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Laura Ashley No. 1 (new) by Laura Ashley

Has anyone tried this new version? You can request a free glass vial sample on the Laura Ashley website. I received my sample within a few days of requesting it, I'm not very impressed with the reformulation, it doesn't smell like the original No.1, instead it smells like a fresh light spring floral shampoo or air freshener type scent. It's not terrible, but if you're expecting anything close to the original you will surely be disapointed. I don't detect many of the notes they claim are in it, it doesn't change much at all from start to finish, on me it kept the shampoo/air freshener scent. It smells completly synthetic. It is only available in EDP strength, which seems to last like a light cologne strength. It is $68 for 2oz., they offer body product sets, 8.5oz shower gel & lotion & 8.5oz hand wash & hand lotion sets for $48. Not sure that I will be purchasing this full size, I'm so releived they offer free samples because if not I would have made another disapointing "unsniffed" purchase. Try this one before you buy it!
*UPDATE* 12-20-14, I was shopping at TjMaxx today and found this reformulated version for $19.99 for a 100ml bottle of EDP. On the laura ashley website the largest size EDP is 60ml and costs $68.00. Its still not the beloved 80s classic, but for $20 for 100ml i couldn't pass it up. Its worth $20.00, but not much more. Also, beware seeking out a vintage bottle on ebay, i have seen the new creation being sold as vintage for a lot of money. You can tell the difference if you look close, the packaging is slightly different, and the new edp bottle only has flowers on the front unlike the vintage edp which has the floral print on the front & back, and the new version is a much lighter color, its not the golden color it was in the 80's & 90's.
12th May, 2014 (last edited: 29th December, 2014)

Encounter by Calvin Klein

Fresh, light, clean, boring, not at all worth the $80 pricetag.
19th March, 2014

Splendor by Elizabeth Arden

I use this as a "doggie scent". It doesn't work on me, but it's awesome on my PitBull. It's a very fresh, clean, "just bathed" scent. Much better than "oh! My dog" & other pooch scents we've tried.

16th September, 2011
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Sung by Alfred Sung

I loved this back in the day, but now it has been reformulated & isnt as good at all. Its very synthetic, loud & rather cheap smelling now. Every perfume that Elizabeth Arden Co. takes over they ruin! Blah!! Thumbs way up for vintage Sung, thumbs way down for the train wreck they're currently trying to pass off as Sung.
06th November, 2009

Prada Intense by Prada

This is one of my favorites, I like it much better than the original Prada, which I also wear. IMO its very unisex. Much more unisex than the original version IMO. Its warm and ambery, slightly leathery, lots of warm woods, tobacco & sweet vanilla. Something about it reminds me of being a kid around Halloween time, and that makes me happy. Its the perfect type of scent for me. I wear this a lot & get numerous complements from women & men alike. Everyone that I have told that its a "womens" perfume, said it didnt smell like a perfume to them at all, they said that it smelled like a mens cologne. Maybe its my chemistry, or just the fact that I have a strong masculine type personality, maybe a combo of the two, I dont know. One problem I have with Prada Intense is the HORRIBLE sprayer, WHAT the heck are they thinking using such a cheap piece of junk?! Im sure it that theyre trying to be fancy or whatever, but c'mon! It isnt airtight one bit, the fragrance will evaporate from the bottle in no time after attaching the atomizer, I learned that from my first bottle, it was like a scented airfreshener difuser, lol, no kidding, my bedroom smelled strongly of Prada as it evaporated from the bottle. I didnt use the first bottle much, and after a few months it was empty except for a layer of thickened oil at the bottom that the EDP had condensed to as it evaporated away. Also, you must keep the bottle perfectly upright when spraying or it will leak all over your hand. It says right on the box "Once cap is unscrewed and atomizer is in place ALWAYS keep the bottle in an upright position to avoid leaking." and wow they arent kidding, i tilted the bottle to spray it under my shirt & it just poured out of the sprayer & all down my arm. What a waste! At least with the original version of Prada they give you a choice of regular spray or that terrible "prestige" spray thing (that costs MORE), but with the intense version theres no choice, its only available with the leaky atomizer. I use it as a splash bottle, this version doesnt even need to be in a spray as it is so much stronger than the original version, the original lasts about an hour on me, the intense version lasts all day & I can even smell it on me the next morning. For me, $140 is kind of pricey for a 1.7oz EDP (especially if you attatch the leaky evaporating atomizer) but a few drops applied here & there lasts subtly throughout the entire day, so its worth the price. Another thing that bugs me is that on a lot of department store websites they show the Intense bottle still in its dark plum colored box with the cap sticking through the top & they describe the bottle as opaque glass, well its not, its the same exact bottle as the original Prada, clear glass. The bottle is in a box within a box & in the photos they havent removed the second box from the bottle, thats confusing & irritating. The Intense juice is slightly darker than the original, same color, just a little darker.
10th April, 2009

