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Evolution by Rocawear

Great entry-level incense fragrance.

This is a nice surprise, not a monster at projecting/sillage and a short life on the skin but for what you pay for it you don't mind a few extra sprays.

Spiciness and dark notes like rum give it a rough edge. This scent summons images of various events and activities throughout the year, day and night for which you can wear.

Definitely a masculine fragrance that is simple, it will not change at all over time.

It seems all notes hit you up front.
04th January, 2017

Faquat Lil Rijal by Rasasi

I think this resembles Cartier's Declaration D'Un Soir, though not as soft.
The oud here is not soft or clean like Cartier's D.U.S., thereby not so feminine.

Cartier's scent does not evolve while this does go from the oud/rose start to a more soft musk/sandlewood.

Before I purchased this I noticed that all reviews I've seen on YouTube have really good words for this scent.
Projection and lifespan of this scent is really good.

Good fragrance for the little amount of money spent.
01st January, 2017

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

On the stale side......
I'm really trying to enjoy this but for some reason when I sniff my arm on which I have sprayed this scent all I can think of is tobacco, stale tobacco, not the fresh sweet pipe type......just cigarette-like.

Also the leather just has an old worn very aged leather smell to it. Maybe if I walk around outside it might be a different story but when I wear it indoors at night before I go to sleep I'm just not impressed.

To my nose the scent does not evolve. No raspberry or sweetness to speak of.
14th December, 2016
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Casbah by Robert Piguet


Odd, it's weird how some scents come across.......was it my mood, nose, skin chemistry that night?
The first time I tried Casbah was after spraying it with the nozzle close to my skin.

I was turned off because before I fell asleep all I detected was a dark smokiness. It took over a week before I tried again but applied a mist and more over my body then walked out into the cool and breezy late afternoon.

Wow, so much better this time, I am not familiar with Angelica root but if it's that sweet scent that is intertwined with incense then I really love it.

Great projection and still going strong after 5 and one half hours.

Great unisex I believe, the incense here is definitely house of worship strength so that might turn off some ladies but Angelica root tames the beast.

Good name for this product, my first Piguet purchase, setting the bar rather high for the rest of the line.
28th November, 2016

Westbrook by Byredo

I envy you, well if you have the ability to detect all the notes or at least most of the ones listed here.

For the first hour after application all I can make of this is a generic ho-hum-smelling violet fragrance. Okay, maybe not just violet but I'm not sure if I'm also smelling osmanthus and/or gin?

A little more after an hour then an amazing woodiness kicks in, the Vetiver and suede join the violet note and turn this scent into something that is so much more than I was expecting after such an ordinary start.

The vetiver, suede and violet notes are harmonious and authentic. Where is the tobacco?

This one, from Byredo, projects and lasts.
26th November, 2016

Rogue Man by Rihanna

Some may have noticed my interest in this scent by my postings on the Male Fragrance Forum, I stated that it seemed like just another Chanel Allure Homme clone.

Well, after a few overnight wearings I gotta admit I really like this, it's a bit on the unisex/sweet side and floral towards the end. This will carry on for hours on your skin!

One of the notes listed is Vanilla Orchid, that's the first time I see that ingredient/note and it may be what this scent eventually settles down to.

At first application you're going to get that Allure HEAVY vanilla, Tonka vibe and it lasts a while.

Projection is great and I have to give Rihanna some credit, if she actually had a hand in developing/planning this, the bottle too is simple but nice and actually heavy. I got the 1oz./30ml bottle and the box and sprayer are above average.
21st November, 2016

masculin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This scent has been done many times before, it falls under the category of barber shop maybe?

Sure, it's been done before but how well has it been done before? Sort of like the electric-car, there have been many electric cars over the years but Tesla has really done a good job of putting one together have they not?

So it goes that MFK has done rather well with the best ingredients and brought back an old fashion sense to a higher level.

Lavender indeed, if you crave a good lavender then here is your fix.
17th November, 2016

Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior

It seems the two notes most notice or that people seem to love about this fragrance is the iris and the myrrh. For me it's actually a turn-off, so much so that in the beginning I think of the top notes as rather dry.

