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Absolutely Givenchy by Givenchy

This is what i imagine an apple and passion fruit scented shampoo would smell like. (I have relaxed hair so my shampoos have to be fortifying and they usually don't have fruity scents).

It is the opposite of everything i usually look for in a fragrance. it's sillage is moderate at best, it lasts for a maximum of 3 hrs and it is certainly not complex.

It is quite simply a pretty, light hearted girly scent.

But somehow i grudgingly like it and i have noticed that it tends to improve my mood whenever i wear it.
16th August, 2010

Rêve Indien by Fragonard

From the notes listed here you may think that this fragrance is quite simple but you would be wrong, i'm sure that are many undercover notes because this composition smells so complex.

The most interesting thing that i have noticed about this scent, so far, is that it actually gets stronger or rather deeper as time passes peeking about 7 hrs after it is first applied; then it gradually subsides.

I definitely have to spend some more time with this fragrance maybe then it will reveal itself to me but so far i'm loving what i'm smelling.
16th August, 2010

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

this is one of the most unique scents i've ever smelt. it is the only unisex scent that (so far) appeals to me.

it is so very long lasting and everytime i wore it someone would ask me what i was wearing.

i love it and i often stole spray's of it from my mom's vanity.

would really like to own a bottle but it is very difficult to find in my country.
16th August, 2010
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Amarige Mariage by Givenchy

It's interesting how different our noses and perceptions are because in my humble opinion this is a much better perfume than original Amarige.

I love the way this fragrance evolves seamlessly from the citrus opening notes to floral heart which is spiked with just the right amount of cinnamon; but my favourite part is the dry down, it is very warm and sensual, with a powdery undertone and I can almost swear I smell vanilla too.

On me this fragrance is very rich and feminine and in no way synthetic.

The lasting power is phenomenal; this fragrance lasted for hours and I could still faintly smell it after washing the dishes. Wow! This perfume deserves respect. Definitely one of my new favourites.
16th August, 2010

Pure White Linen by Estée Lauder

I loved the original white linen so I decided to give this a shot - hoping that it would be a modern/younger version of that lovely fragrance.

The fragrance is quite airy and fresh, but there is an underlying scent that is not quite pleasant.It has a decidedly synthetic note to it that smells distinctly like fabric softener.

While I can understand the desire to smell 'fresh' and 'clean' I think some frangrances go too far; the result is that sensuality, romance and sometimes feminity are often sacrificed.
16th August, 2010

Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This fragrance begins with an almost shocking blast of spices, which mercifully loses some of its initial potency after about 30 minutes.

At this point the woods take center stage but they are not dried or what carpenters call 'seasoned woods' but instead they are green, like freshly hewn lumber - in my country we have a type of wood called Green Heart, that is what i smell.

Thus, this fragrance is at once woody, fresh and spicy. I like it very much
16th August, 2010

Un Zeste de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

Rose, Tea and Citrus notes - those are all i smell.

To my nose the Tea and Citrus notes are more dominant than the Rose.

A very refreshing and uplifting scent, makes me long for a glass of iced tea.
16th August, 2010

Trouble by Boucheron

very citrus but at the same time warm and comforting; neither the lemon nor amber is overpowering, instead they exist in beautiful harmony.

I fell in love with Trouble from the moment i first smelt it.
16th August, 2010

Very Sexy for Her by Victoria's Secret

When i think of sexy, i think of warm, sensual and mysterious so i would never consider 'Very Sexy Her' to be 'sexy'. It is a citrus based fruity floral (the clementine note is very dominant), a very playful and light fragrance which is better suited for casual wear than for romantic interludes. "very flirty" would be a more appropriate name.
16th August, 2010

Tocade by Rochas

This was a gift from the wonderful Doctor Mod.

Tocade is a very refined and classy fragrance which has good sillage and excellent staying power.

It may probably be the most powdery fragrance i have tried.

This powdery characteristic is to be distinguished from the " powdery soapiness" that is so common today, instead tocade smells like a powdered, musky rose and fruits.

Interestingly, from the notes it does not seem like a fruity perfume at all but the fruits are certainly there, infact they are very prominent.

But Please do note that this is by no means a fruity tutty light weight, this is a gem that i appreciate more every time i wear.
16th August, 2010

Eau de Rochas by Rochas

This fragrance reminds me of something or someone, but i can't put my finger on exactly what or whom just yet. Maybe it was a friend's signature scent?

