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Saks Fifth Avenue for Him by Bond No. 9

A lush, creamy aquatic....almost a bit powdery. Not sure if this would get a little cloying on a really hot day, but certainly nice for a cool spring one. Certainly one of the nicer Bond No. 9's I've tried. Worth the cost? Eh, not sure at that price.........
29th April, 2011

Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal

This reminded me if Mugler Cologne and Chanel Pour Monsieur had a love child. Certainly very pleasant and clean smelling lemon. From a quick sampling the longevity and projection weren't great, but that could just be me.

If you like citrus scents, this is worth a try. Personally I won't be picking this up b/c I have the aforementioned two
16th February, 2011

Esencia Loewe by Loewe

I have heard this had "the greatest drydown ever". While I'm not sure I will go that far, it is certainly very nice. This is a unique and pleasant creamy green smelling scent. Strikes me as something one would wear when trying to smel clean and fresh along the lines of Mugler cologne - to my nose, more an everyday scent than a special occassion one.

To me, this is the equivalent to being a role player on a championship team - maybe not the superstar but vitally important nonetheless. That's how I will view it in my wardrobe and is on my "to buy" list
28th January, 2011
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Number 3 / Le 3ème Homme / The Third Man by Caron

Overall, I liked this, although at present it teeters on a "buy/don't buy". The opening is a little fecal I thought, but it does settle down quite nicely from there. Too me it's quite powdery - a direction that while never truly great, is never bad either.

This strikes me more as a nice change of pace scent than something I could wear very regularly. That said, a masculine classic that is worth deciding for yourself.
27th January, 2011

Bel Ami by Hermès

I agree with Redbeard that this is almost a thumbs up. Certainly very masculine and well made, but a little too rough around the edges for me to wear very often. There is some sort of peppery/resinous note that is slightly off-putting to me. I can see the comparisons to Antaeus on some level, but that one is a little more refined. This would be the type of fragrance I would need to wear if I had no worries of offending anyone, a little too risky for a date I would think, or even a night on the town.

I had high expectations for this, and while I didn't like it like I hoped I would, I would certainly label it worth a try. I could certainly see some people absolutely loving this, even if I was not among them.
27th January, 2011

Les Nombres d'Or : Cuir by Mona di Orio

Oh, hell no! I like beef jerky, but I don't want to smell like it. Honestly, it really does smell like peppery beef jerky crossed with pine, (actually absinthe I guess - I seem to confuse the two, looking at a few note pyramids)

Completely unpleasant. I'm not totally suprised it has no positive reviews. In fairness, I'm not a huge leather guy, but I don't even think your average leather-head would like this. It's certainly bold and brash. But I think I'd rather be ignored than get attention from this. One of the most unpleasant fragrances I've smelled.
07th January, 2011

Knize Ten by Knize

I could see why some would consider this a classic, but I'm far more likely to lean toward "out-dated". Any fan of leathers should certainly check this out. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by this one, considering the hype I had heard. Not sure what I expected but my feeling is "pass" on ever picking this up. On the plus side, it is overty masculine, if you are more inclined to powerhouse-type fragrances.
07th January, 2011

Lyric Man by Amouage

Is it me, or does this smell a LOT like Kenzo PH? At least for the first few minutes. It might be a tad "higher quality" smelling, but I couldn't justify paying like 10x more for it.
It's very floral, but suprisingly not as feminine as I worried it would be, based on reading other reviews, say somethign along the lines of Fleur de Male. I'm not a big floral guy, so in fairness it's probably worth a try if you are more inclined to that style. Personally, I'm not going to be in any hurry to wear the rest of my sample.
07th January, 2011

Elixir by Penhaligon's

Pretty complex fragrance - I get the menthol and the incense and every now and then a faint rose. Also hints of cedar but unfortunately more what you would line a pets cage with than firewood.

I will say it's rather unique. Would not see myself every plunking the $ down for it, and probably wouldn't wear it all that often even if given as a gift. That said, I think it's worth a try as I could see it being somebody else's cup of tea fairly easily.
31st December, 2010

Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's

Giving it a neutral strictly for compostion, it would be a thumbs down on wearability. Kind of a funky lemon meets Halls cough drops kind of scent. Could not think of a proper time to wear this beside being home in bed with bronchotis!
31st December, 2010

English Fern by Penhaligon's

I can appreciate out fashioned, but to me this was more "out of style". For some reason I am getting a pine-type note, maybe the geranium? Anyways, what ever it is strikes more more synthetic, almost like a cleaning product than a natural scent.