I love the iris in Dior's Eau for men but here it paints, for the first two to three hours, a rather drab picture. Also, like so many mention on the internet through various review sites, this scent sits close to the skin with an average lifespan.

The part I do like is the second half of it's existence, I was able to make out a green and sweet aroma that impressed me, is it the cypress and honey?

I felt let down at first, it seems my interpretation or what my nose picks up is much different from that of others, glad I didn't wash it off after a couple of hours.
27th October, 2016

Boss Sport by Hugo Boss

Nope, not really a "Sport" scent to me, maybe I've grown accustomed to 90's and newer sport fragrances that are pretty much aldehyde/citrus/marine note bombs.

This shows its age in being such a strong oakmoss/lavender smeller.

I'm actually wearing this as I write and cannot help but picture a barbershop and shaving cream products.

It's a classic, maybe for the over 30 crowd, nice projection and life on my epidermis.
23rd September, 2016

Solo Loewe by Loewe

As I wore this through the day my mind kept going back to thoughts of Hermes' Terre, the original. Dirty, spicy and sweeter though tangerine instead of orange-add guava and no inert mineral note.

I had no hesitation in wearing this though like Hermes'TdH it seems to lean more towards the older gentleman.

Loewes, a Spanish company, has kept me happy with all their scents that I own so far.
20th September, 2016

Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

No hesitation in giving this scent a BIG thumbs up.

This is a great scent that seems like it was made for autumn, not so light but not cloying like the Dior Hommes that came before it. When I wear this I feel as if I'm just not trying so hard like I do when I wear Dior's Homme, Guerlain's LIDGE and other mainstream scents that are nice but a little too stuffy for me.

As for longevity, I guess my skin just loves to hold fragrances a little longer than that of other reviewers. Does it radiate? I think it does, rather well.
17th September, 2016

Cedre Atlas by Atelier Cologne

This is an oddity to me because it seems to go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

What im talking about is sort of a sour/balsamic or vinegary type of vibe but then I also, at other times, get that Iso E Super and ambroxan smell to it and yes, Dior Sauvage does come to mind.

The way some talk about apricot, then maybe that's the acidic aroma I'm getting. What I love is the Ambroxan which within Sauvage's review I have described as a hazey type of smell.

Cedar is not the main character here.
05th September, 2016

Chrome Limited Edition 2014 by Azzaro

I am not a fan of the original Chrome by Azzaro, too many "bros" seem to shower in that scent before heading out to the club on weekends.

Chrome, to me, seems like a synthetic monster that stands out real easily so that's why I only purchased a couple of vials of this Summer version instead of a full bottle.

There is enough citrus/orange/mandarin to turn this into a nice summer/sporty scent. The original is in the background but far enough in the background to set your mind at ease if you are not into the original Chrome, having vetiver doesn't hurt either.

Good projection and longevity, I'll say it's even recommendable!
24th August, 2016
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Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

This is a bit too "creamy" for me to be considered a "sport" scent.

Really nice but the Tonka and Vanilla, for me, seems rather prominent, more so than citrus.

When I think sport I think aldehydes, citrus, marine/aquatic notes.....which I detect yet not getting past the vanilla/Tonka blend.

Again, this is really nice but not the kind I think of applying on HOT days, I just happened to wear it today on a cooler than usual day under overcast skies.

It definitely has the Allure background, just a bit too heavy.
07th August, 2016

Untouchable for Him by Avon

An amazing beautiful scent...............for about 15 minutes! Reminds me of the great vetiver scents, the ones with an earthy/soil vibe to it. I bought me some samples off of ebay, though it goes under the name UNTOUCHABLE here in the states.

It is gone within an hour and while it was around it was very close to the skin.

Wow, if Avon "upped" or amplified the ingredients it put into this then this would be a great seller.

Too bad it is gone so fas
05th July, 2016

Royal Mayfair by Creed

This is crazy, on initial spray I get a white floral aroma, yet no such notes are listed, just rose. I just recently got this and have only "sampled" sprayed on two different days.

