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Gant (new) by Gant USA

I feel privileged to be the first reviewer of this fine, under-the-radar little gem, from the fashion house GANT, of all places.
GANT by GANT, opens up with a strong burst of fresh sparkling citrus lemon. The top notes remain fairly prevalent for a good 30-45 minutes, which is quite incredible in itself and a testament to the quality ingredients and finesse of perfumer - Jerome Epinette.
Once the opening has finally bid farewell, the lavender shows its face, only to be consumed by the all powerful sandalwood and leather notes, which are followed nicely by a dash of amber.
This is clean, freshness, classy, manly and rich, all rolled into one.
A sleeper of a fragrance and no doubt a true masterpiece in my mind, so easily outperforming almost all far more expensive designer offerings, which themselves pale into insignificance when compared to GANT, like dust blowing in the wind. Longevity is silly, we're talking 15 hours easy, whilst projection holds at a full arms length throughout the entire duration, meaning you will of course be noticed, without the need to reapply.
As versatile as they come and without question signature worthy.
Now, please keep this secret discovery to yourself, I don't know what I would do if this somehow became 'mainstream'...
10th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Eternity Summer for Men 2014 by Calvin Klein

First off, the image of the fragrance and box on Basenotes are both incorrect. Eternity for Men Summer 2014 comprises a frosted bottle with blue juice and the box features a beach umbrella.

On to the fragrance itself. I normally wear Chanel PE or Tom Ford Grey Vetiver during the summer months, however, I fancied a change and hence was on the look-out for a new summer fragrance to add to my already obscenely large fragrance wardrobe.
Of all my current fragrances, I've never actually purchased a Calvin Klein scent (I've never found CK frags to be of decent quality and have found their frags bland and uninteresting), although I do own the original Eternity (I can't stand the stuff!) which was given to me as a gift several years ago.

I came across CK's Eternity Summer for men 2014 version and must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was clear this particular frag wasn't being pushed as such by the store, since it was hiding near the bottom shelf collecting dust in the shadows. Me being me, I disregard such sales tactics and decided to try-out this CK scent for myself (a first for me when it comes to CK frags!).

What my nose observed (unsurprisingly or not) was a fresh, truly summer concoction comprising, watermelon, pear and juniper berry in the opening, which I must say reminded me of days relaxing on a sun soaked beach with the gentle breeze oozing with that marine air that is to die for.

I instantly took a liking to Eternity Summer and whilst I was browsing other frags the scent dried down into a lovely musky, sandalwood base, which I also thought was rather nice.

Been wearing this predominantly as work frag for the past couple of weeks and you'd be surprised at the longevity of this CK little gem. I get 7-8 hours, which as we all know for a summer frag in warm weather (it's been 22-26° C here in London) is fairly good going.

Eternity Summer is not a ground-breaking scent (but then what is these days??), however, if you want a versatile summer frag with decent projection and longevity to add to your summer collection, don't walk past Eternity for men Summer 2014, as I almost did and always did previously when it came to CK frags.
29th June, 2014
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United Kingdom

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

I knew there was something magical about GV when I first sniffed it at Westfield in San Francisco, whilst on vacation. A year or so later, I dread to think what my spring/summers would be like without GV in my arsenal. Like walking through a fresh, slightly citrusy, sparkling waterfall, GV makes the wearer feel energised but with the beauty and sophistication that one would expect from something as captivating as a waterfall.
Top notes are indeed tinged with a citrus sparkle and the vetiver and oakmoss calmly show their hand to reveal a sense of elegance and gentlemanly charm that is seldom seen in 'fresh' fragrances these days.
Without question my signature scent for spring/summer, with ample projection and longevity.
On days when I prefer a change of mood and reach for one of my many other 'fresh' spring/summer fragrances, such as; Platinum Egoiste, Bleu de Channel or GIT, I'm always left wondering how my day would have turned out had I worn the masterpiece that is, Grey Vetiver, by Tom Ford...
18th November, 2012
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United Kingdom

Joop! Homme Summer Ticket by Joop!

Well, looks like I'm first!
I already own the infamous Joop! Homme, however, the days of me bathing in the stuff are long gone.
Summer Ticket, takes the classical elements of the original, but tones down the strong opening and replaces this with fruitier accords of apple and grapefruit.
Summer Ticket thus becomes an improvement on the original, but still maintains the core Joop! Homme dna.

Perfect for a night out, or clubbing, this fragrance will definitely get you noticed, but without the 'gosh, he's wearing Joop!' effect.
Longevity and projection are good, but not in the same league as it's older sibling and this is actually a positive, since the scent is more wearable and won't suffocate others around you.

Well done Joop!, well done indeed...
02nd September, 2012
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United Kingdom

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

What a fragrance from YSL. A powerhouse for the 21st Century perhaps? Hard to believe this was released in 2003.
Opens with a fresh, green, clean shaven feel, reminiscent of the great 80's powerhouses, but in no way 'old man' smelling, although I would have thought it more suitable for men aged 25+.
I feel confident, happy and very comfortable when wearing RGPH, almost Rocky on top of the world effect.
Truly a master class and truly a mens only fragrance which challenges the fruity/aquatic/unisex type scents of this generation by saying; 'I'm a man and I don't want to smell like a woman...I want to smell like a man and proudly'.
Projection is very good while not being too loud and longevity is simply off the charts - 24hrs easy.
Bravo YSL, bravo indeed...
09th June, 2012
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United Kingdom

Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

One needs but one word to sum up this fragrance. Masterpiece! I simply cannot fathom that this jem was released in 2008. Yes, that's right, it's not a typo, 2008.

Based on the powerhouse classic, 'Polo', Modern Reserve is indeed as the name suggests, a completely 'modern' twist on the original, but with enough hints of it's older brother to keep Polo wearers interested.
In my opinion, PMR is quite different from Polo. It's certainly more sophisticated and elegant in it's composition - an ideal day fragrance, especially for those of us who suit up to work.
That old school pine note has almost vanished completely (not such a bad thing) which makes PMR more wearable and less offensive than it's older sibling.

In terms of projection and longevity, PMR is excellent without being overbearing.
One of the finest MENS fragrances around...bravo Ralph Lauren.
17th November, 2011 (last edited: 09th December, 2012)
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United Kingdom

Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

Uomo? by Moschino must be one of the most underrated mens fragrance of all time.
Such a classic (yet modern), vibrant, fresh scent that simply makes you smile everytime you get a whiff during the day.
The fragrance opens with slightly sweet blast of kumquat with a liberal dash of green and spices. Throughout its evolution, it mellows into what i can only describe, as per the basenotes description above, as fresh 'sunlight' in a bottle.
Truly a classy, sophisticated EDT, with good longevity (7-9 hrs) and its projection is certainly above average.
If ever there was such a fragrance category for 'sleepers' as it were, this would be king, hands down.
20th September, 2011 (last edited: 03rd June, 2012)
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United Kingdom

Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

I actually smelled this fragrance off a work colleague and couldn't for the life of me work out what it was. You can imagine my frustration. Having randomly sampled Ultraviolet by chance, i was amazed that I'd actually found it!
This scent is unique, quite unlike anything else i've worn, and believe me i've worn a lot! It's mildly sweet, has a truly fantastic opening (fresh mint and candy floss??) is quite synthetic (but in a good way) has good longevity and it's projection is amazing.
Any man wearing this will surely stand-out in today's sterile, aquatic fruity/sports fragrances era.

03rd June, 2010 (last edited: 03rd June, 2012)