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Verveine / Verbena by L'Occitane

I agree with Vicomte's review about the lack of staying power. Otherwise this is a good, sharp, dry verbena, very refreshing in hot weather. I also feel a true verbena should have a tiny hint of sweetness to counteract the sharp herbiness (just as the actual plant does). Looking forward to trying Diptyque's version.
21st May, 2006

Datura Noir by Serge Lutens

Almond, tuberose, vanilla, osmanthus, heliotrope, apricot, datura flower, plus loads of rave reviews.... I should love this fragrance shouldn't I? But I really don't. I get a weird, musty, mildewy smell lurking underneath. I don't think its just my skin chemistry, as I get the same effect sniffing the bottle. Also, I don't smell any almond in this, and it smells nothing like the white datura I grew in my greenhouse.
21st May, 2006

Heliotrope by Etro

Well, I'm on my third bottle of this, very unusual for me. No description can do this justice, but here goes: General effect: Almonds blended with white flowers (orange blossom? white lilac?), undercut with a very dry, grown-up vanilla, and perhaps a hint of expensive leather and cherry tobacco. It becomes softer and more powdery as it dries down. If I say this is 'sexy' you'll think musk, but there's no musk in this. so I'll call it erotic - a hot summer night in a scented garden.
20th May, 2006
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Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens

Most rose scents make the mistake of assuming that 'rose' is just one smell, when really there are thousands of roses, and all are different. This scent is the exception, it is like a distillation of one or two old-fashioned Bourbon or damask roses, perhaps Mme Isaac Perreire, or Mme Pierre Oger. It is deeper, subtler and creamier than any rose fragrance I've tried before, but with a soft green freshness lifting it. And it lifts your mood right up. The best SL I've tried, too.
20th May, 2006