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Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library

Dear reader,
Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library is an amazing scent. If you close your eyes and use a little imagination it really does smell like a t-storm.
It comes out of the bottle very green and mossy. Then the high notes kick in, then fade- almost like feeling the rising electricity in the air. Is that a trace of cedar I detect in there?
To me this scent is definitely redolent of a warm So-Cal storm burst, much more so than a frigid New England downpour. In a little while it dries down nice and flat with wet wood and sticks; fresh potting soil and patchouli. I like it.
My girlfriend liked it, too ,.^, Although she didn't think it smelled much like a thunderstorm, but instead like dirty wet beet roots.
My mom also liked it- she thought it smelled green/clean.
I imagine if I hadn't obtained some other Demeters to distract them, either of these ladies might've attempted to purloin my precious Thunderstorm. However, to me it seems to be more of a man's fragrance because there are no floral, and very minimal citrus or incense notes. This is dirty wet beet roots. Enjoy.
As for staying power, this fragrance seems to hold on only for a short while then die away- leaving a hint of soapy-plantiness; a great reason to carry more with you and apply at will. Especially since, to me, this scent really seems to take you from the sudden burst of the storm all the way through the drenched earth afterward. Definitely a keeper, this is my favorite Demeter for men so far. I think I'll put some more on right now.
30th April, 2010