Again, at the end life I'm getting something that is not listed, a beautiful vetiver! As it dies down this scent reminds me of a greater version of Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver.

Yes, at first it is DEFINITELY feminine.
It sort of turned me off, the first time I wore it I had to go out so I ended up washing it off before going out, not allowing it to evolve.

The second application, on an evening, was right before going to sleep. About six hours later upon waking up, wow, what a beautiful scent.

So, in closing..........if you are willing to put up with a feminine floral scent for an hour or so, give it a try.

23rd June, 2016

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I can actually see why people would not like this. This scent, depending on what note you catch a whiff of, can be anything from bug spray-like to mineral or inert.

That's the thing though, depending on what you pick up your opinion might change throughout its wearing. Dirty orange, flint, black pepper and/or is an interesting mix.

On me, this easily projected and had a good lifespan, maybe 6 hours or so.

Various people on YouTube reviews keep on mentioning that it comes across as an "old man" type of scent.
Definitely over thirty type of scent but seems too sophisticated to fall into only the mature demographic.
22nd June, 2016

Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior

Easily a four star frag, I wouldn't doubt if some may believe it's a fiver.

Weird, I can't make out one single note but it just smells so nice, jasminey?........the orange blossom gives it a nice sweet "glow".

It seems many point out the leather as being on the very front, which would make you think cooler weather, though today I wore it on a beautiful sunny, warm day.

Awesome scent for both sexes.

Good longevity, I feel kind of guilty not dressing up for this.
18th June, 2016

Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

Are you fed up with soft leather fragrances? Have you knelt before the fragrance gods and implored them for a strong LEATHER scent?

Be careful what you ask for, this baby is no joke.
Old school, retro, takes no prisoners............apply if you think you can handle this juggernaut of masculinity!

Leather, then leather, then some more leather and then some spices.

Lasts, projects and turns heads.
This will make you walk a little taller and make you feel good in what ever you endeavor.
16th June, 2016

Déclaration d'Un Soir by Cartier


if you love rose then this is for you, if you hate rose, wait!...............this still might be for you, at least give it a try, a sample/decant or borrow a spray or two at your local fragrance shop

i admit that i get self conscious about scents that are a bit too feminine, this gets rather close to that line i have drawn in my mind when considering fragrances

cartier managed to rework rose and blend it in rather well with the other notes

good projection and good life, on my skin

pros: nice/unisex/a bit different

cons: SAME from initial spray till it fades away
03rd June, 2016

Aoud Café by Mancera

I'm reading different takes on this and another website, about the coffee note. Some are satisfied, some are not.

I am not impressed with the opening because the coffee just seems to be lacking in authenticity, at least to me.

Other fragrances do a lot better job with coffee, I felt like I had to wait about three hours for this to soften up and allow the sweeter notes to take stage and blend well with the musk.

Not until about the third hour does the harshness of the coffee/wood notes settle down and turn into a great aroma that makes me happy.

I did not notice the peach and currant notes listed until I got this scent in the mail. Those notes had me wondering whether this would end up syrupy and too feminine.

No, not feminine and the peach is not in the forefront, just in case your wondering.

Maybe spring but I'm not sure about summer.......autumn and winter? Yes.

Seems to have good projection.

19th May, 2016

Lonesome Rider by Tauer

First off, I do not have a "good nose", I cannot smell individual notes like others and I really have to inhale deeply to get a general idea about the scent I'm wearing.

What usually concerns me is if a UNISEX scent leans a little too much to the feminine side, this does not.

When rose and iris show up on the list of ingredients I have to wonder. This is a good one, can't tell you much about the evolution but I'm just happy with the drydown, it is good.

Don't know about being worth a full bottle purchase but trying out a sample/vial is encouraged.
28th April, 2016

Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

This strong violet/lavender scent is just great! I can see someone not liking it but do not understand the hate.

