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Still Life by Olfactive Studio

i loved the smell on its own, fresh and sparkling. yet it turned too aquatic on me...
01st May, 2013

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

i quite like the whole series - however all of them stay too close to the skin... and especially 01, and especially molecule 01... this is a shame.
04th October, 2012

Dirt by Demeter Fragrance Library

smells like a country dirt road after the rain. however there is something sweetish in there too - which kind of spoils this scent for me...
05th January, 2012
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Encre Noire by Lalique

This is an amazing perfume! I love it so much!
No idea though why on Earth it is described as 'masculine'! It is so totally wearable and delicious on women (unlike it's counterpart for women from lalique, which is simply disqusting!)
Somehow reminds me of In Red by Armand Bassi.
05th January, 2012

Alice in Wonderland by Parfums d'Imperfiction

this seems to be totally unwearable fro me. too sweet, too powdery, too nauseating. a disaster of a perfume....
18th December, 2011

Ninféo Mio by Annick Goutal

i agree with blood orange, this is a very natural scent and i love every minute of it! it is so fresh and green, even in the hot southern hemisphere summer at the moment. on my skin it does not change a lot, stays more or less the same - and stays for a decent period of time (well, for a fresh scent - so definitely not a whole day). there is also this one aspect about it that makes me love this perfume even more - haven't been to greek gardens yet, maybe this is how they smell, but to me it smells of the nettle thicket in the wood on the sunny early summer first hot days, when the woods are still cool and dump. probably this is my imaginary nettle scent, i haven't been near nettle thicket since childhood. nevertheless, this association made me love the fragrance and buy the whole bottle.
09th December, 2011

Donna by Lorenzo Villoresi

My life as a perfume aware person (though not yet an addict at that stage) started with the floral scents; since then i moved into incense/spices/leather/wood direction, however i still feel like good floral scents from time to time. to find a good floral scent is not that easy though; more often than not floral perfumes get spoiled by some ridiculous 'femininity-enhancing' godawful supersweet/cloying notes. this perfume is one of rare exceptions - on my skin it smells just as i want it, both floral and fresh. i get this 'green rose', natural scent of rose, not a rosejam. donna makes me think of may (though roses do not blossom then yet), just because it is already summery, but still fresh. love it! i am really happy with how it smells on me and i wouldn't mind having a bottle of that in my collection.
03rd December, 2011

Vetiver Dance by Tauer

i liked l'air du desert as a scent, although it was a bit too sweet on my skin, so i expected a lot from this scent. i hoped for complexity, freshness and vetiver, of course. however when i tried the sample, all i got was just plain smell of home-made cucumber lotion my grandmother used to make (cucumber + some cheap cologne), which stayed the same, didn't develop at all (and even didn't last as long as some of the other tauer scents; but in this case i have to be grateful). i gave this perfume couple of tries in different weathers, but result is always the same.
01st December, 2011

Red Aoud by Montale

i really like aoud and i like other montale's aouds (especially black). but this doesn't even smell aoud-y on me... all i get is some bland sweet powdery scent that stays the same all the time. it reminds me of the 80s lipstick smell.
01st December, 2011

Yuzu Ab Irato 09 by Parfumerie Generale

i cannot explain why, but i like yuzu ab irato. in the beginning, when i got my first sample of it, i was disappointed. i was expecting something really brightly fresh and green, while what i got was soapy and very 'quiet'. but by the end of the sample the scent grew on me. it is a quiet scent that stays close to the skin, but it is a lasting one. i especially love the way my clothes / shawls smell of it the next dy after i wore yuzu. for me it works well in the colder days and in the hot summer days. i find it very comfortable and calming. and though i agree it is not a complicated and layered scent (actually, on my skin it kind of stays the same through the whole time, which i as a rule do not like in perfumes), at the moment i am finishing my second sample and thinking seriously of getting the bottle of ab irato.
22nd November, 2011

