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Red Vetyver by Montale

An amazing vetiver fragrance indeed. The opening is sharp, the pepper and grapefruit combine and certainly give one a wake up call. Press your nose too close to the sight of application and the pepper threatens to take out your nose hair. The sharpness falls back just a bit as the vetiver, cedar and patchouli come into play going into the drydown. What is left on my skin is a spiced up vetiver/patchouli marriage that I find thoroughly enjoyable. This does not have quite the projection and sillage of Montale's Aoud fragrances, however it holds its own even on a hot, sweaty day. Kudos to Mr. Montale, although not every fragrance from this house suits me perfectly, I have found all are made from high quality materials and I don't have to use up half of a bottle to smell myself as with so many modern offerings. After so many disappointments, it is refreshing to have access to fragrances that don't disappear like a thief in the night.
28th June, 2010

Patchouli Leaves by Montale

As patchouli is a favorite note of mine, I am not surprised to be in love with this fragrance. Montale continues to impress me with the quality and longivity of its frangrances. This is a dry, earthy, even tempered rendition of patchouli. Upon first application it seems extremely bracing, like my alarm clock in the morning before work. The patchouli is most evident, after a bit, woody notes come in and soften the sharp edge. This scent stays true to patch/wood notes on me, it does not turn sweet. I cannot detect the amber, vanilla or musk, but that isn't a bother, I love this scent from start to finish, and believe me, it takes a long while to finish. The longivity is nothing short of epic, but most of Montale's offerings fit this bill. I don't find this quite as resinous as Borneo 1834, I can see the comparisons, but the two are quite different. All in all, I can see this as a "must try" for fans of patchouli.
24th June, 2010

Angel Garden Of Stars : Rose Angel by Thierry Mugler

Patchouli is one of my favorite notes, I love Borneo 1834, Montale Patchouli Leaves and Coromandel. Could never do Angel though. It is popular as hell among designer fragrances but on me, a complete disaster. I still shudder at the memory of trying Angel at a Macy's some years ago and driving home in my compact car in the blistering heat with all the windows open, my only thought being "must shower, must shower now"! This Mugler offering is something I can get on board with. It is rose, not the down & dirty rose I usually pal around with, but a warm, fully blooming rose, not sharp, but certainly present. The patch is there from beginning to end and this fragrance has the lasting power and sillage I seek, a good 4+ hours. Anything less than that is usually a dealbreaker. I have been on a rose kick as of late and I think this one will be used often. It layered very well with my Montale Black Aoud. A pleasant interesting rose for sure, not unconventional or shockingly original, but nice and easy to wear.
20th June, 2010
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Oxygène by Lanvin

Late to the party on this one because I found it at TJ Maxx for $13. This scent is very different from the ones I truly love and adhere to. That being said, I am kind of glad I stumbled upon this. For the money, it would not break my heart to swap it or even toss it, Lord knows, I tossed crystal glasses at my ex-loveliness that cost way more than my bottle of Oxygene. This surprised me in a very pleasant way. This is ozonic and clean but the notes are of good quality. I get pepper, sandalwood and a non-cloying floral, I find it very pleasant, especially since the warm weather has come. My nose finds no musk in this juice, perhaps because I associate musk as being dirty and animalic, the way I like it. Clean musk does not compute in my brain. I can see that this would have to be reapplied several times daily to make me happy, I like to smell and be smelled. This is light, but not transparent. Think I will enjoy wearing this scent occasionally, well into the Autumn. Doubt I would repurchase because although I am enamoured, it has not seduced me.
20th June, 2010

Délices de Cartier by Cartier

This is a thin, fruity composition that seems to have no direction. The initial blast of cherry reminds me of those impossibly sweet liquers that if not consumed in extreme moderation yield epic hangovers. Understanding full well that there is supposed to be amber and tonka in the base, I held out, it just never developed on me. The lack of staying power and sillage are for once a comfort as this could have been a trigger for a monumental migrain. Luckily, the sticky cherry/violet opening pops like a firecracker then disappears on my skin leaving no trace or any clear indication that fragrance had been applied at all. Certainly, this would not ever be something I would purchase, In my opinion, Cartier should concentrate on their jewelry which I would certainly purchase had I married for money and not love.
13th June, 2010

L by Lolita Lempicka

This scent makes me think of trips to Cape Ann. Massachusetts. The salty air, my husband consuming way too much salt water taffy from that famous candy shop on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, the vanilla candles we burn in the motel, me cutting lemons in the kitchenette for our freshly boiled lobsters.
No, there is no seafood note in this fragrance which is a good thing. What I get is a slightly salty vanilla/musk with just enough citrus to give it sparkle. I am not picking up alot of spice and thats alright. This is very different from the dark, brooding scents I gravitate toward. I am not a big fan of citrus notes but I like L. It is not too heavy and not at all cloying. The projection is average for modern fragrances so I have to apply quite a bit to be satisfied. Overall I have to give this a thumbs up. It reminds me of the shore rather than a beach. No suntan oil, tropical drinks or fruit salads. Just a salty, easy to wear reminder of New England.
08th June, 2010

