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    Lancetti Monsieur by Lancetti

    Weird, yes there is an oregano note in there, and boy is it prominent. It sorta puts me off but at the same time the other notes in there add this great green energy that attracts me. I don't know what the other green or herbal notes are but it is herbal and green for sure.

    If you wear it and let it mature or evolve you will probably love it or hate it. I guess it could go either way as in casual or formal event. I got the miniature sized bottle and am not sure if I would purchase another one when it's done but I do like it enough to encourage others to try it.

    If you're wondering if it may fall into the citrus, floral, woody or leather I'm gonna tell you it is none of those. Just green, chypre-type.

    17th September, 2014


    Stetson Fresh by Stetson

    I gotta give this scent some respect. It is not bad and it, after a few tries, has moved up in my rating level when ranking all my colognes, eau de toilettes and so on.

    I first considered this a generic one but now am giving it its due. The citric notes don't sparkle but yet are not muted, the musk is soft and not rank. Sure it does not project much and is short lived but some people might actually be looking for something like that, and for the price it can be expected or overlooked.

    No sweetness here, or at least annoyingly so and it is probably best for summer days and very casual events, and yes even in the evenings.

    It's probably time I edit my old review at another site and hopefully other admirers of this bargain bin fragrance here will join in and add their thumbs up.

    17th September, 2014


    Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

    Wow, I'm surprised by all the neg. reviews. I love this little flanker, I think because it is targeting the younger crowd it is seen as "juvenile" or a neophyte's scent.

    I really like the way this is a "sparkling" type of citrus along with a cool musk. Definitely for hot weather which my part of the world is experiencing right now.

    I got it for CHEAP on ebay, a deodorant and a 1 oz. spray bottle, glad I got it.

    Sure, it's no formal or date type of wearing scent, well if the date is not a first one, I can understand using it. Think of this as a summer party and work or school wearer.

    No need to get down on this one, enjoy!

    11th September, 2014


    Luciano Soprani Uomo by Luciano Soprani

    This is beautiful and way under the radar of scent aficionados out there. I believe it is classy and has some leather/woods that you really gotta sniff for. This is not a monster, it is close to the skin.

    Love it, not a generic citrus scent.

    11th September, 2014


    Michael for Men by Michael Kors

    Sweet tobacco that lasts quite a while on my skin.
    I believe it's for cooler temps and night time.

    14th April, 2013


    Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan

    Great old scent that is rather linear.

    Sure it does not mature, have a varied nuance or "evolve" but it reminds you of what "old school" scent is all about.

    I pair it with Agua Lavanda body wash and I smell like I just stepped out of a great old barbershop.

    Smells the same as it did back in the 70's when I was a child.

    01st April, 2013


    Seduction in Black by Antonio Banderas

    It does the job.
    Currant smoothed out by vanilla is all I pick up here, LINEAR for sure.

    27th March, 2013


    Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain

    It's made a bit more masculine by it's non citrus notes like cassia.

    Good life on the skin.

    Worth trying a mini of this which are all over ebay.

    02nd March, 2013


    David Beckham Homme by Beckham

    I like this one, it is sorta like Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver though with a layer of pepper!

    Even if this is not your thing you cannot lose big in the $ department.

    I feel this is a serious scent to wear and it will impress.

    25th February, 2013


    Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

    A very fancy smelling baby powder...................

    13th November, 2012


    Sultan by Al Rehab

    I am proud to be the first to review this GREAT scent!

    Warm, deep, musky, manly, spicy and projects.

    If you are looking this scent up and looking for reviews you will not find much that is why am glad to offer my review.

    INEXPENSIVE and it does not require much of an application to let those around know that you wear this.

    Al Rehab scents, quite a few of them, seem unisex. This one is definitely an evocative, aromatic fragrance that declares masculinity.

    I gotta hand it to you, if you are looking this up, then you are an inquisitive individual and open to new and interesting smells!

    How can you go wrong, if you feel it is not for only spent a fraction compared to the "designers" and "name brand" offerings out there!

    17th August, 2012


    Legend by Michael Jordan

    Why is there only one review before me? This is a Great scent!

    Very cheap when compared to the scent that it is compared to- Bond's Haarlem or maybe Rochas Man.

    Great life span on this one and great warm aroma, somewhere around the cocoa/coffee and nutmeg area.

    What are you waiting on? Go out and try it!

    13th May, 2012


    Heno de Pravia by Gal

    Crazy thing..........I am writing this review for the body wash more than the Eau de Cologne that sits in my cologne cabinet.