Bergamote / Divine Bergamote by The Different Company

the first couple of times i wore it, i was getting fresh citrusy smell, nice, but nothing too special. i was attracted to this perfume by the promise of rhubarb and ginger - and it never got to it, as the scent would go away quite quickly. today however after a couple of initial citrus minutes all i was getting was... rose! person i was with confirmed that i smelled like rose water )) and still no rhubarb... so all in all, i am not smitten, not impressed - but it is an all right scent.
22nd November, 2011

O by Blood

i loved this perfume and i agree with alfarom - it is my favorite of all the blood concept. however it has minimal, minuscule sillage... it lasted for quite a while , but too close to my skin for my liking; i'd love to share some of the scent with others as well)
it smelled very leathery on me, but not the 'rough' leather of oud cuir d'arabie by montale. in fact, it reminded me a little bit the beginning of tom ford's tuscan leather (before it gets sweety-floral).
09th November, 2011

L'Eau Guerrière 20 by Parfumerie Generale

a nice incense scent, however stays too close to the skin (just for the pleasure of the person wearing it, i guess). i loved the opening sharp herby/grassy accords, however they go away very quickly (too quickly). if they stayed for longer, that'll be a definite thumbs up.
28th October, 2011 (last edited: 20th December, 2011)
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Cozé 02 by Parfumerie Generale

wow! today i am enchanted by this scent! yesterday, when the weather was hot, i tried coze 02 and it smelled too sweet and too bland; however today, when it has cooled down significantly i decided to give it another go - and now i cannot help but sniff my wrists every couple of minutes. really interesting and crisp scent, no hints of sweetness (until maybe a little bit later, when it dries down). for me it is a perfect mix of crisp deep herby notes and not sweet spicy/woody accords with the character. these are not 'nice' perfumes, but they are interesting and make you want to wear them again.
28th October, 2011

Black Tie by Washington Tremlett

reading all the reviews here makes me wonder if i really got the sample of black tie... on my skin it becomes a pleasant and very feminine fragrance, in fact too pleasant and too nice, nothing distinct, sharp or really spicy. well, maybe fruity-spicy. it reminded me of my teenage years and bazar femme by lacroix, but that's it.
25th October, 2011

Stephen Jones by Stephen Jones

i really liked the floral-synthetic smell of this perfume on the paper, but it has instantenisoulsy turned sweet-soapy on my skin - exactli as mi-cuit has put it. i really wish i could get the medcinal-metallic-stoney effect, but this is not a perfume that does it for me. so thumbs up for the idea and thumbs down for what it really smells on me.
15th October, 2011

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

amazing in the beginning (strong and leathery, no hint of sweetness and compromise), however became a generic floral-sweetish on my skin later on. i was quite disappointed.
25th September, 2011

Wood & Spices by Montale

a great disappointment ((( very sweet and bland. i can't feel anything woody (well, spicy either). a bad 'feminine oriental' perfume.
12th June, 2011

U4eahh! 2.43 by Yosh

Pleasant and light perfume for the late spring - early summer, not sweet, fresh and sunny. However I agree with the previous reviewers - the price seems to be too high.
05th June, 2011

al01 by Biehl Parfumkunstwerke

this is very generic floral aroma, a little bit on the sweeter side and very volatile (as the whole biehl parfumkunstwerke seems to be)
18th July, 2010

Versace Versense by Versace

For me this is some strange mix between Armand Bassi's In Red and Un Jarden sur le Nile by Hermes (both of which I love). The opening is very nice and fresh, but midle notes (lily?) are quite annoying for my nose... A liitle bit too feminine maybe? In any case, smells cheaper and less interesting than the two other perfumes it reminds me of.
26th June, 2010

China White by Nasomatto

For me this is too floral and too feminine to give a thumb up, so - neutral. But very pleasant neutral
14th June, 2010

Citrus Paradisi by Czech & Speake

A big disappointment after 'Cuba' (or maybe it is just my skin that makes it so bland...). The top notes go away too fast and leave me with the cheap-soap smell. It brings back childhood memories though - my grandfather used to have some cologne water with the similar aftertaste.
14th June, 2010