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Ambrette 9 by Le Labo

This is a great example of a "skin scent" to borrow a term used by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. In fact, she has a line of several skin scents, and these are great for those (again, to quote/paraphrase from the DSH site) who want to try out fragrances without smelling too "perfumey."

Ambrette 9 (for bebe) smells very, very similar to DSH's Formula X (their best -seller in Japan.)

It is also very similar to White Musk Accord from The Perfumer's Assistant.

Perhaps since I am accustomed to this type of fragrance, I get alot more out of it than some other bn'ers, it would seem. Yes, it is subtle and close to the skin. It's supposed to be. Know this before you buy/wear/critique it.

If you do have the "osmotic receptors" to appreciate Ambrette 9's quiet muskiness, you may find it as intimate, special and, in its own way, thrilling, as I do! (BTW the longevity on my skin was 9+ hours.)
05th June, 2011

Datura Noir by Serge Lutens

From Fragrantica: "Datura Noir by Serge Lutens is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Datura Noir was launched in 2001. The nose behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake. The fragrance features coconut, tuberose, tonka bean, almond, lemon blossom, mandarin orange, musk, chinese osmanthus, heliotrope and myrrh."

Kinda smells like a rich, glamorous middle-aged woman cooking something delicious in a posh kitchen; I mean that in a good way. I especially love how the musk and myrrh play with the tonka bean and almond in a perfect balance.

05th June, 2011

Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone

Nectarine immediately but HEAVY, yummy honey within 30 minutes. Like all Jo Malones I've tried, you get what you read in the fragrance's title and not more, so you would be disappointed to expect complexity or depth. (That's what Chanels are for!!) A Jo Malone mood is light-hearted, pure, and clean. Organic, even. I think JM fragrances can only be fairly reviewed by a panel that accepts them for what they are intended: something set apart from the opulent, rich, glamorous, and puzzling. They don't require chapters of stuffy note descriptions or tricky evolving faceted ingredients, They are in-your-face little expressions of nature, and they are beautiful.
31st May, 2011
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Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Truly DIFFERENT. And at this point in developing my wardrobe, that is what I am looking for. I was not in search of this fragrance, but rather given it in the very generous stack of samples from Robin and Mona, AWESOME SAs at Barneys Las Vegas!

Pretty spicy on top: I don't usually appreciate cloves but it is totally working here. Trying to discern exactly what is the rare Cassie flower in here...but it is different, and right now I like that. "like a haute couture gown" reads the sample card. Fitting for Vegas.
29th May, 2011

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

Tried it on at Von Maur yesterday and for some reason was instantly transported back to 1980, swooning over Scott Baio and playing Atari games and Joni's house. It was kinda neat, 70s-ish smelling for the first hour but dried down to sour milk later. :(

Remember BNers, sometimes the reason a beautiful classic gets re-done and loses that original pizzaz is because some of the aroma chemicals that we used to douse ourselves with have been found to be carcinogenic and are no longer legal for use in fragrances. Sad but true. I do think I recall Joni's grandy wearing the original L'Air du Temps, and it WAS better...(sigh)
18th May, 2011

Love to the Fullest by Reese Witherspoon

very harsh-smelling opening note...can anyone tell me what that is? Because THAT'S the note I've been looking to identify so that I can say with confidence, "I don't like perfumes with (fill in the blank) in them!" I'm guessing the primrose, cashmere or the sandstone, because I've always been ok with the others.
10th May, 2011

Angel by Thierry Mugler

this did not work in summer's heat for me at all. however, re-tried on a whim in the cold of winter and it turned BEAUTIFUL --and very sexy-- on me! I have officially become a HUGE Thiery Mugler fan: many of his fragrances have reacted similarly on my skin. The notes also vary greatly with "time of the month" which attest to the depth and genius of TM as an artist-advocate for all our feminine sides!
23rd December, 2010

Peony by L'Occitane

Is this actually called "Paeonia?" That's what it says on the box. Seems a pretty rosie-version of peony; I really love this and wear it often. It is also great combined with citrus or clean fragrances such as Citron de Vigne from Fresh or Pure Grace from Philosophy. I really do not get any bergamot or grapefruit, nor any sandlewood or white musk for that matter, just roses and peonies. Contains a special real peony extract from France. The soap is really pretty and nice, too. I also have the roll-on Intense, which is really necessary to have and carry along, since there is otherwise not huge longevity. Fair sillage, however: I get compliments on this one, "You smell...soft."
21st August, 2010