    The Heno de Pravia EDC is too lite and last for a short time. The body wash which is cheap and found on ebay is awesome and lasts ALL DAY, at least on me it did!

    I grew up in a small farming community with some hay growers scattered about and no, it is not exactly like the real thing but comes closer than anything else I've smelled and it is fresh!

    It's sorta floral but not any particular flower type and that is all you will smell, straight from application fall asleep or shower.

    It could be considered unisex by some and baby scent-like but it is smooth, not harsh or inoffensive, so what's to lose except for a little bit of change.

    THUmbs up............

    07th May, 2012


    Beleaf by Body Shop

    To me this smells like the aroma of freshly cut stems of various flowers all at once.

    I'm thinking that would fall under the "GREEN" note, I do not know what lily-of-the-valley smells like.

    I know it's listed as a woman's fragrance but it seems unisex enough for me and I usually layer it with another green/floral cologne when I go out and about.

    My masculine scent of choice for the layering is Heno de Pravia.

    It lasts a good amount of time and it is linear, in other words- same from begining to the end.

    07th May, 2012


    Legacy for Men by Avon

    Wow! This is a great find! I took a chance and got this vintage, partially used cologne and it paid off.

    It stays close to the skin but what a unique animal/musk-type with light woods thrown in!

    I love smelling the liquid in the bottle before applying it, it smells sweet. Then the initial application is a great aroma turning dirty but immediately mellows out and as mentioned earlier stays close and not loud at all.

    So if you're going through your local Craigslist or thrift store and see Avon's Legacy........grab it!


    06th May, 2012


    Black Suede Leather by Avon

    I have come to the point where my experience with scents is good enough to crown AVON the King/Queen of "powdery" scents.

    Avon's two top "powder" scents, to me, are Mesmerize and Black Suede Leather.

    This is a great floral/lite leather/powder-like aroma for men. I do see it as a 12 month scent for the gentleman day or night and for just about any event on your social calendar.

    I don't see it as evolving much from the beginning to end but to me it matters little when it is a rather unique smeller!

    Also, as most perfume/cologne collectors know, Avon makes this available at a great price!


    26th April, 2012


    Mesmerize for Men by Avon

    Great beautiful scent that just seems to have a lot of depth to it!

    I cannot point out any one particular note but to me it is just a tad powdery but also has "Green" and "light woodsy" notes to it.

    For what you pay on ebay or from a representative of Avon, I'd say you are getting a great deal!

    In no way would I consider this cheap or synthetic. Get it and thank me later.................

    21st October, 2011


    Infusion by Bombay Sapphire

    Bombay Sapphire's are a beauty!

    To me it paints a picture of a lite/light sprarkling essence that bubbles upwards and is far from heavy.

    The note I pick up on the most is JUNIPER berries(a big exlamation mark here)........

    Unfortunately this sweet, but not too sweet, fragrance is gone after a couple of hours.

    This may sound dumb but it sort of smells like the color of the Bombay Sapphire drink, a COOL blue and some green somewhere in there.

    In closing: Go out and get yourself one of these bottles because I'm guessing they are not making it anymore. I even emailed the company reply!

    10th September, 2011


    Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

    When I first tried this I thought, "Awesome"!,, a shrug of the get the idea.

    At first sniff it is bright and citrusy but I think the reason this is Hermes' more budget friendly scents starts to come throught; there is a detergent like aroma there, if you step back and think about it, it seems like the synthetic side of those citrus notes.

    This really came to light when I took my Guerlain Imperiale Extra Dry out for a full day test run. I'd had this gem set aside for more warm beautiful day/evening outings.

    GEEE!! Guerlain puts Hermes' Vert D'Orange to shame. This Hermes is great, until you come across something pricier like Guerlain's products.

    For now though if you don't interpret Vert's zest/citrus notes as detergent-like as I did then you may just love this baby. I'll still wear it but I'll do it with a shrug of the shoulders.

    27th August, 2011


    English Leather Lime by Dana

    This gets a thumbs up because I am thinking that at one time this was probably longer lasting and projected more but the present product which is no longer made in the U.S. is rather weak.

    I love limes and the English Leather lineage is in the background and together they seem to combine to make a cedar-like accord at the top and thoughout.

    It is linear and does not "mature", evolve or change in any way. It must be re-applied after an hour. It is cheap and will not be a big let down for the price you pay.

    Now that I think of it............I guess I'll start off on a quest for a vintage bottle of the MEM version.

    31st May, 2011


    Wall Street by Victor

    I love you Wall Street, it's a "go to" scent for work or out-and-about on the town.
    I get cedar out of this but not synthetic, cloying, heavy or cheap!

