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Fan di Fendi pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi

This stuff rocks! Not outright oudy and just enough spice to make you feel nice and warm during the colder temps.

Good life, good projection and will not be confused for a unisex scent.

Oud note and no rose in sight, not a dirty oud and not in your face.

Not niche but not to be taken lightly, it is a well adjusted, well thought out smeller.
25th January, 2016

Halston Man Amber by Halston

Without hesitation, a thumbs up.

Ambery-Oud, that's about all I'm getting.

Just so nice and, to me, quite natural, not synthetic.

Sure it doesn't "evolve" over time but it is just a basic scent that gets the job done so well that I can't complain about it not having a great variation of notes.

Great projection and has a good life on my skin. This baby has just enough quality ingredients allowing it to compete with the big boys of the OUD/AOUD/AGARWOOD world.

This is serving me well here in the late fall/autumn going into the winter.
11th December, 2015

Carven Pour Homme by Carven

It just barely gets a thumb up from me. Very simple and straightforward type of scent, if you really like violet leaf then this is for you.

A little too strong of a violet leaf note for me, this is the kind of scent for everyday simple activities. Spring time comes to mind when I get a whiff of this fragrance. Good projection and still going strong after 4 hours.

I've read a review saying it reminds them of Irish Spring soap, I agree. If you're on a first date or special event this will probably stay on the shelf
27th November, 2015
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Honey Oud by Floris

Maybe it was hyped just a bit too much in my head after reading the numerous positive reviews for this scent on another website.

Also, according to other reviews I've read the honey seems get noticed a bit more than the oud note. All I'm getting is oud with a sweet type undertone that to me just does not conjure the image of honey.

It seems okay but just doesn't impress me. It seems to project well and after about three hours seems like it isn't fading away any time soon.

I don't get any rose either, this is my second wearing and I really applied quite a bit this time.

On to the next oud scent..............
22nd November, 2015

B*Men by Thierry Mugler

Thumb way up and folks, that is not licorice but rhubarb.

Great fragrance that is UNIQUE, even if you do not like it you have to admit it is different.

WARM, Gourmand and made for cooler and evening wear.

Embracing notes that give you that Home-made dish favorite aroma.
16th November, 2015

Baldessarini Ambré by Baldessarini

Yup, this is another one of those reviews, the kind where the wearer of the scent thinks it's nice but something about it just keeps you from loving it!

It may be the obvious apple note, I mean.........c'mon, apple just does not seem like a sophisticated, sexy or serious note. Does that make any sense?

Seems like it has good longevity and the scent seems to extend outward but does not choke out those close to you.

Amber is strong with leather keeping itself in the background. Nice for cooler weather and night and day.
05th November, 2015

Gold by Jay Z

This scent seems to take a beating on the other review website. Somehow it was not over hyped upon release seeing as how it is a rapper's name brand.

I really like it, the blueberry note gives it a not-too-fruity aroma along with a not too sweet vibe.

I can easily see this as being able to cover both casual and more formal events.

It doesn't radiate far from the body and the lifespan is okay, of course your body chemistry may have a different outcome.

Also, this could easily find usage all seasons and around the clock.
02nd November, 2015 (last edited: 22nd November, 2015)

Drakkar Essence by Guy Laroche

There's a reason there are few reviews of this scent, years after it's release, just hasn't impressed the public enough to warrant curiosity and a purchase.

I've applied this a few times but I just can't get into it.

People mention grapefruit and mint but all I get is a generic grapefruit and nothing else.

I'm surprised that a well known name company produced something so bland.

This is so bland, so much so that I'm tempted to give away what I have left of it.

No mint , just grapefruit and maybe lavender.

You won't be impressing anyone.
01st November, 2015

Gramercy Park by Bond No. 9

smells like Davidoff's Good Life

30th October, 2015

Kenzo Homme Sport by Kenzo

Something about the drydown or latter end of this scent just really intrigues me. Towards the end ginger, mint, lemon and maybe grapefruit combine to make an odd scent that I like to smell.

It has an odd beginning, maybe synthetic or lemon furniture polish-like of an aroma. This weird beginning to it goes away and moves on to a slightly spicey end life.

Dior's Homme Sport is just a tick or notch above this Kenzo sport scent, the ginger is sweeter and stands out more in that Dior fragrance.

This is lite and lasts well into the 5-6 hour range and radiates well off of my skin.
21st October, 2015

Paul Smith for Men by Paul Smith

I've seen quite a few people complain about mint not being "done well", saying it may come across as toothpasty or synthetic. If you ask me about the mint in this I'll tell you not to worry, it's great.

It is so cool, fresh and simple and not synthetic-like. I could smell it on me but unfortunately just does not seem to last for long or project far.

To me, the top three notes are violet leaf at one, mint at two while bergamot comes in third. That is about all I can make out, those three and they make such a great trio.

Not expensive and well within reach for many just starting out and it's best for warmer weather.
15th October, 2015

Vetiver Geranium by Creed

No vetiver here, when first applied you get such a beautiful burst of various notes. Floral, citrusy and they come at you at various levels at different times during the wearing.

