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Espionage by Ayala Moriel

Oh, how I love the way the orris, cedar, leather, and tobacco meld with my skin on this one. It is a stunner from start to finish. The moment I smelled it, I knew I had to have it, and was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from my DH this year. This scent is a masterwork, and timeless. It smells more like a work from a classic Hrench house in 1940 than something from a small Candadian perfumery in the 21st century! I don't know how she worked this magic, but it is heap good mojo, and I will always have some on hand.
27th October, 2006

Schizm by Ayala Moriel

I have too many samples. I admit it. I have HUNDREDS of samples here that I have never tried. I can't give them away in swaps, as I haven't worn them yet, and who knows, I might fall in love with them! I also don't like to try/wear multiple perfumes in a day. I know some people will have a sampling binge and plough through 10 or 20 samples. Not I!! I like to wear one at a time. And usually, I want to wear something I know I love, so sampling falls by the wayside, and I end up with a huge backlog of untried 'fumes laying around. Sigh.

Yesterday, I didn't wear perfume. As I was getting ready for bed, I pulled out a little package of samples I received from our own Ayala awhile back. I removed the stopper from each vial and gave a tentative little sniff to see if I felt inspired by any. One was too pungent. One too flowery. (for my mood at the moment, you understand). And then I pulled the stopper from Schizm....

What's this?? It's decidedly green, but NOT the sharp green I usually shy away from. This is a soft, mossy, comforting green. But sweet, too. "Hmmmm", I thought, ...."I think I'd better try it." And so I did. Last night at bedtime, and again this morning.

I am in love. Yes, first I fell hard for Ayala's Espionage a few months back, and now I am in the clutches of Schizm. The greens remind me of lying on a mossy riverbank under an enormous Weeping Willow tree on a warm, sunny day. I am sure I have a bottle of sweet red wine and some cheese and fruit with me, too. :-) I believe I shall doze off with my cheek against the warm skin of my true love lying by my side. It is languorous, and speaks to me of warmth and contentment.

Ayala's website lists it as a Chypre Floral with the following notes:

Top notes: Black pepper, Cedarwood, Mandarin
Heart notes: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Musk notes, Incense

I have to say that this is so beautifully blended that I am not getting a lot of "notes", just a seamless, dreamy whole. I don't smell pepper or cedarwood at all, in fact!! Those usually give perfume an "edge" for me that this just doesn't's so SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH!

Ayala --'ve seduced me again with another beautiful fragrance from your line.
27th October, 2006