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    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    This was an impulsive buy. I don't really like it on myself as I think it is too loud and I have to say I like loud perfumes. Cristobal by Cristobal Balenciaga has a very similar heart and base, but possibly more elegant and with a wonderful sillage.

    03rd April, 2011


    LouLou by Cacharel

    Love it. I have it, i´ve had it for years and i will continue buying it. Soft, warm and sensual fragrance makes me feel attractive and feminine. The orange blossom, vanilla, tonka bean... i just love powdery perfumes. Should never be discontinued.

    29th September, 2010


    Cacharel Pour L'Homme by Cacharel

    Three fragrances a man can wear to make me tremble and shiver with emotion like a flan. One of them is Cacharel. Not for every man and not every woman will like it on a man. For me this is a timeless piece in perfumery, loud as the decade it was created in, if it is used wisely it can be discreet and elegant. Very masculine and somewhat animalic, no ambivalence here. Like a lion that marks his territory, my bed sheets still smell like cacharel pour l´homme even days after he´s gone...

    28th September, 2010


    Miracle Forever by Lancôme

    I don't agree with almost anybody here... I just tested this version of Miracle and it is by far the one i like the least. Too overpowering. Deja vu of Angel by Thierry Mugler but with a drydown that tends more to cotton candy (probably cheap ethylmaltol in the formula). I prefer the So Magic! with a lilac note that i adore and that reminds me of my mother´s Diorissimo but in a less concentrated version diluted from Jackie O. to Lilly Allen.

    12th June, 2010

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