Waikiki Pikake by Pacifica

Having just purchased 3 pots of jasmine to plant, and their beautiful aroma filling my house with their lovely little white blossoms, I can quite confidently say that Waikiki Pikake is the most accurate and pure rendition of jasmine that can be. Absolutely not a hint of mothball or cheap candle anywhere, and the dry down is smelling e en better, a little greener, even. I do not normally make such bold statements as this in reviews, but, as stated, the real live scent of real
live jasmine is right here to compare. Pure jasmine frag., so if you're looking for something more complex, this one is not for you.
01st August, 2010

French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone

DIVINE fragrance. It went straight from my test list to my OWN IT list: Thank you, thank you, thank you, BN member Warum, who recommended this fragrance to me after I inquired in the forums about female fragrances with prominent Beeswax notes. Warum did not care for the top and mid notes (and wished me luck on these in JM FLB); however she appreciated the base note (beeswax.) Yes, I'm in luck, because I do love linden blossom. Tried it on in Nordstroms at Easton in Columbus, OH and immediately was transported back to a few weeks ago, an almost enchanted evening walk across the street under my neighbors' linden trees. To be honest, I do not yet appreciate the beeswax note, but I am enamored anyways with FLB. And now I am introdeced to the wonderful world of Jo Malone as well! Thanks again, Basenotes!!
04th July, 2010

Gucci Flora by Gucci

Reading all the negatives here...and, actually, I KINDA agree until about 2-3 hours later: POOF! it became NICE! I got into my husband's car and he said,
"Umm what are you wearing?" I had forgotten it, probably subconsciously wanting to forget it since I wasn't that impressed earlier in the morning. But then I put my wrist up to my nose and lo and behold Gucci Flora had found a friend in me. I know, I know, all above say it has no dry-down. But on me there evolved a soft, delicate, mildly sweet, mildly powdery, mildly fresh and clean musk, even sexy, a very nice "skin-scent" type of fragrance. Hm. who woulda guessed? Skin chemistry is truly fascinating stuff.
24th June, 2010

No. 5 Eau Première by Chanel

After the nuclear bomb of aldehyde (C12?) blows over, the mid-notes are pretty. The dry-down is the loveliest of base-notes I've yet to experience. The rich old lady has stepped out of her gray plaid suit and donned a sundress. Bravo, Lady Chanel!
19th June, 2010

Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie by Creed

can I just copy my blog entry here? It says it al:

Holy CREED, Batman!
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by JeanieE on Today at 11:20 PM (0 Views)
Finally got a minute to visit Saks at Polaris (Columbus, OH) to see what all the hype is about surrounding Creed, in particular, Jasmin, since several forums authors declared it one of the most seductive frags of all time. I mean, really? Is it that good?

Oh, yes, and much, much more! The SA was great. (It pays to know your stuff before approaching a Saks SA at their fine fragrance counter, so a brief history lesson in the Creed family legend was time well spent.) I blushed with her enthusiasm as she shared her experience of her recent visit to the NYC Creed store and the 250-year anniversary of the famous French house. Apparently, a son or grandson will be going on tour in October-ish, and our celebrated C-bus is on the "maybe" list of city stops.

After sampling the pure-pleasure-potion on a fancy Creed-inscribed slip, I flagrantly flaunted my sheer ecstasy a the mere whiff of HEAVEN. I love this. I have found a new purpose. I'll be a good girl from now on, so that when I die I will go the Heaven and have my family, my friends, and blissfully bathe in a big old bottle of Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie for all eternity.

Then my angel of a SA, seeing the rapture on my face, bestowed upon me a genuine empathetic smile along a generous sample of....there are just no words for it, you know, the JUICE!! Alas, the clock chimed midnight, I mean 9:00 PM, and I floated out the door just as the gates of Heaven, I mean Saks, closed behind me.

Seriously I thank God for blessing Earth with talents such as the Creed boys, and for the gift of scent, so that I may have caught a glimpse (whiff) of His beauty and His Kingdom Come.


19th June, 2010
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Duende by J del Pozo

Big, but could be bigger, on linden blossom, ylang, and cedar. I like those: wish they were more prominent, actually. But, yes, what is causing that sharpness? The caraway? I'd take that out, along with the melon and mimosa. Overall this is a pretty, light scent that has very low sillage for me.
17th June, 2010

Intuition by Estée Lauder

Sour powder on me. Oh, I was just prompted that this review is too short and I need to make it longer. OK, it's still sour powder on me.
16th June, 2010

Sensuous by Estée Lauder

Sharp opening of ORANGE GROVES: like finally crossing the state line into Florida. Even if you are the sleeping passenger in the car, you know you've finally arrived: oranges and wood. Totally agree with Morgaine: Creamy orange. Yes, there's honey, and that's probably what keeps me interested (one of my fave notes.) To me there is also a ???Meaty??? top note. I think honey is more like a mid note here and the amber is more of a base, however.
15th June, 2010

