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Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

Cheap, so cheap to buy!
I bought this for the mint ingredient and it is minty, all-day minty-ness.

The jasmine is too strong however, swamping the other notes... I would prefer to smell the herb mid-notes that are listed here. And the base ones, but my nose is not too sensitive to subtleties... they may be in there somewhere.

Recommended for office wear. A few sprays in the morning will hold you all day.

If you want to know what this smells like - grab a pack of Double-mint gum (the sticks in foil) and sniff that. It is as sweet as icing sugar, this fragrance.
01st June, 2010

Culture by Tabac by Mäurer & Wirtz

Revision of my earlier review under same username: this fragrance is not how I remembered it.
I managed to get some of this from Australia or somewhere, I was ecstatic at the time.
But no, this scent is not me anymore... too musky/manly and melony.
Who changed the pyramid after Foetidus's review? He said musk was listed.
01st June, 2010