I don't was to say awful, but this is an unhesitanting "PASS" for me.
31st December, 2010

Castile by Penhaligon's

I agree with others that the opening is very nice - but it just doesn't last long. It stays pleasant throughout, but hotel soap is "pleasant" enough. Clean, non-offensive, yet unspectacular
31st December, 2010

Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris

I would concur with the reviewer that said it reminded them of an orange soda....I know this is tangerine, but to me it had that same fake "not-so-good-for-you" smell to it. From a quality standpoint, I don't think it compares to Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte, although from my one sampling it did have slightly better longevity (not saying much as the former's is horrible)

This would be a never buy for me as it's not really my type of scent, nor does it seem best in class. That said, it wasn't completely awful, so I'll give it a neutral
17th October, 2010
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Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

Clean and soapy, reminds me of a younger, more hip version of 4711. Didn't get the longevity that other reviews have experienced. Defintely a "summer time/warm weather scent only" to my nose.

Would never buy it for myself, but if gotten for a gift I would wear it occasionally.
17th October, 2010

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

Nice, classy scent. Very clean smelling tea/soap kind of vibe. I don't find the longevity as bad as others do with this nor Soir (which I prefer even more), just that they lay close to the skin.

Think this would be a great, warm wather scent, especially suitable for the office or a young professional type.

Perhaps not spectacular, but very solid, in a reserved understated kind of way. Worth a sample.
17th October, 2010

Bois du Portugal by Creed

A real great scent. Classy, sophisticated. Kind of a spice meets cedar wood. The two knocks I hear on it are "it's a old man scent" and "not wearable". I think the "old man" complaint is a little over-stated. I'm in my mid-30's and I feel completely at ease in it. In my mind, it's more classic and timeless than old.

The wearability knock, I can agree somewhat, as I think it's best used in a formal setting and it's best seasons are cold weather ones. To me this would be the perfect scent to wear to a winter wedding or work Christmas party.

Absolutely worth at least a sampling.
17th October, 2010

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I will preface this by saying that before trying Body Kouros I had
a) heard a TON of hype about it
b) had tried Kouros and HATED it

With that said, this fragrance did NOT live up to most of my expectations, and not all in a bad way. First off like others said, it's absolutely nothing like regular Kouros (which I find vile). This is more of a yonger, modern licorice scent, many think similar to Lolita Limpicka (not so much me, I think this is better). Seems more suited to a younger guy (def. under 30) in my estimation. Even though I exceed the age limit, I wear it occassionally when going out on the town in a less formal setting or a younger crowd.

All in all, good, but not the home run I was thinking it would be. Very luke-warm thumbs up.
17th October, 2010

L'Art et la Matière : Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

I guess when other say "boozy" it registers as "cedar" to my's a very nice scent, but to be perfectly honest, you could get nearly the exact same thing for 1/4 the price with L'Occitane Eau des Baux
19th July, 2010

Ignition by Lomani

This was my first blind buy based on it being a) extremely inexpensive b) fairly well regarded as a Vanilla frag. I have to say, upon first testing I am really liking this! People are saying teak but to me it smells like cedar. Unlike L'Occitane Eav de baux (which I really like) this is more vanilla-over cedar, while that is more cedar-over-vanilla to me.

If you are into gourmand scents, I think this is definitely worth a try....I agree with the other poster in that I can't see wearing this everyday or all that often, but I am glad I have it at my disposal.
06th July, 2010

Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

Bought this to complete the free shipping requirement of an order online, after a quick sample at the mall previously.

It's nice, unoffensive scent to me - reminds me of the static cling sheets you throw in the dryer. I envisioned this originally as more of a warm weather scent but now I'm not sure....I will probably use this on a very casual basis, on some of those days where I just put something on before i head out. Very cool looking bottle if you are into that.

