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Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Nope. Don't get it.

Pencil shavings?

Check. I'm buried in them.

Anything else?

Hmm, not really.

Nope. Still don't get it.

05th December, 2011

"Vintage" Tabaróme by Creed

I've worn this several times now, and all I really smell is a nice talcum powder.

Perhaps my sample is duff, but given the praise this receives, I don't get it.
11th August, 2011

Équipage by Hermès

First wearing of Equipage today in a long time, and what can I say? I sniffed the bottle, and thought, "Whoa, I don't want to wear this!". Too heavy (man), like a right-hander from Hollyfeld, I'll be smelling of the 70's all day, right?

Well, partly due to laziness, plus a desire to find out, I applied generously, and left for work.

Here are my thoughts: Equipage is pungent, rich and complex. It's like staring into a well and never seeing the bottom. Metaphorically, it's like putting on something awkward, like a suit or armour or a Del-boy camel coat. At first you really notice it; it's cumbersome, distinct and foreign. You feel a little silly, perhaps. Gene Hunt might wear this, not exactly a ladykiller.

But slowly you get used to it, catching the odd waft of deep bass (think Barry White in aroma form) and before long you're mentally giving it the nod, the quiet "Yeah" of approval growing to, "What's that smell? Oh yeah, it's ME. Man, I am the NUTS! Cooool...".

That's how I see it, anyway.

She's pungent, I'm getting curry leaf. She's a timewarp - I'm seeing hideous orange wallpaper and carpet combos. She's complex too, downright hallucinogen for the nose. Wow man.

Above all, she's a landmark, which any student, aficionado or follower must pass on their journey to olfactory enlightenment. Glad I didn't pass her by this morning. Will be visiting again soon for sure.
26th July, 2011 (last edited: 11th August, 2011)
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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

I put this on today, just from a sampler, just to put something different on. I know what it smells like, so I wasn't particularly happy or unhappy about it.

Roll on an hour or so, I'm at work and my brain is in goldfish mode:
"Mmm, what's that nice smell?"
"Oh yeah, it's the Fahrenheit"

Five minutes later:
"Ooh, what's that?"
"That'll be the Fahrenheit"

And further on:

"Hmm, I can smell something interesting"
"Fahrenheit, dude"

You get the picture.

I've reflected on this further, and my thoughts are thus: I have a LOT of samples, and spend much of my time wearing them being distinctly underwhelmed, wanting to enjoy them more. But then, my first real introduction to this hobby was a bottle of Habit Rouge, so that's a big ask, right?

Anyway, Fahrenheit is a perfect example of why people like this hobby. It's so distinctive, and interesting, it's just like BOOM, why am I trying to see the good points in my other samples, when stuff like this is possible? Like it or not (and, weirdly, it hasn't become my favourite smell or anything, but it really it just so interesting), this is undeniably landmark stuff. We need more like it.

16th March, 2011

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

Okay, I just bought a 5ml decant of Daim Blond after being impressed with a card sample (not bloody cheap at $16 - four times the cost of Heritage!). I love this stuff. I like feminine-leaning scents. So I figure I'll probably like other Serge Lutens stuff, right?

So, I'm at House of Fraser in Cheltenham, a rare one (perhaps) with an SL stand. Although, weirdly, they only seem to display the really feminine scents. I recognise Bois Vanille, squirt some on a paper tongue, and sniff.

I'm immediately confused. What IS this stuff? Some kind of sick JOKE? It doesn't smell of vanilla to me. All I smell is sickly, oversweet toffee. And cheap toffee, at that. You know the kind you get at souvenir shops on holiday? All the same, wherever you go, individually wrapped and in a bag printed with "Greetings from Portsmouth". Horrible, cheap, tacky (I'm sniffing it now..) - urggh. I can smell something slightly finer and subtle in there, but I can't tell what it is. It's like sniffing one of those woody acorn car fresheners that girls like, sticking it right up to your nose and sucking in deep.

And unisex? No disrespect, but if one of my friends wore this, I'd take him aside and treat him gently, as if, say, he were wearing Speedos at the seaside. No, my friend. No.

