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Jubilation XXV by Amouage

First let me say I have smelled the 3 most talked about Amouage colognes, Dia, Gold and Jub XXV. Dia is my least favorite of the bunch. I will agree it smells like its made with the freshest ingredients like all Amouage scents but the finished product smells like any other frag on the market to me. Its seems very neutral. Next was Gold and although I'm not a floral scent man, I did like this. Could I ever wear it? NO. The man wearing this scent has to have a certain type of personality to pull this scent off. Gold in my opinion smells like the mans version of the Fracas for woman (1million flowers mostly roses and a few drop of spice).

Then I put on Jubilation XXV and it seemed as if time stopped. This is best frag I have ever smelled. EVER!! Its a sexy Arabian blend of sweets, spices and musk. This is what the Kings wore! I keep stop sniffing my hands REALLY! On my skin after 2-3 hours, I get frankincense and myrrh, honey and cinnamon. They are all equal in their presence. I would say that longevity might be an issue (it doesn't leave but the volume goes down a few notches after a few hours), but when I go to bed at night, I can smell it on my pillows and my on sheets, so it must still be there. Spraying your clothes will do the trick. Something about JXXV just makes you feel like royalty when your spray it and wear it. Its worth $300 to me!


It has been 2 months since i have been wearing XXV and I still feel the same way, and nothing has changed since the first day. The comments i get from wearing it have ranged from "unusual", "sexy" to "you smell sweet at first then it changes into something else i cant think of". I have also been told on more that one occasion that its a powerful smell(2 neck, 1 wrists here). I used to spray my clothes but now I spray it very close to the skin. After doing such, I let the frag roll and run over my skin instead of rubbing it in which seems to thin it out to me. It drys with an oil-like stain on this skin and keeps the scent together.
22nd October, 2010 (last edited: 29th May, 2012)

Magical Moon by Hanae Mori

She walks into the room, long hair, nails done with color polish, body to die for with the latest handbag on her shoulder. She is uncommonly gorgeous and she knows it but she will never boast, instead she'll show you if you watch her. The way she winks, smiles, walks, the way she handles men in public! She is not in the middle of the dance floor, she is in the VIP section drinking champagne, shaking her head to the music. She is an unique blend of super sweet and mystery. You can see her face when she's not around you.

Thats Magical Moon!!
04th May, 2010