Oh My Dog! by Dog Generation

This is a nice, light scent for your pooch. IMO It smells like a baby shampoo. I sprayed it on my wrist & rubbed some onto my Pit Bull Cooper. The scent lasts MUCH longer on his fur than on my skin. Probably because its formulated for DOGS not humans, right? LOL. He didnt seem to mind the scent at all, he doesnt like many of the "people" perfumes I wear, especially PRADA, he HATES that one, LOL. I wonder why Basenotes has this listed with the female symbol? This isnt marketed as a femine fragrance, its marketed as a scent for DOGS. I'm looking at the box right now, it says "EAU DE TOILETTE VAPORISATEUR SPRAY FOR DOG* *POUR CHIEN" The box (and the manufactures website) says nothing about this scent being for females, it says its for dogs, and it doesnt specify female dogs only either, lol. Theres NOTHING feminine about this scent, it smells just like a lightly scented baby shampoo & thats about it. I give it a thumbs up because its not a bad scent for a dog. I doubt that I'll purchase another bottle though.
06th April, 2009

3121 by Prince

I really like this fragrance, it is nothing what I had expected it to be. I own both the EDP and the Xquisite Perfume, the Xquisite lasts longer than the EDP but smells exactly the same to me, only stronger. It is a very nice floral scent, even though it is synthetic it is very nice & is very unique for a celebrity scent. I love the incense smell in this, someone mentioned in a previous review that they hate that about it, so, to each their own I guess. Something in this at first spray reminds me of grape kool-aid. Its a unisex fragrance, it wasnt intended just for women. Here is part of an interview from USA Today with the CEO of Revelation Perfumes, the manufacturer of the scent, and he confirms that it is a unisex fragrance. You can find this interview on USA Today's website, search Prince 3121.
"When Prince began shopping for a perfumer, he rejected big firms and settled on small Philadelphia-based Revelations.
Prince seldom comments about such ventures, but Revelations CEO Larry Couey doesn't mind sharing details. The Jehovah's Witness convert "was intrigued by our name," Couey says. He "liked that we had a fragrance called Truth. He said he'd never smelled the truth."
Prince decreed a purple and gold box, an emerald-cut violet bottle, a vertically stacked logo and no photos of him on the package. And the scent? "He knew what notes he wanted: a lot of musk, sandalwood and cedar," Couey says. "We went back and forth, tweaking and adjusting. Once we got it, he loved it. He said, 'Get me 12 bottles, and keep me in supply.' "
Like Prince's earlier Get Wild fragrance, 3121 is gender-neutral. "It's sensual," Couey says. "It's unisex, but his fan base is 80% female, so it leans toward the feminine."
15th March, 2009

Cerruti Image Woman by Cerruti

This should be unisex. There's nothing definitively feminine or masculine about it, its just fresh, clean & very uplifting. Great for warmer weather, as its never heavy or cloying. Much more wearable than the mens version, IMO. I have the EDT and the Parfum, I prefer the EDT as it is lighter and a bit brighter, but the parfum lasts much, much longer. There seems to be a bit more wood & leather in the parfum than the EDT. I really like the parfum's refillable silver bottle & its very cool metal travel case. It can be unscrewed and refilled with a parfum refill or with EDT, I really like that option. Dont let the low price tag fool you. this is a good one! I remember back in 2000 when this was released I paid over $60 for a 2.5oz EDT and now it sells for around $20 bucks! I remember at the dept store they gave away silk orange tulips with a Cerruti Image tag around the stem, they sprayed the flower with the scent instead of a traditional paper card, I thought that was a really neat idea. Surprisingly this scent hasnt been reformulated, as so many other scents have been. I hope they dont ever discontinue this, I think that I'm gonna stock up a few bottles just incase. Highly recommended!
21st February, 2009