Seriously though, I'm really surprised at the positive reviews (though I probably have a lot to learn). This is not Champion the Wonder Horse. It's a one-trick pony.
27th October, 2010

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

Heh - picture this: the Guerlain stand in Debenhams, dangerously unattended. Deft squirts of Vetiver and Chamade onto my brown paper Primarni bag for later sniffing. Still no attendant? I risk a sparing spritz of L'Heure Bleu onto the back of a hand.

But, man! All I got was violets! Overwhelming, candied, stuffy, oversweet violets. Sugary, parma violets sugaring themselves all over me. Did I mention the violet? And my girlfriend hated it too!

I wanted to like it, and still do. I'll probably even try it again sometime. But I had to scrub it off...

Bad Pamplemousse.
20th October, 2010

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Hmm, this is really quite nice! I wasn't too sure about it at first; when it goes on, it smells a bit soapy, and for all the fancy packaging, just makes me think of those little plastic bottles with the dippers for blowing bubbles. But, wait! Given a little time, this fades, and the spiciness gains strength. Once this happened, I liked it almost instantly. Why? Because (to my mind, anyway), it has similarities to Habit Rouge, which I wore almost constantly for a year. Later on, it's similar to something else, and it's Givenchy Gentleman (the patchouli). It's not too dry either, which is nice (I couldn't get into Aramis for this reason). All over, this is complex and exotic stuff. Strength it certainly has, which is great because I only bought a sample and bang for buck appeals. But I also don't have to worry about it fading.

Okay, this is a really basic review from a noob, but Noir Epices struck me enough to bother writing one. For me, this scent really appeals, as one I'd wear just because I liked it and not for anyone else. I catch a whiff of it and it's nice, comforting, subtle but distinctive. Distinctive is good.

08th October, 2010

Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior

I put some of this on from a carded sampler I bought purely out of interest the other day, and a few minutes later I was like, hang on a minute, this isn't half bad. I like the original, perhaps I should say. This is similar, but darker, more intense. I'm not great at describing smells, being a bit of a newbie, but I actually got strong powder from this, and I'm a fan of that. I put a little more on - though it's pretty strong - and just enjoyed it. There's a definite development, as it eases off, gets a little sweeter, and I'm pretty sure I can smell a lot of vanilla there too. It really softens nicely, but remains very distinct and unmistakeable. I like scents with character, big scents, that stand out, and, to my mind, this fits the bill. I've even, later in the drydown, thought "Guerlain" a couple of times, and perhaps that's why I've warmed to it. I also like florals (Hammam Bouquet) and have now read about the violet, which I suppose appeals too.

Another plus point - my girlfriend liked it, which is unusual. I present her with many a wrist to sniff, and usually it's "Yeah, it's nice", but she's never bowled over. For FA, though, she showed a definite enthusiasm. So.

I've bought about 50+ 2ml samples since joining Basenotes. Of those, I'm definitely going back for 5ml of Daim Blond and Heritage. Fahrenheit Absolute has surprised me for sure, being a mere "flanker", but it's marked itself out as a possible for a decant, and it's nice when that happens.
01st October, 2010

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Hmm, tried this in Boots today, and didn't like it. Way too sweet, cloying, kind of fatty smelling, just too much. Smells like a dessert, an oversweet fruity yogurt or ice-cream, or marshmallows. Wanted to like it, but I find it just too sickly and for that reason too feminine. Heigh-ho, another one to strike off the list.
24th July, 2010

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I tried this on in John Lewis last week. Admittedly, with several other fragrances. I had Aramis on my right wrist, Obsession on back of right hand, Givenchy Gentleman on my left wrist, and this on the back of my left hand. Also Chanel Pour Monsieur on my left elbow, and Eau Sauvage on my right. Yes, spot the newboy.

Interestingly, though I thought it smelt like someone had wiped a wet boiled sweet on the back of my hand at first, the two I kept coming back to smell were this and the Aramis. I hope I liked this for more than just a sweet smell, but I intend to go back and try it again (yes, on its own), because you can't fault what you instinctively want to smell again, right? Interesting..
04th July, 2010