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Abercrombie & Fitch Woods by Abercrombie & Fitch

The rereleased version of this differs from the original. The new one has a much more prominent blast of lavender than the original, and lacks the pineyness. Other than that, it's pretty close. The old one, if you can find it, is really nice and well done. Great fall scent, reminds me of walking through leaves on the ground. Very spicy, with some woods and pine that add up to a very masculine scent. If only A&F weren't cheap bastards and made this at least an EdT.
04th August, 2011

Loud for Him by Tommy Hilfiger

I'm in between neutral and positive on this, but the real lack of tobacco in this and average at best longevity swings it back to negative. This one is fairly sweet, but I don't find it to be too much over the top. The rose and patchouli are dominant here, but there's some hints of something else that's green here. Longevity was about 6 hours, and this one does not project much at all, so the name Loud really doesn't hold true here. I cannot detect any tobacco anywhere here. This is a step in the right direction for Hilfiger after the mess of their last release, 1985. This could be for someone who really wants to like 1 Million but can't stand the leathery cinnamon.
04th August, 2011

West Side by Bond No. 9

The best I've encountered from the Bond house. A wine-y floral mix with a very well done vanilla that reveals itself after about half an hour or so. Definitely not too sweet, or too floral. Incredibly versatile, pleasant enough for the office, elegant enough for a formal event, romantic enough for a date. Projection is very good but not overpowering, longevity is top notch, 10 hours easy. Definitely recommended for those who like the notes, worth paying a good sum of money for a bottle.
17th March, 2011
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Cooper Square by Bond No. 9

Am I the only one who gets a bit of violet in here? I agree with the comment that this seems like a slightly improved version of a generic "man" fragrance. Certainly masculine, the myrrh note is nice, but nothing about this stood out to me. Projection was awful, and longevity was average, really a skin scent on me. If this cost $30-40 I'd consider a purchase, but no chance at it's retail price.
17th March, 2011

Hilfiger Est. 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger

This one just screams out to me, eh. Nothing new, nothing fantastic, just not bad. Spicy citrus up top, leading to a fairly linear drydown. Longevity isn't great, maybe 4-5 hours if that. Good for teenagers who just want to smell good and pleasant.
25th September, 2010

Vintage by John Varvatos

I wish these JV scents lasted longer, they are superb! This one is a slightly sweet tobacco scent. The juniper berries and patchouli mix well with the tobacco and suede to make this one very pleasant and more versatile than the original JV, however like the original, this one does not last well. 4 hours max out of this.
25th September, 2010

Very Cool for Men by Tommy Bahama

Not much different than what's already been said, minty and boozy upfront then a fruity patchouli dry down. The bottom of this smells almost identical to CK One Summer 2010 edition, I'm trying to find a difference between the two, and only get a faint pina colada like note to tell the difference. Longevity seems pretty good on this, better compared to Set Sail St. Barts.
27th August, 2010

Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

Starts out with lots of lime right off the bat, then dries down nicely and the tequila scent comes out. Not a whole lot else to speak of note-wise, the others seem to be very faint. I'm not getting much vanilla or crushed greens out of this, and very little musk. What exactly is volcanic musk anyways? Interesting addition here if it's actually more than just a fancy adjective. Very good for the spring and summer, very beachy. This will take you to Cancun.
10th July, 2010

Aramis Life by Aramis

Not bad. This starts out reminding me of Sprite, with the lime and I get a bit of lemon with it. Dry down has a little spice, but I got mostly the lime-lemon throughout most of it. Longevity and projection are OK.
02nd July, 2010

Colden by Abercrombie & Fitch

This would be a lot better if it weren't a blatant ripoff of CK Euphoria. If you want to know what this smells like, read the review of Euphoria.
23rd June, 2010 (last edited: 02nd July, 2010)