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Corduroy by Zirh

I'm going to keep it simple why i don't like this one. Once it has dried down if you smell it close to your skin it smells just like chewing tobacco, which is disgusting.
28th December, 2005

360 Degrees Red for Men by Perry Ellis

I will rate this cologne on it's own merits and not on hmm, similarities to other colognes. Just to get it out of the way, yes it is similar to Acqua Di Gio. But, i think it is a pretty good cologne on it's own. One thing about it that i think is an actual improvement over Acqua Di Gio is that 360 Red is not as sour as Acqua Di Gio. Simply put, 360 red is easy to wear and fun - you can't really go wrong with it.
28th December, 2005

Individuel by Montblanc

I don't care about comparisons to other colognes (which may not even be accurate comparisons), i'm going to give this cologne an honest review. I'll start off saying that i really do like this cologne a lot. It does have a sweet note, but it is balanced by the other notes. As it dries down the sweetness isn't as powerful is proportion to the rest of the notes, and the lower notes come out and balance it beautifully. I think it is extremely elegant and far superior to Joop.
27th December, 2005
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Desire for a Man by Dunhill

To me it just smells like candy (skittles to be exact) and soap perhaps. From the moment i put it on until it has totally faded it has a cloying sickeningly sweet smell to it. On me it never develops or warms, it just stays TOO sweet. Some have compared Minotaure to Desire, but personally they seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum (but perhaps the minotaure i smelled was old and had gone bad). It just seems like a sweet mainstream "me too" kind of fragrance that i would not want to be wearing.
27th December, 2005

360 Degrees for Men by Perry Ellis

Hmm, this is a unique fragrance in my experience. The first notes i don't like so much. They are quite strong and harsh. However, as the fragrance dries down a new personality shines through. I really do like the dry down - it is warm and comforting with those "sensual woods". This is not my favorite fragrance, but i really do like it.
27th December, 2005