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Reviews by Jody

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Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

I agree with everyone who says this is unisex. I'm a woman and I LOVE this fragrance, and can totally imagine how sexy it would be on a man! This fragrance is, in my opinion, a sexy black cashmere LOW cut sweater barely covering what it needs to. So sexy. VERY easy to get heavy handed on this, so spritz lightly. I recommend to any and every one! it's yummy!
04th August, 2015

Angel: Liqueur de Parfum by Thierry Mugler

I absolutely LOVE reading JaimeB's comments on fragrances, and usually agree. I have to add a however to that though...I LOATH the original Angel ( on me ) and love this one. This is sexy to the nth degree. I get loads of honey ( which I think is why I love it sooo much )........Still love your reviews though JaimeB...;-) I would say definitely try this.
18th October, 2012

I Love New York for Her by Bond No. 9

This is a must have. So gorgeous and gourmand-ish ( on me anyway ). If you have ever smelled By Kilian LOVE, it is almost identical to ILNY4 H. Layered with Central Park West....UN-BELIEVABLE!!!!!
10th September, 2012
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Central Park West by Bond No. 9

I cannot say enough how fantastically beautiful this fragrance is. It is amazing hour after hour after hour. I am in love with it, and fear that my small bon bon may not be enough. Grrrrrr...drat this love of all things fabulous!
09th September, 2012

Astor Place by Bond No. 9

I think for me jrd4t hit the nail right on the head. It DOES ( on me also ) smell like freshly shampooed hair. I don't hate that, but I was just hoping it would turn out differently on me. Oh well. Not a bad smell though, so give it a try for sure.
09th September, 2012

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

At the risk of being redundant, I must say this does recall those hot summer days spent lounging on a chaise on Sanibel Island listening to the waves and the gulls. BUT, if this is indeed going to be likened to suntan lotion, then it must also be noted that it would be suntan lotion of the highest quality ingredients, and it would have baked on your hot sweaty body all day mingling with sea air and salt water giving you an over the top sexy scent. This is fresh tanned skin at sunset on a balmy july evening. SCREAMS sexy to me. LOVE!!!!!
08th September, 2012

D&G L'Amoureux 6 by Dolce & Gabbana

I sprayed this today on a whim. I love the notes ( but am not sure of orris ) so maybe the orris is what makes it a negative for me. It smells like any other department store fragrance ( this is only my opinion ) on me.
10th August, 2012

Flor y Canto by Arquiste

I got a sample of this from my local perfumer here in Minneapolis. WOW....I am just now getting into florals and this one is a show stopper. It is oh so elegant and very refined. I am a total newbie as far as the language so all I can say is I smell the tuberose and I am guessing everything else combined perfectly! To sum this up in one word: Lovely.
08th August, 2012

Poivre Piquant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Started out ok, but then it morphed into something from Victoria's Secret. YUK! A definite scrubber!!!!
15th May, 2012

Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens

This is elegantly yummy!!! Before this, my experience with orange blossom was the acrid white shoulders, and a discontinued origins scent. This is very niice. I am seriously thinking of buying a full bottle of this. I can see where one viewer got the "concentrated coppertone". I actually LOATHE suntan lotion scent, but for some reason, this is glorious!!!!!
14th May, 2012

Chergui by Serge Lutens

So, I went to purchase a COMPLETELY different fragrance at my local fragrance store. I tried chergui again because I really wanted to like it. Well, I didn't like it, I LOVED IT!!! The sample that I got smelled like silly putty ( anyone remember that plasticky nasty smell ) so you can imagine my horror. The shop owner, obviously very schooled in fragrance, explained to me that the samples most companies send are watered down for price, or maybe just old. Whatever the reason, this one was great! So great in fact that the woman shopping next to me loved it too. AND, I do believe this will be my second bottle of SL.
22nd August, 2011 (last edited: 04th August, 2015)

Cèdre by Serge Lutens

Went to my local perfumer for Un Lys and walked out with this gem instead. REALLY works well with my chemistry apparently. I am a total newbie so I cannot go into great detail about any notes that I get but, suffice it to say it's AMAZING!
21st August, 2011

Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens

I REALLY wanted to like this one because of its uber femininity, but I couldn't. It sort of just sits on my wrist not doing much of anything. It is very strong rose and something ( I am sooooo new to this and the jargon is not there yet, sorry folks ). I would give it a thumbs down but with soo many great reviews I know that it's just my chemistry that it doesn't mesh with. Not being a fan of florals anyway, I am gonna stick with my first floral love: Un Lys.
18th August, 2011
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Shalimar by Guerlain

Every word alfarom used to describe this is spot on. I am realllly trying to love it, but I get the same animalic note that I get in fragrances using the word civet. Now, I am a total newbie to fragrances of this magnitude and started my niche collection about two days ago, but it seems that all I am getting is that civet smell. My wrist literally is emitting wet animal derriere. Because I understand that these things take time and this is only my first wrist spritz, I am gonna at least wait to finish the generous sample given to me by my local sephora, but I hope and pray that it morphs into something more pleasurable because like I said I really want this one to's a LEGEND!!! So, I am giving it a thumbs up in honor of it's legacy, and because all of those other thumbs up's cannot be wrong ( whether it works for me or not ). I will just have to wait and see and post an update.
17th August, 2011

Un Lys by Serge Lutens

If someone would have told me even just a year ago that i would be wearing a lily fragrance, i would have laughed in their face. Now as I lap up the rest of my CROW....this fragrance is completely amazing. It, at least with my chemistry, is more of a cream-of-lily soup. It's definitely an after the rain scent of lilies bathed in dew and possibly fog, but full on nonetheless. it's incredible. Before this, my only lily encounters were the occasional Easter lily ( which to my nose is a bit too strong ), and the lily of the valley DISASTER that is Jessica McClintock. I have put this on twice now before going to bed and I drift to sleep so happy. Also, when I wake up there is a faint lingering that still smells absolutely amazing. I think I want a bottle.
07th August, 2011 (last edited: 14th August, 2011)

Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens

I absolutely adore this fragrance. I think at first I was just in love with SL because it's a pretty cool line. BUT, I am starting to really appreciate the incredible "nose". 5 o'clock is my very fave at the moment. I am dragging my feet on getting a full bottle because...well, I actually don't know why.

I used up the last of my sample and, because I can not ever pick out notes in a fragrance unless they are uber obvious ( vanilla, frankincense ) I still cannot tell what is in there unless I read the actual description.

My previous favorite was Feminite Du Bois, but after finishing up that sample it really does seem a LOT different from the original version which I gave away like the worlds biggest idiot, about 18 years ago!!!! ( GIANT L on the forehead!!!!)

Does anyone know of any other "natural " niche fragrances that are oddly scented ( no vanilla's and no florals please )...thanks all. 8-)
04th May, 2011