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Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

today i was at TJ Maxx perusing the fragrance section and i picked up a well known name in the fragrance world. i had never given it a whiff before bc i thought it might be dated, seeing how it came out originally in the 70's. that bottle was none other than Halston Z-14 . . . and guess what? Cypress Wood is like the niche, updated, less synthetic version of it. people always compare Cypress Wood to Polo, but i think Polo has a more dated herbal/medicinal zing. that being said, Cypress Wood is definitely a nicely made scent that lasts and lasts and lasts on the skin. the beginning smells exactly like crackling, dry firewood, and then the base settles in rounding it out giving it this slighty sweet, syrupy thick, but not cloying woody creaminess. definitely a more mature scent, but i think the right younger guy could pull it off if he had that swagger to pull off a throwback style. Cypress Wood is by no means 'old smelling' like Tuscany - i think of it more as a classic.
06th March, 2010

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

when gucci came out with this one, i was a bit surprised. the marketing for this one just didn't seem as sleek and 'coveted' or grand or 'i'm a sexy beast come get me' - as a matter of fact my initial thoughts were 'did they just wanna push something out for the holidays?'

on top of that, the name? when i think of the 'Designer + Pour Homme' or the 'Designer + For Men' in a line of scents i think of it as the anchor, the classic.

this one manages to deliver a nice spicey woody top with violet and cypress. however those notes mellow out and all your left with is a generic patchouli/amber blend. it's sweet but nothing stands out about it. if you need a nice scent to give someone for christmas and don't want to worry about it being a miss - than this one is your man.
01st December, 2009

Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

it starts off an earthy green and a bit fresh and definitely crisp. then the leather and tobacco flower creep up a bit more releasing a more masculine scent. dries down smelling of a warm leather, with a tiny bit of a sweet edge to it. i don't really think of it as powdery though. only complaint i have is that it lasts maybe 2 hours at most. i have to spray lots, like 6 sprays. a light, leathery, warm blend. even though i was expecting something a little more potent and sophisticated seeing that it's named after RL's most coveted men's line of clothing, it's sufficient.
24th August, 2004
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Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Chanel is so good at this whole fragrance thing! i'm not usually a fan of fresher colognes (because it seems like everyone and their brother in my generation can only handle the safe fresh stuff i.e. abercrombie, issey, polo sport, curve etc), but this one stood out. its starts off with a tiny bit of spiciness, but overall its equal parts of dry wood/greeness and freshness. the wood/green becomes less pronounced after about an hour and your left with a clean fresh smell with a tinge of wood. this is a very well made fragrance. it develops about 3 times (bit of wood, less wood, no wood but super fresh). last a mighty long time! i put it on one morning and could smell it about 30 hours later (its not really strong, but it has very impressive lasting power). so fresh and so clean, clean!
24th August, 2004

Abercrombie & Fitch Woods by Abercrombie & Fitch

despite the fact that everyone and their mother has this scent (though not as popular as the regular Abercrombie, i don't think the teeny boppers can handle something that isn't 75% fresh), i still enjoy it. this stuff is just really manly to me. imagine your in a dense forest of fir trees in the mountains warming up by the fireplace in a blanket or just opening the front door to a snowy morning. its smells of fragrant wood at the beginning then theres a tinge of soapy freshness that seeps its way through after the drydown. its a nice balance of fresh and fragrant wood. the only downside is after about 6 hours the wood fades away and your left with something that smells like some cheap drugstore generic brand. other than that i'm a fan. this is the way clean men should smell!
24th August, 2004