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Visa by Robert Piguet

After trying it on a few times at Nieman's over the past few months, I finally just bought a 50 ML bottle today. It's lovely: A fruity peach vanilla leather. It's so reserved and subtle: you see the top notes and think it's going to smell like some kind of horrific Britney Spears perfume but in fact it's very mature and not the slightest bit too sweet. Its really wonderful and finding out that Guichard had a hand at this reformation just makes perfect sense. I absolutely love Chinatown -- but sadly it is one of the few bottles in my collection that is too outrageously feminine to wear. I have every intention of wearing Visa.

But oh, it's so frustrating when people compare the modern releases with their classic counterparts. I was hoping that this wasn't what I was going to see when I read the reviews of Visa on here. But, alas. so many of you are saying the original is better. I'm sure it is! But part of me has to wonder "who cares?" (the part of me that feels woefully inadequate that I don't have a vintage bottle).

I was so intrigued by Turin's review of "Bandit" being a "pixelated" version of the original that I felt compelled to buy decants of the vintage juice from ThePerfumedCourt (along with the original Fracas, too). They are both amazing, and (sadly) much better than the modern reformulations I have of both. But now I have to wonder if I should add vintage Visa to my ever-growing wish list ... sigh ...

05th December, 2011

Menthe Fraiche / Fresh Mint / Eau de Menthe by Heeley

A singular and powerfully unique interpretation of Mint.
10th July, 2011

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

Thumbs up not because I "like" the smell but because it's such a major conceptual leap a perfumer to invest the time and money in a fragrance that's as ghastly and unpleasant as this. Like Warhol's Electric Chair series or Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ", it explores an olfactory concept that's unpleasant but a frank part of life.

I received a 10 ml bottle as part of an amazing Etat Libre D'Orange coffret ... as I made my way through the collection, I dabbed some on, honestly knowing nothing about what I had in store. I was floored / repulsed / horrified / confused ... and immediately googled it and was delighted by hours of "smelling" videos of people's live reactions to this on YouTube (this one being my favorite:

One of the things that makes this fragrance extraordinary is that you only need to smell this ONCE: The scent memory will forever be etched into your brain. Sometimes I just go near the bottle and I swear I can smell the pernicious aromas leaching through the glass.

How many other perfumes can you say that of?

13th December, 2010
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Divin'enfant by Etat Libre d'Orange

Marshmallow & diapers. Meh.
13th December, 2010

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

To me, this is a really huge fragrance -- in an abstract way, the male version of Poison in that you wear it when you want to make an impact.

I can smell it on someone the moment they step into a room, which is why I have an interesting relationship with it: I absolutely love to smell it on myself, but on others I find it cloyingly overpowering.

I also find this fun to let people smell in the bottle and ask them what it reminds them of: Almost everyone always says it smells like cocaine, which always makes me associate it with the "Big 80s" feel of something like Poison (even though its smells NOTHING like Poison).

17th October, 2010

Black Afgano by Nasomatto

Concentrated and almost viscose, this (st)inky-black extrait has a crazy-big sillage and wears on my skin for 8+ hours. A head-turner that elicits a "What is that smell?!" scent from strangers, that's almost always followed-up with "What's is called and where can I get some?"

16th October, 2010

High Line by Bond No. 9

This is an energizing, fresh green floral -- I adore it.
07th June, 2010