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    Gant Liquid by Gant USA

    Best summer fragrance.... EVER... This is what summer(and apparently this fragrance) smells like to me: fresh, hot and with a tad bit of awesome mixed in=WIN. However this is not a night-fragrance but rather more like a "hot summer day"-fragrance; so don't even think about wearing this to the night club!

    20th June, 2011


    Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

    This is incredible!

    Nothing like the uncool male-version.
    While the male-version tend to become waaaay too much and you just end up smelling like a turkish bath-house/brothel, this smells sweet(but not overly sweet like britney spears radiance) and flowery(not too much like flowerbomb extreme).
    It has everything in the precise amount which makes this a very sexy fragrance.

    Any woman who wore this would increase her sexiness tenfold (atleast for me)!

    28th February, 2011


    Armani Attitude Extreme by Giorgio Armani

    This is an absolute shocker! I feel like an icon of manliness when I wear this. It absolutely blows people away!(not in a bad way, it makes people faint because you're so awesome with this fragrance on you)

    I like when people can sense my presence from a distance and with Attitude extreme they can! In 99% of the cases where people can smell you from a distance, the fragrance tend to become "too much" when they come a bit closer. However this is not the case with Attitude Extreme. And THAT is how f'ing awesome this frag is!

    28th February, 2011


    Replay for Him! by Replay

    The top note is great. However the dry-down is, well lets just stick with not so great. It feels a bit to feminine at times. This is not a BAD fragrance, but there's nothing special about it.

    29th May, 2010

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