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Air de Cabochard by Grès

A light leather chypre with a beautiful floral heart and slightly soapy dry down. Perfect for those times that a heavy leather is too much, like in the heat of summer when, if someone gets a good whiff of full-on Cabochard, they might ask, "Where's the horse and saddle I keep smelling?". Air de Cabochard is mild-mannered and sophisticated, and the soapiness in the dry down is clean and refreshing. I'm going to be wearing this all summer and my friends will ask, "Where's the classy lady who just shampooed her horse?"
04th May, 2011

Ellenisia by Penhaligon's

ELLENISIA is so pretty and happy, like a clear morning in spring still clinging to winter’s chill. (LOTR fans should get that reference.) Sometimes violet can make me sad, as in Apres L'Ondee, but not Ellenisia. It stays green and upbeat, all the way through. It's slightly green opening is surprisingly similar to AL'O but without the anise. Although I love AL’O, I think I would prefer Ellenisia as it must be the anise in the opening that seems to pull my mood down.

I can close my eyes and see the first green shoots poking through the gray cold earth - one of my most beloved harbingers of spring. The jasmine, gardenia and tuberose all play so nicely together that no one stands out in a harsh or headache-inducing way, making it a white floral that some white floral-haters might be able to wear. Dry down is a pretty violet and plum, although it could be a little woodier. Vanilla is around just to give a little depth, not noticeable as vanilla.

Moderate sillage and excellent longevity, going on 6 hours and it is still going strong. Perfect spring scent!!
11th February, 2011