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H.M. by Hanae Mori

Make no mistake, this is not the most masculine fragrance out there. It's so sweet, floral, and fruity that it would definitely be unisex and probably should be a perfume for women... that said, it is a wonderfully simple scent that blends together the sweetness of slightly acidic fruit notes with smooth florals and a hint of rich chocolate. As a guy, I really like sweet scents such as this, but it doesn't wear all that well on me. I'm far from being the androgynous type, no offense. Not my thing.

I have noticed it does last a very long time, since I can still smell it and get a lot of the middle notes with a little of the dry-down, which is very impressive seeing as I am sick and congested. This is a remarkably long lasting (and strong) scent in that respect.

It's very effeminate and would make a better gift for women than for men. It projects well, lasts a long time, and is rather strong, so easy on the sprays. The development of the notes are very gradual and smooth; no fast transitions or jumps across the gap. Overall I did not find its sweet, fruity nature to be too cloying or nauseating. A good spring/summer fragrance.
20th April, 2011

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Really popular, broad appeal. Somewhat an aquatic scent, fresh top notes of sweet fruit and only the lightest spice to add some depth, then eventually turns into a fresh, clean smelling musk with various woods. It is both unoffensive and very, very, very idiot proof. It's longevity is so low that even if you bathed in it, it would come off in less than a day, despite the fact you'd nauseate your co-workers, friends, roommates, significant other, spouse, etc. while it managed to project.

Unfortunately, after smelling this day in and day out on an acquaintance of mine, I quickly grew sick and tired of this fragrance. It constantly began to remind me of Pine Sol (Lemon) or any other lemon based or "fresh scent" smell cleaning product. The fresh dry-down became more of a lingering synthetic that I could not get out of my nose, and any kind of rosemary or jasmine note only served to remind me of this fragrance.

Women seem to like it. The slightly more sophisticated women comment on it. The two people I know who are wannabe connoisseurs, much like myself, balk at the cookie cutter quality.

You can't go wrong with this. You can't impress anyone with it either. This is very much what high schoolers wear, since I walk through my hallways and get blasted by this and Axe/Tag/whatever they wear. I do hope university is not the same way.
14th April, 2011

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

It might not be a classic but it definitely seems to be popular; I was also rather offput by the fact that my close friend's boyfriend and father, my girlfriend's father, my friend's cousin, and my... etc. You get the point. I'm probably just in a minority or am trapped by (un)lucky coincidence.

Polo Blue is probably the safest blue/aquatic fragrance I've ever used or smelled, and for good reason. It does not offend, is agreeable, and smells good. In the same vein it lacks any particularly risky or daring notes, except maybe the leather dry-down, and that's probably only because it's not such a popular scent as it was in years past (unless I'm wrong). The top notes are my favorite; it's a sweet and sour note, almost like citrus. I'd assume this is the cucumber, since I can't say I've smelled that note anywhere else. It's not too sweet but it is very pleasant and lasts a pretty long time in comparison with other fragrances, before it begins to transition into the middle and base notes. The sillage is, again, nothing short of agreeable. You can't smell it from across a room but it does leave a nice aroma in the wake of a passersby or during a friendly conversation.

It's probably one of the more common RL scents, and there's nothing wrong with that. I only wish it lasted a bit longer and wasn't as common, and maybe wasn't as drab.
14th April, 2011
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Givenchy Play by Givenchy

I bought this in a shop after I had smelled a Play Intense sample inside some magazine somewhere. Play Intense was too sweet but since there was a "regular" Play, I tried it and found it pleasing. Spicy, mostly peppery notes accentuate the citrus top notes which eventually settles into a smoother, oriental-ish spice combined with tobacco and vetiver. It's a simple and "idiot-proof" scent that doesn't offend, and is very easy to wear 24/7 (although I'd recommend something more sophisticated for evenings).
It doesn't last nearly as long as I'd like, and the transitions are very fast; the dry-down approaches at warp-factor 5 (ok, I'm exaggerating). It wears very close to the skin/clothing after an hour, and typically fades to nearly nothing in four hours.
Not that soon after I realized that it's apparently marketed by/with Justin Timberlake. I felt slightly ashamed, but since many of my friends don't know anything about fragrances past their obligatory deodorant sprays, I think my social standing will endure just fine.

It's good for daily wear, and especially nicer on colder days where the warmer bottom notes/dry down can really come out. Summer just rolled around here and I find that Play dies very quickly after the initial sprays.
14th April, 2011

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

One sniff and a sharp lemon begins to register, which softens into a soft spice almost immediately (within minutes). Not an hour later and it retains the spice in the form of vanilla; quickly becoming a subtle lotion of a smell instead of an EdT. It seems to be rather popular and a commercial success despite being very shortlived and conservative.
A good point is that I do get many compliments from the ladies when I wear this, although I can't see many redeeming qualities myself.

Could be useful for a night out, but it has a quality and character that can't be worn everyday without becoming too bland or dull.
14th April, 2011