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La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I love this stuff. Women love this stuff on me. Its a very smooth, deep scent that changes a lot from the beginning to the dry down. It starts off a little fresh , strong, and a tiny bit ordinary but quickly changes to a nice, soft vanilla smell that i just love and is also a little powdery to my nose. A pretty sweet fragrance. The only downside for me is that for some reason when i first spray it on, people always think I'm wearing Dark temptations by Axe. Eww. But it's a really good all around fragrance and lasts almost always at least 9 hours on my skin. Perfect for a night out like the name implies but also good for winter days.
Overall smell: 9 Longevity: 9 Projection: 8.5 Versatility: 7 Compliments: 9 Age: 15-35
Final rating: 8.5
01st December, 2010