    SirSlarty is right when he mentions its longevity, it is not long but we all know when it comes to scents it's better to go light more so than heavy.

    They did choose a good name for this, reminds me of a gentleman's study room or a gentlemen's club lounge area where everything features wood or is wrapped/bound in leather.

    I still can't believe what a hidden gem this is! Go out and get it and prepare to stand out and feel great for a low price!!!!!!!!!!

    TWO Thumbs UP

    31st May, 2011


    Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart got it! The reviewer a few reviews below me has a good comparison.

    I really loved walking around at work today with this mature, masculine, professional and attention getting scent!

    I loved it from top to bottom and from beginning to end!

    21st May, 2011


    Rebel for Men by James Dean

    Really like it!

    For some reason it reminds me of American Crew Classic fragrance.

    It is not ordinary and it is layered, you just can't pick out one note.

    I see it for cheap on ebay every once in a while. It seems to die down after an hour though.

    10th April, 2011


    Casaque by Vermeil

    I'm surprised that this has yet to be reviewed!

    Nice and something about it reminds me of the more expensive Duc De Vervins from the big designer house of Houbigant.

    If you are up in the air about this scent then I would recommend you jump in and get it!
    A more sophisticated scent but at a fraction of the price of similar colognes.

    When I say more sophisticated don't think older just think capable of being used for formal occasions and good or better for cooler weather and P.M. hours of the day.

    09th April, 2011


    Tribute by Avon

    I wonder if anyone out there even bothers to look up some of these older discontinued Avon fragrances for men.

    If so, if you are reading this then I gotta give you credit, you must be a really curious individual or you are, like me, looking for a real deal.

    Tribute is a great find or treasure to discover if you want to find something different to stand out. At first whiff I thought Puig's Agua Lavanda!

    Like the review below states there is not much of a drydown, but what I detect, on my skin, is a nice mellowing into something like Caron Pour Un Homme, but yet with a little something else added in there!

    It clearly stands out and if you can find yourself a nice unique bottle like the one I found on eBay then give it a shot. I'm a history buff and love old vintage unique items like what Avon offered in the 70's like pistol, globe and other bottles shaped in "manly" forms.

    Such an inexpensive fragrance but it lasts so long on the skin.

    24th January, 2011


    Agua Lavanda by Antonio Puig

    2ThumbsUP!! This may be uni but smells MANLY 2 me!!

    If you're meeting your girl's parents for the first time don't wear the recent new "metrosexual" fruity scents, show them your intentions are sincere when it comes to their little girl!

    Wear a manly OLD SCHOOL scent like AGUA LAVANDA!!

    20th December, 2010


    Hervé Léger Homme by Hervé Léger

    People are saying it smells like Terre D'Hermes, I don't care if it is an exact copy, it smells great and I got if for cheap.......$10!!

    I have a local Avon rep to thank for that, I have never owned an Hermes scent and have only taken a whiff of TdH at the Hermes shop at the local mall. I remember thinking what a great cologne! I just can't recall the exact notes to compare it to HL by/in association with Avon.

    The only bad: No projectivity at all! You really got to spray it on!

    19th December, 2010


    Avatar by Coty

    HaHa!! It's funny that the reviews below give this "economy" fragrance a thumbs down but if you look around, it's hard to get this cologne for dirt cheap like other Coty or Dana scents. And it is not so common on ebay like those "entry level" colognes.

    I just tried it today and it permeates the surrounding area immediately, don't over spray or splash this! If you were to blindfold some folks out there they would probably swear it is a pricier brand.

    It is not "synthetic" or like Cool Water or very common in my opinion. I had some chick approach me at the bar tonight and I gotta wonder if the Avatar might have had something to do with it?

    A cheaper scent like this is probably not going to have "sample' vials available so you gotta jump in and purchase it, go for the .50 oz; my opinion says you will not be disappointed.

    25th September, 2010


    Bellagio for Men by Fragluxe

    For such a cheap scent I gotta say it it really stands out from all other such "citrusy" scents I have purchased so far, though I'll admit I'm a newbie.

    It is not so cheap smelling and I get a great solid middle or basenote.

    If you are hesitant like I was, really, how much moolah are you going to put out for this unique scent...........less than $10?

    It does not smell cheap!

    10th September, 2010


    Gale Hayman Man by Gale Hayman

    I don't know where reviewers are getting the pine note but this scent is nice and refreshing!

    Not citrus-like, not synthetic, to me it's more of a light tea aroma.

    So clean and it works fine for me anytime of day or night.

    08th September, 2010

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