On me it's straight up geranium throughout while there is a background of other notes, mostly floral/citrus.

I don't get the musk, cedar or amber and patchouli outright but I'm guessing they come together to form that great "wall of notes" behind the geranium.

It actually worked for seven hours on me and had good projection. Does not smell ordinary.
10th October, 2015

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

Strong? Not really. Offensive? No, you're not going to send coworkers running or covering their nose.

For the first hour this scent smells exactly like Demeter's Sawdust, I thought that was funny.

Another funny thing is that the fig leaf fuses well with the cedar and amplifies the woodiness which brings to mind images of a gerbil/hamster cage.

Because of its simplicity, fig leaf/cedar and drydown of sandalwood it just does not impress me. Maybe for running errands or hanging out on weekends but not first date or formal event kind of fragrance.

It is of average sillage and longevity.
30th September, 2015
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Tous Man Sport by Tous

I feel this juice just does not last long and has low projection.
That alone might keep you from purchasing.

It's a nice lemony scent though. At first application scents like Versace's Eau Fraiche and Azzaro's Chrome come to mind but this does not have the "screechiness" of Versace's lemon or synthetic-ness of Chrome's aldehydes.

I think the apple smoothens it out. A bit more believable notes than the aforementioned fragrances.
29th September, 2015

Noble Vetiver by Chopard

Sorta like Tommy Ford's G. Vetiver, innocuous. Though I do get a lot more sillage and life out of T. Ford's Vetiver.

If sillage and longevity was a higher priority to me then this might get a neutral rating.

Noble Vetiver, to me, has a distinct pepper note. The pepper makes it spicey and of course the vetiver is up front with the leather somewhere in the background.

Some folks may compare it to Atelier's Vetiver Fatal but Fatal is a bit more velvety or smooth and not so spicy to me.

Noble's downfall is the short life span and short projection. You're gonna have to go heavy on the spraying.
28th September, 2015

Henry Cotton's in Green by Henry Cotton's

Big,bold,herbaceous and green............this scent is everything that may remind you of 70'/80's masculine scents.

It morphs into a nice minty aroma later in its life.

Good projection and sillage.
23rd September, 2015

MK High Intensity Cologne Spray by Mary Kay

This is for the MALE version of HI by M.K.

This is a "Bargain Basement" gem! A darker take on black tea and amber along with a soft spice slant to it.

Still though I plan on using on a summer day, great projection and sillage. Shades of Chanel's Allure come to mind though there is no cinnamon listed here.

You won't come across Mary Kay's High Intensity for men in many places for sale or being worn so you got yourself something different and unique.

I get no woodiness from this.
21st September, 2015

Wild Country by Avon

This is truly a classic smell. Some may refer to it as a "mature" fragrance.

This is the sort of fragrance Steampunk or Rockabilly gentlemen might apply for putting more of an emphasis on an homage to days gone by.

Wild Country is a great cologne for men, except me, it's weird, one of those situations where I like the scent just not on me.

A headache inducer on me so I passed it on to my father, the whole gift set which was a EDT, body wash and aftershave.

For the price I can't see why one would not give it a try, whether through ebay or an Avon rep. you have a good number available out there.
20th September, 2015

Centre Action by Avon

An amazing beautiful scent...............for about 15 minutes! Reminds me of the great vetiver scents, the ones with an earthy/soil vibe to it. I bought me some samples off of ebay, though it goes under the name UNTOUCHABLE here in the states.

It is gone within an hour and while it was around it was very close to the skin.

Wow, if Avon "upped" or amplified the ingredients it put into this then this would be a great seller.

Too bad it is gone so fast.

07th September, 2015

Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

This is such a simple, straightforward scent! I can only describe it as cool or frosty. Only three notes are listed and it seems they brought out the lightest, coolest and/or airy aspect of each one.

People here and on another site, within their reviews, detect and mention direct lemon/lime notes, I don't. I get a great lite citrus blossom/tree aroma that only alludes towards citric and not in your face fruit, peel or zest.

I have worn this on hot, humid days when I get the feeling anything else would feel heavy or cloying after a while. This one though cuts through the thick humid days to make you feel relaxed and confident in your choice of fragrance.

This is one of those scents where you go in knowing it might not last long but you still purchase it because it promises you a great aroma while it lasts.

The best way to remedy this is to overspray on clothing when applying at the start off the day.
06th September, 2015

Antartic (new) by Yves Rocher

This is Guy Laroche's HORIZON with the herbal notes turned down.
20th August, 2015

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

This is a sweet one, it starts off with what I'm guessing is the mojito note, one of the mojito's ingredients is sugar, it's pretty prominent to me.

I've had three vial samples for two or three years now, applying Guerlain Homme a couple of times before today. Today I may have gone overboard and may have really gone heavy on the application.

Some scents immediately draw you in while others turn you off right from the start. This one interested me at first but after a while it gave me an impression of a too sweet of a scent and leaning just a little too much to a floral or feminine direction.

