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Monocle Scent One: Hinoki by Comme des Garçons

For the longest time, this perfume intrigued me. Not because it was particularly nice, but because i found it so annoying that i couldn't put my finger on what that smell was. Anyway, my SA at clothing store that stocked this perfume convinced my mother that she should buy this for me ("OH MY GOODNESS it is SO GOOD i've bought 2 bottles for myself and EVERYONE is clamoring for this you MUST buy him a bottle."). Personally, i doubt i would've bought a bottle but hey- I have NO qualms with free perfume.

I spent about a month following the purchase trying to figure out what this strong note i was smelling was. I smelt the fragrant (expensive? hmmmm...) woods but there was still something i couldn't figure out. And then it hit me: carrots. There is this DISTINCT carrot odour/fragrance present within the perfume. I don't care if it's meant to be this wood or that wood because, to me, it smells like carrot. For the price they're charging for this tiny bottle, I don't think that it should -even remotely- smell of some strange frankenstein child of new wood flooring and a garden salad sans dressing. Having said that, i do still find it to be an interesting scent.

I don't dislike it, by any means, but i think it is VERY overpriced.
27th June, 2010

Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Okay, so this is my first review hope you guys don't think it's trash!

When i first tried carnal flower, it was in one of those large red cylinders in MeccaCosmetica in Melbourne. I was there visiting my sister and it was my LAST DAY but i made sure i had the time to go out of my way to try some of these famous Editions De Parfums fragrances. Out of the few that i tried on paper, i was only really interested in taking a further step with Carnal Flower, L'eau D'hiver and Musc Ravageur so i had the SA place the scents into the ventilation cylinder. Didn't enjoy the musc as much the second time, but i got 50ml bottles of the other two (THEY ARE HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE).

Carnal flower, I found, was the most impressive between the two. It starts crisp, but also very soft and very green. It then unfolds itself, like a woman unbuttoning her shirt and removing her glasses and letting her hair down to reveal a very fleshy tuberose. It isn't extremely heady (other tuberose scents i wear always get the same reaction : "It's really nice but it's so strong!!!")-which i like- but i can ALWAYS get a whiff of it on my skin. It smells so decadent and every so slightly vicious (but in a good way).

However, it is, firstly (and as noted previous), HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE. A 50ml bottle was about 426SGD, which is about TWICE the price of a 100ml bottle of perfume from Goutal or L'artisan or TDC. Also, I find that, especially on a man, the perfume's wearability is subjective to your occasion, what you wear, your demeanor, etc etc etc and is thus not something that is very easily wearable. The perfume is DEFINITELY female, but in the same way french objects are either labelled feminine or masculine, rather than in that the perfume is for females (I find sex branding is RUBBISH and i will wear whatever the hell smells nice on me). It takes too much control and without the right confidence it ends up taking over the way Dior Poison does.

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE this perfume to no end (I'm wearing it right now). I just don't think it's it's completely worth it given the price and how it seems so fickle.
27th June, 2010

Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This perfume was my FIRST foray out of the commercial (Chanel, Dior, etc) perfume world and into the more niche perfumes.

All along, I was under the impression that perfumes were either woody and dowdy (as most commercial labels' older perfumes had presented themselves) or sweet and sparkling (as most of the newer commercial perfumes had presented themselves). Ananas Fizz, as a fruit perfume, really surprised me in that it was not cloying or 'typical' of the new-age mans perfume. I was completely smitten. It was fresh and had a distinct pineapple note WITHOUT smelling artificial or 'plastic' like so many fruity fragrances do. It also smells nice and boozy which I love.

Anyway, i bought a 100ml bottle and have since finished using it, and I loved it every time i wore it. Not exactly something to wear to a dinner, but still a relatively easy scent to wear. My only beef with this perfume is that the sillage is like the memory span of a goldfish and i HATE having to reapply because it looks silly spraying on perfume in public.
27th June, 2010
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