Versace Essence Ethereal by Versace

I really like this one. its not so great when first sprayed, but it quickly mellows out into a really nice soft scent that is very unique. I dont know why but it gives me a warm feeling of nostalgia & comfort. I get a hint of sweet powdery plastic, or vinyl in it, but in a very good way, it reminds me of the scent of certain toys that I had as a child, thats probably where the nostalgic feeling comes from. They really shouldnt have discontinued this, its one of Versace's best in my opinion.
15th January, 2009

Jeans Couture Man by Versace

foetidus asked if this fragrance is supposed to be part of the older Versace Jeans line, the answer is nom it isnt. Versace Jeans Couture is the name of a line of Versace clothing that this fragrance was named after. The Jeans Couture line consists of moderately priced casual cloting for men & women (well, moderately priced for Versace clothing that is, which is still VERY expensive, $300+ for a pair of jeans) The clothing line consists of jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and other casual clothes. IMO the low-key, casual nature of the scent is meant to reflect the casual style of the clothing line.
08th December, 2008

Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library

My favorite Demeter. Imagine the smell, in a rural area, after an intense summer storm. Hints of wet earth, ozone, freshly torn leaves, freshly broken tree limbs & a hint of steaming wet pavement. It lasts all day on me. Two thumbs up!
21st November, 2008 (last edited: 01st December, 2011)

Play-Doh by Demeter Fragrance Library

I think it smells exactly like play-doh & I love it. Something funny Ive noticed is that every guy that i have smell this thinks it smells exactly like play-doh, on the other hand every girl I've had smell it said that it smells nothing like play-doh, weird, huh?
21st November, 2008

Shocking by Elsa Schiaparelli

YIKES! Shocking is a good name for this gastly juice, because let me tell ya, it will shock your socks off! I echo every word that Jemimagold wrote in her review, especially the spinster Aunt description, because that was exactly what my mind thought of when I tried out this dreadful scent. Beware!
21st November, 2008
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Halston by Halston

This scent has been reformulated & it doesnt smell like the original fragrance very much at all anymore, now it has a weird floral scent to it (lilacs?) & the drydown is gastly, cheap and "old", musty smelling, nothing like the original formulation. Don't believe me? Get your hands on a vintage "pre-Arden reformulation" bottle & you'll see exactly what Im talking about. I have many vintage bottles of Halston cologne and parfum which are still fresh and smell wonderful. Theres a HUGE difference in the scent available today, even the color of the fragrance has been tweeked. Also, the bottle has (slightly) changed as well. Halston would be horrified!
21st November, 2008

Britto Woman by Romero Britto

Britto does smell similar to Angel, but it's not an exact copy. To me Britto smells warm and slightly "dirty", I mean "dirty" in a sexual kind of way. On the other hand Angel smells cold and clean to me. I think Britto has a lot of benzoin or something going on it that gives it that warm dirty bit that Angel doesnt have. Angel also lasts MUCH longer than Britto. I like Britto, but I like Angel MUCH better.
05th December, 2007

Boucheron by Boucheron

I like this scent a lot and decided to splurge on the 1/2oz parfum splash ring bottle, which was quite a bit of money, anyhow, I was VERY shocked and disapointed to find that the blue stone on the stopper is made of plastic. I dont understand why such a high end, expensive item like this would be made so cheaply. You'd think they could at least make the stopper out of blue glass or crystal, not cheap plastic :o\
19th June, 2007

No. 18 Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I liked this scent at first, nothing great but nice. The more I wore it the more it reminded me of something, but I couldnt put my finger on it until a friend of mine said I smelled like deep woods off, and BINGO! thats what it was reminding me of :o\ blah!
03rd June, 2007

Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor

Does anyone remember the concentrated version of Passion for men that was available in the early 90s? It was called concentrated cologne and it had a golden crest symbol on the bottle. As a matter of fact its the bottle pictured above on this page. I dont know how long that version was available, but I cant find it or anything about it nowdays, but I remember buying a 4oz bottle of it in 1991 and liking it MUCH better than the original, although the original is good, but not as intoxicating, or intense and long lasting as the concentrated version was. I think theyre using a lot of synthetics in the version nowdays because it has a weird chemical smell in the drydown that was never there before. If that be the case Its really a shame they have to skimp on quality ingredients and ruin a good thing. To my nose, they did the same thing to the womens sad.
03rd June, 2007

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

All I smell in this scent is anise. It smells almost exactly like Ouzo and makes me very nauseous. It makes my head spin, and not in a good way. I gave it three fair tries and it made me feel punch drunk and ill everytime. Make sure you test this one before you buy it.
03rd June, 2007

Encounter by Victoria's Secret

A friend recently gave me a full 50ml cologne spray, and upon first sniff I was very happily surprised to find it smells a lot like the original and unfortunatly discontinued Victoria, which I loved very much. The dry down isnt as much like Victoria as the top notes, but its still a very similar scent. Over all Encounter is a very nice fragrance. I looked online and found that just like Victoria, Encounter has also been discontinued. Arrrgh!! :o(
31st May, 2007

V/S Women by Versace

V/S is one of my favorite casual warm weather scents. What an incredible smell, its refreshing, sparkling, sweet scent reminds me of childhood, I swear I smell lemon-lime soda, sweetarts, smarties, redhots and other sweets... Very unique, theres nothing else quite like it. They should have marketed this one unisex, the mens version of V/S is just awful. The womens formula would have been perfect for both. IMO this was one of Versaces best, what a shame its been discontinued.
19th May, 2007

Salvador Dali by Salvador Dali

I've been in love with this perfume since my first whiff of it around 20 years ago, it was one of the first scents I owned, and its still one of my top favorites and always will be. Its a flawless, hauntingly beautiful, unique scent, totally unlike any other perfume in the world. An absolute classic. I'm VERY lucky to own one of the limited edition 1983 ten ounce crystal bottles full of pure parfum, it, and the scent inside it, are amazingly beautiful.
07th May, 2007

Rubylips by Salvador Dali

I'm not impressed at all. To me it smells kind of cheap, reminds me of those lower end fruity scented body splashes. Theres nothing unique or memorable to this scent at all, its like one of those ,I've smelled it before, type scents that Liz Claiborne and Elizabeth Arden keep putting out. Blah :-P
01st May, 2007

Mackie (new) by Bob Mackie

I've loved this scent since its debut in 1991. Its a warm, sweet, fruity scent with a nice woody vanilla infused drydown. This is a comfort scent for me, it makes me feel warm, happy and comfortable anytime I wear it. Vanilla isnt listed in the note pyramid above, but there has to be some in there, well my nose sure thinks there is anyway, maybe its a combo of some of the other notes that give me an impression of vanilla, I dont know. This scent smells very good on my male skin, its not "perfumey" at all on me. There isnt another fragrance in the entire world that smells like Mackie, well not that I have come across yet. This one is very unique. I wish the body products were easier to find. Years ago there were many different Mackie products available, sadly now all thats in production is the EDT and the body lotion :o\ Also, it is no longer owned/manufactured by Riviera Concepts of Canada. Elizabeth Arden Inc. bought out R.C. and acquired their entire scent portfolio. I hope they dont change Mackie's formula, or discontinue it all together.
01st April, 2007 (last edited: 13th May, 2008)

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

I used to love this scent back in the 80s and early 90s but recently I purchased a new bottle and first thing i noticed is that the bottles & packaging have changed, now very cheap looking. Second, I the scent has been tweaked because it smells much different to me now, especially on the dry down, now the dry down reeks of badly done synthetic gardenia & old stale cheap hair spray. I notice its not as "deep" smelling as before and it lasts about half as long as it used to. 5 stars for the original vintage formulation, of which I have a good supply stocked up, thanks to eBay.
21st March, 2007 (last edited: 21st July, 2015)

