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Ti Amo : Il Vs Iris by Hilde Soliani Profumi

listed notes from Lucky Scent:

Orris root, green pepper, almond, sandalwood.

The opening notes immediately reminded me of the smell and taste of that dreadful, gritty "cherry" flavored toothpaste that dental hygienists use on you when you're having your teeth cleaned. That quickly fades into a green-iris root accord that smells nice but is slightly obscured by the almond note. It's the almond note that probably made me associate it with the cherry like accord I imagined.

Do you remember how Jergens Original Scent moisturizing lotion smells? (Cherry Almond) That's kind of what this smells like, but as a perfume.

It's billed as feminine, but I certainly don't feel like I'm doing any gender-bending by wearing this--- it's unisex.

Nice for a spring day, but there are much better irises out there. Adequate, and a fine effort from this seldom discussed, slightly avant-garde Italian fragrance house.
22nd April, 2011
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White Linen by Estée Lauder

Sparkling clean, like an Ivory soap absolute with a dash of rose; oh! and those wonderful aldehydes!

For most people this would probably be considered dated, to me it's nearly avant-garde...

21st April, 2011
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Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens

As it has already been mentioned--- this is the Lutensian (did I just coin a new term?) interpretation of Henri Robert's masterpiece for Chanel, No. 19. That being said, this is by no means a bad fragrance, it's just hard to learn to love Bas de Soie when there is already the beautiful No. 19. If it is the iris note you're seeking than look no further than Serge Luten's Iris Silver Mist.

Adequate, but probably only for Lutens fanatics.
18th April, 2011
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17/17 Irisss by Xerjoff

Smells like the Xerjoff team ran Serge Lutens' Iris Silver Mist through a chromatograph, decoded it, put it in an exquisite bottle and marked it up 200%. That being said, this is still a terrific fragrance based on the noblest of perfume ingredients, the iris.
12th March, 2011
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01 Nomad by Odin New York

Well, this is boring. Just a year earlier (2008), a very similar fragrance was released by Dolce & Gabbana, called The One.

What you get here is cedar, bergamot, sandalwood, juniper berries, a faint musk, and the tonka bean that accounts for Nomad's borderline gourmand vanilla note. Although not listed, I'm detecting the very trendy grapefruit note (perhaps it is bergamot?) that is one of the key players in D&G's The One.

All of this goes by in about 2 to 3 hours.

As a newcomer to the niche game, I would expect something much more interesting rather than this Nomad that smells like a designer fragrance disguised as "niche."

Save your $110, and find something else.

01st February, 2011
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Bay Rum by Geo F Trumper

Geo F. Trumper's Bay Rum is a simple cologne that smells like rum and cloves and not much else. This IS one of those colognes that lasts for about a half hour and if you want to continue smelling good, you will have to re-apply it in large doses and apply it often. It smells good, but there are better offerings from Trumper that are more interesting and last a bit longer, i.e. Eucris.
13th October, 2010
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Quercus by Penhaligon's

How Quercus was created in 1996, just two years after the debut of the groundbreaking CK One is beyond me, as they are practically the same scent. That being said Quercus is still the better of the two as its pyramid of notes (predominately citric to me) is less complex but of a higher quality.

In the year 2010 this style of fragrance smells dated, and to connoisseurs it may be laughable when compared to the cultural phenom that was known as CK One.

By no means is this is an unpleasant fragrance as it is highly wearable and quite refreshing during the summer months but by no means is it worth the pricetag when you can probably achieve the same result with the aforementioned cheaper fragrance.
28th August, 2010
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Fleurs de Citronnier by Serge Lutens

Fleurs de Citronnier. The best way for me to describe this offering from SL is this: imagine a sweeter, smoother classic cologne-like scent behaving like an EDP (which it is). The first blast to me is pure neroli/petitgrain/lemon blossom that lingers for about an hour or two before moving on to a subtle but powdery white musk and honey accord. Perhaps my nose is not yet fully trained, but I do not detect the tuberose notes. The drydown is nice, but I feel like I end up with the same result as I do with Miel de Bois- which to me is more interesting ('cos it has some skank!) than FdC.

I'll gladly finish my sample of this, but I certainly wouldn't lay down the cash for a full bottle of this. For anyone struck with Serge Lutens fever I would not advise purchasing this one blindly as it is a definite try before you buy kind of frag.
27th August, 2010
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Tabu by Dana

If Tabu was placed in a Serge Lutens bottle and sold as one of the non-exports with a name like "Bois de Boulogne," I dare say many Basenoters would sweat over it.....

I smell similar notes of patchouli a la Borneo 1834, as well as hints of Chergui and some of the skanky drydown of Miel de Bois.

Into it.
19th August, 2010
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Poppy by Coach

Perhaps it was how the SA at Macy's assailed me with the tester paper of this new fragrance from Coach that turned me off from the get go. Well, here is just some more generic ho-hum that smells fruity and floral and like it will be on a lot of teenage to early 20's ladies wishlists.

I'm smelling the tester paper now (several days later) and it smells slightly rich and gourmand, almost berry-like. It's possible this may be a frag that you have to wait out for the drydown.
18th August, 2010