It is okay but I will not be purchasing any more from here on. To sum it all up, my perception is a sweet scent that ends up with a floral sweetish vetiver aroma.
06th August, 2015

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès

Arggghhh! Decisions, decisions! Do I like this, sorta like this or sorta not like? Right after initial application I'm thinking, "STAID", also it seems very neutral.

I'm guessing kumquat can also pass for orange, that's what I get orange and slight jasmine in the background.

I've seen reviews calling this feminine, others say masculine, well I'm going for the middle ground.....Unisex.

Not bright and shiny but sorta muted. This is not going to turn heads or make a big impression. The other Hermes Jardin scents might be a better investment.
26th July, 2015

Porsche Design Essence by Porsche

I've worn this on two work days now. I did not spray too much, afraid to choke out my coworkers and customers. But what I did spray from a sample sprayer was still there six/7 hours later.

Not killer projection but not weak and I should wear this again and a little heavier to detect and analyze the notes.

It smells really nice and is comfortable and had me in a good mood because I felt I made a good decision spraying this on.

With the blueberry it had me thinking of a lighter Gold by Jay Z.
11th July, 2015

Cuba Brazil by Cuba Paris

Cuba Brazil is sort of a close cousin to Cuba Cactus for men, this one is a rather dull green not as bright as maybe Calvin Klein's Eternity. Klein's Eternity may be the one Cuba Paris fragrance was trying to mimic here.

Creamy sandalwood, sweet lavender/citrus, just not a sparkling one.

09th July, 2015

Cuba City New York by Cuba Paris

The Cuba Paris line has become well known on sites such as this. It's become a "go to" for clones of much more expensive/better known designers and major corporations.

C.P. has its hits and misses, this might be somewhere in between. New York City for men smells nice but has little projection and its name might conjure up notes or images of something other than what it smells like.

Aquatic/Marine-like and yet no such aromas show up on the pyramid of notes. A reviewer on another website is right on in saying that it might fall in between AdG by Armani and Bvlgari's Aqva.

Simple and it does a good job of smelling nice.
08th July, 2015

Portfolio for Men by Perry Ellis

If you've been on websites like this one and read the forums for a while you learn that some people tend to "test drive" a new scent by spritzing a little on before bed and analyze it before falling asleep.

Some reviewers write about waking up and describe the scents' dry down or the end of its evolution on their skin by morning.

That's what I did with Perry Ellis' Portfolio, what happened though was that I was so tired that I fell asleep so I did not have the opportunity to monitor its transformation from initial application through the first hour.

What happened is that I suddenly woke up seven hours later wondering, "what is that smell"?

It does smell like shaving cream and it is not, to me, an impressive cologne for men. Synthetic, and pear/leather type of aroma, though no leather is listed in the note pyramid. With other scents I wake up and after catching a whiff of what I sprayed last night usually wake up thinking, "wow, nice" or "interesting" or "great"!

By the way, I knew this had not so great ratings but I had an ebay seller accidentally send me the regular Portfolio than the ELITE Portfolio, which gets great reviews.

07th July, 2015

Set Sail Martinique for Men by Tommy Bahama

Something just isn't jiving here, I was expecting more, not so sweet.

I loved the original Tommy Bahama Men and St. Barts! They had me expecting a great scent for summer and humid weather.

I guess it's the lavender, too much, too sweet. I really applied a good bit today for the first time and wore it around while outdoors in warm humid weather near the beach, bay and inland.

Just not comfortable with it on today, as I walked around all I caught a whiff of was a too sweet scent that did not inspire confidence but self doubt at my decision to apply it earlier.

Tommy Men gives off a boozy vibe while Barts gave me a great sea salt/lime drink and mirroring of Creed's Virgin Island Water. This...............just a sweetness that I can do without.

04th July, 2015

Perry Ellis Night by Perry Ellis

Greetings reader, first I have to say.....Wow!

What a surprise, not expecting this.

Great, beautiful and sort of a rollercoaster.
For the prices I see it going for on ebay, it is a "diamond in the rough" type of scent.

Upon initial application and for about the first 2-3 hours I get a deep/dark blood orange non-synthetic aroma. For the first few hours I'm thinking, "didn't they first test wear this before releasing it as a so-called night scent?" For the first 2-3 hours it seems like a Perry Ellis Summer edition for warm bright sunshiny days.

Then it morphs into a more mature gentleman's scent, a little oak-mossy/light musk with hints of a geranium and cedar. That mixture had me thinking tobacco?

Finally the drydown comes down to a simple light musk and citrus concoction, it reminded me of Stetson's Fresh.

We all know smell is subjective, so I can see the previous reviewers walking away with varied thoughts.
To me though it just seems so much deeper and faceted than I was expecting.
03rd July, 2015

Nomad / Moroccan Myrrh by Crabtree & Evelyn

Generic, the pyramid of notes looks so enticing and interesting...............unfortunately though after you apply this it seems so boring.
29th June, 2015