Yatagan by Caron

This one slaps you in the face....hard. It is considered a classic and truly, I have never smelled anything like it. My first impression was "EEEEEYOOO" Celery! Vegetable stock! Then after that, marijuana. Like I had just walked into a Bowie concert at MSG in the 70's. Thought, Jeez, if I get pulled over for a traffic violation wearing this, the police will toss my car for sure. I scrubbed and put it on my dresser and tried to pretend it wasn't there. No big loss, 20 something dollars for a huge bottle. But, it called for me to try it again and I found it was not such a monster. I honestly am not getting any of the above stated notes, but it has a rather insence-like air about it, a little skank thrown in for good measure (probably the Castoreum). It dries down to a more mellow, smokiness on my skin, challenging at first, a bit reminiscent of a cult like ceremony, but worth the wait, On clothes however, this remains, pure, sticky, unsmoked marijuana. I will wear this, yes, I will apply to my skin and make sure it is dry before dressing. Would wear it to the office only on a day when I was feeling arrogant and bitchy, it would be a good fit. Probably will scare the guys, but let them deal with it. I would recommend trying this just for the perverse experience. Like an over the top haunted hayride on Halloween, you gotta do it once
04th June, 2010

Rumeur (new) by Lanvin

To be fair, I am not a fan of florals with very few exceptions. This was a steal I found at a discount store for next to nothing. What I have here, is too many strong floral notes struggling for power, to my dismay, they are all winning, I am losing. This fragrance wears me, not the other way around. The magnolia and jasmine notes are strong and cloying to me and gave me an instant headache. Understanding fully that somewhere in there there is musk and patchouli, I popped 2 painkillers and dared to wait for this floral battlefield to find a peaceful solution and drydown to a musky floral I thought I could tolerate. No such luck. There was no change or transformation, and I did give it the better part of a day. For those who love this, the lasting power and sillage must be orgasmic. I love loud, if not sometimes brash fragrances, I care not if my scent enters a room before I do if I love it. Sadly, this was was so "perfumey", so reminiscent of cloying florals of old, even I was turned off. The bottle is minimalistic and attractive but this counts for nothing in my assessment of a scent. I could not wear this if it was the only remaining scent on earth. Thank goodness I did not spend very much on this so I don't feel violated, I feel more like I walked out of the cinema after paying to watch an unenjoyable film.
31st May, 2010

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

Musk & castoreum & civet Oh My! Dorothy will never make it to Oz!! But she will be having some fun, no doubt. We have some seriously assy notes going on here Chris! What were you thinking? And why should I care? This fragrance is an animalic powerhouse and I can wear this with relish. A bit skanky as others have noted?? Absolutely!! But this gives me the feel of having spent an afternoon engaged in the most devient sexual acts known to man with a stranger in a strange land. Upon leaving him or her to rejoin the tour, I find no time to shower off the sweat of this encounter, hop on the bus with a snide smile, knowing that I have seen a part of a foreign land none of my tourmates will ever know. This is blended so well that I could wear it any day, any time, in any situation. I do not find this offensive, just primal and sexy. Makes me feel like a very bad girl, even thought I am not. I get more sex than beaver butt from this creative masterpiece. The scent of sex is not something I could ever find distasteful because it is a beautiful thing. I would recommend this to anyone in sample form just for the experience. Of course, there is a chance you may fall in love. Nothing bad about that. Do take care at the office though, you may have many of your work mates buzzing around you for no good reason.
31st May, 2010

Red Aoud by Montale

I new new to the world of aoud but am really quite enamoured. Red Aoud starts off with sharp, medicinal blast of aoud, similar to Montale's other aoud offerings. The pepper,saffron and cumin present within minutes to make this fragance quite different from the beastly Black Aoud, which I love to death. What I end up with is a long lasting drydown of spice, gourmand notes with the aoud dancing beneath it all. I find this rich, pleasantly sexual and it never fails to draw compliments. This is less in-your-face than Black Aoud, it is softer, a bit more feminine, but has the sillage and lasting power that brings me back to the house of Montale time and time again. I wear this on days when I am relaxed and comfortable. All in all, I find the quality of the ingredients and the powerful sillage justified the purchase. Love this.
30th May, 2010

Intense Tiaré by Montale

Interesting that my first review is for a floral. Generally these are a big no no for me as they tend to inspire an immediate, screaming headache with few exceptions. Happily, this is one of them. This is an extraordinary presentation of the Tiare flower steeped in a creamy coconut. The floral notes are pure and far from cloying. The drydown is dead-on reminiscent of a tropical vacation. The sillage and lasting power are epic, as with most of Montale's offerings.
29th May, 2010