It is light and crisp, very citrus - the notes that jump out to me from the top notes are lemon, lime and verbena gradually i feel the presence of discreet woody notes; on my skin the flowers are completely mute.
16th August, 2010

Prada (new) by Prada

I'll start by saying that this fragrance has moderate sillage and very good staying power.

Most oriental scents are warm and inviting; not so with Prada, it is sophisticated and classy but also cold and stand -offish (if that's a word).

It calmly states that "you can admire me but from afar - and never touch me" while other orientals such as Organza Indecence urge "hold me closer and kiss me tenderly".

i would recommend wearing Prada to a business meeting.
16th August, 2010

Nicole Miller by Nicole Miller

This does smell very similar to Poeme. However, it is a bit lighter, the sillage is not as strong and more noticeably it does not have Poeme's incredible staying power.

In short it a tamed version of Poeme, perfect for those who find that pefume overpowering.
16th August, 2010 (last edited: 26th August, 2010)
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Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant is not for the timid or demur; thankfully i am none of those things, so i can happily wrap myself in it's bold spicy warmness and enjoy it for many hours.

Wearing Jungle L'Elephant is the equivalent of wearing a blood red dress to funeral, you will stand out!
16th August, 2010

Gucci No. 3 by Gucci

On me Gucci 3 is very fresh but at the same time inviting, the adelhydes and bergamont are very dominant in the top notes lending a soap like characteristic to the composition but it is very pleasant. these notes are present throught the perfume though they loose some of their initial strength.

the rose in the heart is completely lost to my nose; on me there is nothing floral about this compostition.

I clearly detect the musk, leather and amber in the dry down which give the fragrance a sexy sophistication.

There is nothing pretty or girly about this scent but instead there is a mystery, the scent dares you to invetsigate further and eventually seduces you with its uniqueness.

It is not a fragrance for girls but is a potent weapon in the hands of a mature woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.
16th August, 2010

Glorious by Gloria Vanderbilt

A spicy floral, it makes quite an entrance with a beginning that sparks my interest but it does not live up to it's promise.
16th August, 2010

Amarige by Givenchy

I like this but i love Amarige Mariage.

On me all i can smell are fruits, the lovely notes in the dry down are completely lost to my nose.

It's a pleasant but demur fragrance which fails to excite me.

On me the projection is average not at all strong and certainly not overwhelming, on the contrary i was underwhelmed.
16th August, 2010

Touch by Fred Hayman

i read the reviews here and became very interested in Touch; so i sought it out lusting for a fragrance which is both beautiful and inexpensive. i admit i even had a few dreams of what it would be like to wear Touch.

i finally found touch two days ago and i had to pinch myself when i heard the price; it was so inexpensive i couoldn't believe my ears.

when i recovered my composure i said "i'll have" then something spoke into my ears "never buy perfume without testing it first!" so i amended my previous declaration "i'll buy after smelling it". And thank goodness for that because this scent was not what i had anticipated at all.

the only notes i detected were peach, carnation and pepper (which strangely enough is not listed as a note. the perfume is not at all bad and the sillage is good but it's also no stunner. however, the deal breaker for me was it's lasting power (at least on me) is very poor: less than an hour.

i may give this perfume another try though not anytime soon.

thus, the search for the inexpensive perfume beauty of my dreams continues ...
16th August, 2010

Dune by Christian Dior

Thanks to BookShop88 for allowing me to try this beauty

Dune smells like walking on the beach on a cool evening just before high tide. The air is salty and rich,and a bit musky. You feel the breeze and anticipate the waters approach - that's how i feel when i wear Dune.
16th August, 2010

Casmir by Chopard

Vanilla is the thread that holds this scent together.

It is fruity at the opening stage, a bit spicy at the middle stage and quite powdery in the dry down; throughout these stages the vanilla is there, present but subtle.
16th August, 2010

Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera

A classic super floral with massive sillage for the first two hours -very beautiful - then something unfortunate happens, the bergamot and narcissus become more pronounced and a bit oily/greasy and overshadow every other note.
16th August, 2010

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Paestum Rose. The resemblance is uncanny, i recognised it the from the moment i applied AP and true enough i just checked and they have six(6) notes in common.
So for those of you who want Paestum Rose but maybe you are a little short on cash try Agent Provocateur
16th August, 2010