You can wear this day or night and it is not the usual fare, it is masculine and aromatic to the point that it conjures images of formal attire but yet it seems good enough for day and casual wear.

It is easily available at so many retailers and I can see people being "put off" by Boss' earlier Bottled releases but this one seems reputable.

Good sillage and lifespan.

Average, yet a good kind of average.
23rd April, 2016 (last edited: 29th April, 2016)

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

It's a "neutral" for me, this IS too much like a fancy soap, like so many people on the web compare this to.

If you're okay with smelling like a nice feminine leaning soap then you'll do fine with this one. I purchased a small bottle of this then sold it then somehow ended up with a sample vial and gave it another try, just not for me. "Powdery Notes" and iris indeed, not exactly a scent for impressing.

Why did they hang "pour home" around this one? They would have been more up front by categorizing it as a UNISEX scent.
21st April, 2016

Cuba Maya for Men by Cuba Paris

I've had this for a few years and haven't taken it seriously, can't explain why.
Tonight though I applied a good amount and went out and was very pleased.
It sorta has a "licoricenous" to it but it's gotta be the anise.
I'm not a licorice note fan but this mixture is smart and well done.

Aromatic is definitely what this is, average longevity and projection.
Cuba Paris may be a bargain brand but some of their releases like Red, Green and Black are reputable.

Mild, just barely thumbs up.
10th April, 2016

Sauvage by Christian Dior

Just like in my review of Dolce & Gabbana's Intenso, I believe this is a very nice clean soapy scent.

It may not conjure images of exotic far off places or rare ingredients from such places but it makes you feel enveloped by a squeaky clean aroma.

People keep on mentioning citrus, I just don't get it, to me it's an ambery/ambroxan "hazy" smell, maybe with citrus in the background.

This is so nice and comforting and not cheap smelling.

Great when you're in great looking casual clothing.
07th April, 2016

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

The hay note is strong in this one, I love the combination of lavender, tobacco and hay!

It easily reminds me of Dior's Sauvage, very nice though not great. A great wonderful soap and clean smell.

So awesome for casual events but also a possible option for fancy events.

Niche and high-end collectors might overlook this but if you want something simple with a good life and projection then this will do for everyday activities.

Very few scents out there with hay as the main note, this does a great job of putting it in the spotlight and mixing it up with the tobacco and lavender.

This is so nice and comforting and not cheap smelling.

Great when you're in great looking casual clothing.
05th April, 2016 (last edited: 07th April, 2016)

Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

Seriously.........."More Bang for your Buck" has never been truer. This scent is MANLY so hands off ladies.

How can they sell this so cheap and yet have it smell so sophisticated?

One spray will do but you can get away with two if not in confined spaces or at work.

Spicy and Tobacco-ey(?) but not inscense/headshop/kitchen type of spice-like.

If you are here reading reviews because you're short on cash and you wanna spend it wisely..........then this is IT!!

Thank me later...........
30th March, 2016

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Lovely, sensuous and intoxicating scent!

If you hate the original, sorry, you have to wait quite a few hours for those well known A*Men notes to quiet down and allow the beautiful honeyed tobacco leaves to come in and put a big smile on your face.

For me it was over six hours before the honey/tobacco fully kicks in. It's there, well into the next day on your clothing and if you happen to fall asleep without bathing then you'll probably wake up to a great concoction of notes on your skin.

This is sort of a practice in a delay of gratification waiting for the later life of this fragrance.
17th March, 2016

Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Upon initial application this does not impress. You got to wait for this to mature and hit middle age.

The first hour or two it just doesn't leave me feeling confident in having applied it, at first it reminds me of Guy Laroches latest release for men, Drakar Essence, very generic.

Long story short, if you like Kenzo's Sport for men then you just might like this, but then again........if it smells like Kenzo's Sport and you got it in your cupboard then why buy this?

I got "a thing" for Kenzo sport so the end life of Invictus smells nice to my olfactory sense.

If you're just sampling this you have to be willing to wear it for a couple of hours and wait for the drydown, then decide.

Patience my friend, patience.

17th February, 2016