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Orange Star by Tauer

This is one of the most incredible incense-based fragrances I've tried. Not sure how it happened, but I fell in love despite my not being a fan of citrus. Now I know this for sure: it's the bad, synthetic citrus accords that last forever and scar your psyche for life. Not the case here, I'm left wishing the intensity of the citrus present upon opening would come back, so I find myself spraying more. If you put me in a room with a bottle of this tonight, it would probably be drained by morning.
24th May, 2011

Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange

Tom of Finland is, by my standards, the ultimate Antoine Lie masterpiece (forget Secretions, not my thing). It is thoroughly genderless, heartbreakingly beautiful and transcends the boundaries of traditional perfumery in all the right ways. It is my favorite perfume using vetiver, as well. It wears fairly close to the skin, so this is one I'm always lifting my wrist to my nose to sniff. Over and over, obsessively.
23rd May, 2011