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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

On first whiff, I too get a little girls sugar n spice and all things nice vibe.
Interestingly this fragrance brings back memories of my first experiences with buying and trying fragrances for myself as a new teenager. Victor & Rolf's FB is the expensive version of a range of Impulse body sprays aimed at teenage girls. I would give anything to remember the exact name of the Impulse body spray. However, I wouldnt be surprised if the exact same one I remember from ten years ago has been repackaged as something else. Who knows, it could be FB aimed at those grown up teenagers who fell in love with the Unilever sugar water scent.

EDIT : I went back to the pink, fluffy, sugar water scent and I was converted. Its almost as though its catnip for tweens. This stuff has an oddly addictive snuggly side (a little bit like Lush's rockstar - which I was also initially sceptical of at first whiff). Pleasantly surprised or perhaps seduced by the addictive girly catnip fragrance.
14th October, 2010 (last edited: 03rd February, 2011)

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

I wanted to love this. It looked so good on paper. Sadly I didnt get much of the elements of patchouli I like, all I ended up with was a headache inducing scrubber. Morgaine in my opinion said it all really.
14th October, 2010

Panthère de Cartier by Cartier

If perfume could wear red lipstick, tight black dress with enormous shoulder pads and strum along on an electric guitar - this would have a presence on the Addicted to Love video circa 1986.

Evocative of 80s Yuppie decadence. I love it.
14th May, 2010
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Essence by Narciso Rodriguez

I was given this for Christmas and upon opening I was overwhelmed by such a strong masculine fragrance. I do like and often wear mens fragrance but this perfume to my nose really did smell like a nasty supermarket budget toiletry.
To be polite I sprayed it once and once was all I needed for this to linger on my skin and clothing for quite a long time. Even after laundering my clothes still smelt.

Oh dear.
08th May, 2010