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Équipage by Hermès

You can't get much more Old School than this wonderful throwback fragrance, I own a circa late 90's bottle and really enjoy the dated yet eternal blend that lasts forever on me. Until I get a vintage bottle of Bel Ami this is easily my favorite Hermes release to date, for some reason somebody I knew once wore this but I can't remember who...a Powerhouse of uniqueness.
27th November, 2012

KL Homme by Lagerfeld

A distant relative to JHL by Aramis this is an awesome winter holiday cool weather scent. Smells alot more retro than it's 1986 vintage, a little goes a long way, a semi-powerhouse.
Glad to have a vintage 2 oz bottle of KL Homme, the winter just wouldn't be the same without it...
25th November, 2012

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

One of the most disappointing frangrences I have ever purchased blindly, I have never been a big fan of metallic based scents but that is what my skin radiates from this frag. Smells like a host of other newbies with no personality of it's own...
If I were to judge Creed from this one scent I would say they were way overrated but since I haven't tried any of their other bottles I will not pass judgement. Give me any Guerlain anyday compared to this and I will be content...
02nd July, 2010
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