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Dama Koupa by Baruti

I was dumb enough to approach this with great expectations of heliotrope&iris. It takes a lot of conscious sniffing to discern these notes, I ended up smelling like I had marinated myself with strong, dark rum. Which is not a bad thing but I appreciate it much more when sniffing it from a mug on a cold winter day:) Not the most wearable of the line but definitely interesting. Beast longevity, decent projection.
25th September, 2018

A Lilac a Day by Vilhelm Parfumerie

I have been hunting for the perfect lilac fragrance for 20 years and I have finally found it! The problem with others has been that they smell like toilet fresheners after two minutes (Lilas Mauve), have too much heliotrope (Sweet Morphine) or other stuff that suffocates the poor lilacs (En Passant, Lilac Love). French Lilac by Pacifica was close to perfect, but the burst of proper lilacs lasts about 10 minutes :(

I have had four lovely days with my small sample of A Lilac a Day and on good days it smells just like my mum's glorious purple lilac bushes: intoxicating honeyed wiff of real lilacs, a smell that is notoriously difficult to capture in perfumery.

On bad days, the indolic jasmine kicks in and the first two hours smell like someone is burning rubber behind that gorgeous lilac bush... and pooped heavily nearby. However, my spouse’s bloodhound nose did not detect any poopiness even on those days so it might be due to the way my brain associates indoles. However, after the two-hour mark, it is pure lilac bliss...for straight ten hours!!! It turns a little powdery, but never goes to the thin toilet-freshener territory that too many wannabe-lilacs do.

A real gem and warmly recommended to lilac lovers, those who want to experiment with skanky fragrances but are not yet in Sarrasins phase, or anyone who has sniffed too many boring releases and wants to be positively surprised. Longevity is great, at least 10 hours, and sillage is very good (go easy on the dosing). My review is based on a dab sample, so I have no idea how this behaves when sprayed. This goes straight to my want-list (which nowadays is an achievement).
02nd August, 2018 (last edited: 08th August, 2018)

Outrageous by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

There is a beautiful hint of fresh real apple in the beginning but unfortunately it is stampeded over by screeching white musk. Makes me feel like biting tinfoil. It is likely much more pleasant if you tolerate laundry musks better than I do but still I think it is not worth the price. Gone in 60 minutes.

My review is based on a couple of wears from a sample. I am so happy I did not blind-buy this, even in travel size.
02nd August, 2018
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Music For a While by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

The combination of pineapple and lavender sounded just wrong but I am glad I sampled this. It smells deliciously like lavender and pineapple in the opening and feels nearly overwhelming with the initial sprays.

It tones down rather soon and the herbal edge of lavender sweetens down with that delicious burnt sugar aspect you sometimes get with lavender. Pineapple is also very much present, and luckily it does not display too sharp or tart edges but is naturally sweet and juicy. After the first three hours if fades to almost skin scent so delicious I had to keep sniffing my shoulders for the rest of the day. Patchouli gives some warmth but does not hassle much with the pineapple-lavender duet.

Verdict: surprisingly good if you like gourmandish lavender. Projection might be a problem, and put me off from splurging on a bottle. I could consider a travel spray, though.
02nd August, 2018