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Hmmmm, Im not too impressed with this one, but maybe I was expecting too much :o\ First of all its lacking too much vitality to be a "bomb". It doesnt smell bad, but it doesnt have much kick and from all of the reviews Ive read I was expecting it to be way more gourmand than it is. It just smells like a clone of Allure. Contrary to some opinions, Flowerbomb does NOT smell anything like Angel, I wear Angel on a regular basis and FB is nothing like it, Flowerbomb smells like flowers Angel does not.
Flowerbomb and Allure share the same type of light floral scent, with that same light hint of spice. They're not bad scents, but arent distinctive enough for me.
05th January, 2007

Zirh by Zirh

This one has a very strong alcohol scent to it. Imagine rubbing alcohol with dashes of lime, ginger & black pepper. On me a little bit of a funky rubbing alcohol scent throughout. Maybe this is just on my skin though, I dont know. Its not terribly bad, but its not very good IMO. I wore it a few times and gave it away. I have tried some of the Zirh body products also, and found that ironically the Zirh after shave "skin soother" burned like fire :-O and the deodorant was horrible, slimy, sticky, nasty feeling, ewww. The bar of body soap wasn't bad at all, I'd have to say its the best item in this entire line.
12th December, 2006

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

I wore this back when it was released and I really liked it, it is a very uplifting, happy scent. I havent worn or owned this scent for about 12 years now, but I was in T.J. Maxx yesterday & found a 3.3oz bottle of for $12 and decided to try it again. As soon as I sprayed it I was flooded with memories. It smells exactly as it did when it was first released but at a fraction of the price. Its not something that i would wear regularly, but it is a VERY nice casual summer scent, and with its very low prices you cannot go wrong. Also, if applied lightly, I feel without a doubt it can be a unisex scent. Theres really nothing feminine about it, it just smells fresh, clean, warm and summery, like sunshine in a bottle. I highly recommend it.
02nd November, 2006

Hot by Benetton

Benetton launched the set of unisex fragrances Hot and Cold in 1997. They were designed as UNISEX and to either be worn alone or mixed together, to create yet another fragrance, which I guess you would call Warm, LOL. I love Hot, but don't care much for Cold on its own, but mixed together with Hot I like it.
26th July, 2006

Classique Eau de Toilette / Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique was inspired by Gaultier's childhood memories of his Grandmother's powder puffs and his mother's nail varnish. Back in the early 90s the first time I smelled this perfume, a warm, comforting, nostalgic, almost deja vu like feeling rushed over me. It was the strangest thing, never before and never since has a perfume effected me this way. This scent is like a "comfort zone" to me. To my nose the EDP smells VERY different, its so tweaked that to me it's a whole different fragrance. Does any one else agree? I LOVE the EDT and the pure Parfum, they smell identical to me, except of course for the Parfum being much stronger, but they have the same beautiful notes and amazing dry down. I cannot wear the EDP, it just doesnt work on me, it screams out with sharp, slightly sour, nose stabbing, headache inducing notes and pretty much stays that way, without any of the beautiful silage of the parfum and edt. I thought perhaps I had gotten a bad bottle, but when i returned to the store the sales person told me that it isnt the same scent as the parfum and EDT, that it is a re-formulation of the notes. I took a look at the JPG website and it also states the EDP is a different formulation of the notes. Grrrr! I wish designers/manufactures would just leave the original fragrances alone, and stop trying to improve on an already perfect thing. Also, FYI, the sales person informed me that the pure parfum has been discontinued. I checked this out on the GPG website as well, and found it was no longer listed on the Classic product range page. WHY would they discontinue the best of the entire product range??!! Maybe it's only discontinued in the U.S.A.? Also, I see the word "New" in front of every single product, (including the EDT, which if they have tinkered with the scent of, I'm going to freak!) and not all, but most of the body care line descriptions state they're brand new formulations. I love(d) the body cream, I havent tried the new stuff yet, I hope it's as good or better, but I'm not expecting much. Also, all the bottles in the entire collection have been slightly re-designed. If anyone has any info on these (crazy) re-formulations, please let me know :o)
26th May, 2006