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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

To me, this is an EDT version of Flowerbomb. They almost smell identical to me. Flowerbomb is just stronger and more potent than this. The iris is very pronounced and lovely. Dior Homme is a very classy and very feminine fragrance for men and hopefully it will be the catalyst for a better variety amoung mens fragrances.
02nd November, 2005

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

You're in a dark forest in Transylvania. You can barely see in front of you. You are terrified because you are hearing praises being given to Satan and screams of people's throats being slit. Off in the distance you see a bright, orange light. The closer you get you see that it is an gargantuan bon fire. Hooded figures in black are circling the fire. Underneath the hoods you can see that they are grotesque, demon-like people. Black, puffy, clouds of billowing smoke are everywhere. Black, sooty ash is hovering all around you. Blood is covering the ground and the hooded figures. Your corneas are seared by the blinding brightness of the fire. This is what Salvador Dali pour Homme smells like.
07th September, 2004