, I found the scent soft, rich and creamy. I love it. I'm giving it a neutral though because the spray mechanism is ineffective and awkward to use. I have to open the bottle & dab. The bottle is a pretty dresser decoration.

    18th July, 2011


    Curious by Britney Spears

    White floral? It started off with a very sweet, almost candy-like floral swirl. The sweetness overpowered the floral, and I couldn't make out any distinct notes. Thankfully the magnolia appeared soon, and that part was a bit pleasant. I too was stubborn about trying a celebrity's fragrance. I tried this because I love Fantasy, but I won't try any other celebrity line. Now I do like my fragrances sweet (including floral ones) and of the gourmand variety, but Curious was a mishmash, with the sweet factor always in the forefront. I didn't find it at all fresh. The sillage and longevity were strong, but this isn't a keeper. It just wasn't pleasant.

    27th May, 2010

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