Usher for Women by Usher

UMMMMM makes me wanna go out and have fun! First note I got was (not that this is my idea of fun ;) leather, immediately followed by booze. Then the honeysuckle. After a few minutes got the peach and woodsy notes. There is an overall spiciness, even though it is called a floral fruity. Funny, I don't appreciate the peony in it yet. Honeysuckle and peony are 2 of my favorite notes.
15th June, 2010

Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

Lily, cream, and amber stand out to me, but I MIGHT be getting a bit of cucumber. Maybe that's the cloves note? I've never smelled such a creamy floral. Very, very pretty scent. A gentle oriental.
15th June, 2010

Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

How did they manage to mix peppery with clean and floral and make it smell GOOD??? Maybe that's why it is called "Mania"? (I would have named it "Bipolar.")
15th June, 2010

Burberry for Women by Burberry

Does anyone else get...MOLASSES?? And I mean that in a very, very good way, lie the really dark, strong stuff that sits way back in the pantry, just waiting to be added to some luxurious, yet simple, treat. Maybe this is what another reviewer called "carmel apple." Yeah. I get that. Yummy. Just add black current and spice and you've got me hooked. Very original. Syrupy but somehow not in a bad way, probably due to the cedar in the base. Ok I'm getting molasses again.
15th June, 2010

Rain by TerraNova

There is something in this that is in Heartfelt, my all-time favorite fragrance. Therefore, I like it. Someday I hope to identify what that secret ingredient is....
14th June, 2010

Harajuku Lovers - G by Gwen Stefani

Wow! Can't believe someone else smelled the "slightly burned plastic" heart note!! I wasn't patient enough: in the store I was enamored with the coconut and magnolia (which I thought was more on top than mid) and didn't wait around ong enough to experience the rest of the story. Not sure this was a smart buy after all, especially after I opened the box and realized it is all statue of a strange little blond girl in fishnet stockings. Oh, and a touch of perfume under her feet.
10th June, 2010

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Like the flower in full-bloom! Bottle design truly matches the frag: pretty and flowery. I agree, this would be good on crowds and as an everyday scent. I don't get the strawberry, but definitely the violet, gardenia, and white woods notes. Feel like gardening....
06th June, 2010

Provence by Clean

Delivers exactly what the description on the site and box reads. So If you don't like the scent of fine, French milled soap, don't buy this! I think it's heavenly; makes me feel like I'm on vacation in a historic European hotel.
06th June, 2010

Index Pink Jasmine by Fresh

Agree about the cloying, sticky, lily of the valley: actually reminds my of my 4-year-old's Princess Aurora perfume. Sampled it (Pink Jaasmine, not Princess Aurora) before going out to dinner and spent 5 minutes in the bathroom at Eddie Merlot's trying to scrub it off. Kinda putrid, really. I don't think I get peony from it, because I like l'occitane's Peaonia. Is that supposed to be something different from peony, tho?)
06th June, 2010

Fresh Laundry by Clean

yes, agree it smells a little Tide-y and doesn't last. However, I'm a fan of the scent of cleanliness and so I kinda like it..:)
03rd June, 2010

Pure Grace by Philosophy

Soap-and-water scents appeal to me: this one makes you go, "Awww how pretty!" as soon as you spritz. Really cool how that soapy, clean note starts and stays: can't decide if it is a pervasive top note or a really early heart note; and, heck, could swear it stays right through to its base note, to boot! Doesn't last very long, but I really enjoyed how the showery, clean scent developed and swelled when I worked out in the heat a bit: it somehow made the sweating more tolerable. I guess because I still smelled clean.
02nd June, 2010

Allure Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Yes, it is really multi-faceted, isn't it? Can something really be "simply...complex?" Um hm. Allure is that. Really, really pretty. Wears well, too. Lasts.
02nd June, 2010

Bijan Wicked for Women by Bijan

Top note is pure Bourbon, so prepare to have fun in this one! Maybe that is the red current? Called a floral chypre, I actually don't get so much floral (although I don't know what blue lotus is supposed to smell like) as Bergamot top to mid and beautifully blended base of vetiver, patchouli, and amber. A sexy, "wicked" fragrance, I'd choose it for a mischievous, humid, summer night out with the girls.
01st June, 2010 (last edited: 21st August, 2010)

Heartfelt by Body Shop

Clean, flowery, sweet; makes me want to jump in the shower with my hubby!! Evokes powerful, intensely romantic memories (sigh).
29th May, 2010