I'm giving this a thumbs up, but it's really just a hair over a neutral for me.
06th July, 2010

Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren

This smelled to me like someone ate a bowl of moss and long hot chiles, topped with something else nasty and then threw it up. This was absolutely vile on my skin and gave me my first "can't WAIT to wash this off!" moment.
01st July, 2010

Intuition for Men by Estée Lauder

Got this as a gift from a college gf who presumably liked it. Me, not so much. It has been a few years since I have smelled it but I do remember it seeming rather feminine. That's about all I can recall. I guess the fact that it made such a weak impression on me and I never remotely had the desire to re-up when the bottle ran out says something.
28th June, 2010

Karma by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

This is a nice pleasant scent that my ex used to love. I would just add two things:

1) I see this as far more a woman's scent than a unisex one.
2) While I do like most of the Lush products I've seen, they tend to be on the pricier side. Not sure I could call this a good "value" purchase.
28th June, 2010

Pi by Givenchy

To me this smells like a cheaper knock-off version of Le Male. A VERY synthetic almost vanilla-like scent that literally made me queasy.

I know it's fairly popular and the ladies supposedly like it, but I would never buy it nor wear it.
26th June, 2010

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

Just received a sample of this and I have to say I am really liking this.....BUT I can't quite say I love it, and it is a little different in some respects of what I was expecting....

A definite amber note to start which mellows (but remains throughout for me) which gives way to a frankincense note which is suprisingly restrained. I have to say that it doesn't quite take me away to a far off desert land, but more reminds me of a church, with the incense offering.

Wore this on a very hot day and was suprised how pleasant it remained. Would not say it gave tons of projection and while it lasted about 8hrs or so on me, it really peaked out after the first 2-3.

This is a scent I really want to have at my disposal but I don't see wearing it often enough to justify a full bottle purchase.
22nd June, 2010

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

My initial feeling upon sampling this in a store while looking for a go-to vanilla scent was "this could be in the running". On my skin it dried down to more of a cotton candy although I do get waifs of the vanilla from time to time. I also get some smokiness and every now and then a rubbery smell, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

A little suprised it is marketed as a woman's frag when I could definitely see it being unisex. That being said, I think ultimately I will go with one that falls more on the masculine-to-unisex side (if one exists) especially at the Serge Luten prices.
22nd June, 2010

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Would agree with the other reviewers in this is a creamy lemon smell (maybe even a hint of wood). The problem for me is, while it starts off rather citrusy, after about an hour or so the cream part really starts to dominate. As I picture this more of a warmer weather scent, it's a little too heavy in that regard for my tastes.

Given a few samples of this at a store, and while I probably will wear it another time or two to use up the vial, do not see this one ever making the "to buy" list. All that said, it does have that "classy" feel I associate with Chanel, so I certainly wouldn't disuade another from giving this a try.
19th June, 2010

La Cologne Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

While not a bad scent, this is WAY too feminine for me. If you had honestly told me this was a woman's scent I wouldn't have batted an eye. Personally I don't find Le Male that sexually ambiguous, but many do. If you consider that "meterosexual" than I would hazard a guess this would fall under "full blown drag queen".

For a woman or an androgenous male, this would be a thumbs up in my mind. For a dude, thumbs down. Averaging the two = neutral rating.
18th June, 2010

Lui by Mazzolari

After checking out some reviews on here, I decided to invest in a test sample, as the more rugged manly scents tend to appeal to me more. Well as I sit here with it on, I am debating going outside and hunting and killing an animal with my bare hands and eating it raw, just after I finish putting the war paint on my face. Utterly savage and raw, yet tempered ever so slightly with a pleasing wax-amber scent to my nose.

It strikes me as one of those scents where there will be limited times to really wear it, but when you do, you mean business! I don't think this would be a signature scent for anybody short of He-Man or The Terminator....Perhaps I will done it a night I am purposefully looking to get into trouble (the good kind of course :)

As is probably a good policy in general -and especially this type of scent- I would highly recommend sampling this one first before plopping down the $$ on it. I
18th June, 2010

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

This is a great scent that always makes me feel good when I wear it. A little tart on first application but dries down nicely. To me, I get a very pronouced blackberry note which I find pleasing and others seem to like as well. Strikes me as more of a summer-evening scent.

I would agree with others that the longevity could be better (projection wise) but it does wear very nicely close to the skin for several hours on me. Also the combination of the eye pleaseing bottle and purple juice adds a nice aesthetic effect to my cologne collection.

Lastly, let me add I consider this a perfect "1.7oz purchase" meaning it's something I want to have in my arsenal, yet probably will not wear it quite regularly enough to justify the bigger bottle purchase

18th June, 2010