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Brit for Men by Burberry

I prefer this to london, it smells so pleasant, great winter scent. I also use it for clubbing cause its sweet yet dark. Not too common where im from so its even more fun to wear. I could see this being a everyday scent to work. However, I would stay away from it during the hotter months, it will be too overpowering.

I would definitely buy this again.
30th July, 2010

Joop! Homme by Joop!

Bought this as a present for my dad, its not too expensive and smells good. Its a great clubbing scent which will last for the whole night. I wore it last night and it still smells on my skin after a shower. I had to scrub it off so i could apply a different scent. Smells hell sexy, i can understand why girls like it.
30th July, 2010

Aramis by Aramis

The moment i splashed this on it just smelt offensive. Its a bit too manly and old fashioned for my liking. And that's coming from a 22 yr old guy who loves Old Spice.

Its far too strong. Ill leave this to the thick moustache wearing 60's anchormen.
29th July, 2010

Custo Man by Custo Barcelona

Great green fragrance. The lemon in this is done beautifully and smells extremely natural. I thought it was lime at first, that is what attracted me to it.

Its clean and fresh and once the middle notes and base notes appear it becomes a very unique citrus/pepper/musk blend which smells amazing.

I would use this for daytime functions like bbq's, the beach, uni, house party's etc.
I wouldn't use it for winter, clubbing or on dates though as its not exactly a seductive smell.

I would buy this again, also, i doubt many have heard of it which is a good thing!, they sell it exclusively at the Perfume connection so im happy its somewhat unique.
27th July, 2010

Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren

I got this first as a sample from Myer's. Great bottle, very rugged, masculine. The scent itself if very inoffensive, top notes are nice but I found that the spicy coriander note is the most surprising and most fascinating part of the fragrance. I loved the smell of it, very masculine yet subtle. The mate and amber drydown is nice but like I said before, it plays close to the skin. Not that it matters really, i re-apply after 4-5 hrs, but just one or two sprays.

It projects really well for the first 2-3 hours then plays close to the skin. All seasons use. Taking my small 40ml bottle with me to India on holiday because it suits the jungle. I also own the 125ml which i got for a good price (Gift pack with aftershave-125ml).

27th July, 2010 (last edited: 27th September, 2010)

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

I got this in the gift set, Shower gel, aftershave balm and fragrance.

I opened the cool looking black box which looked pricier than its worth. I took the bottle (great bottle, heavy and masculine) and sprayed it on my wrist. It blew my mind, i was expecting a heavy, masculine smell but what I got was a fruity, sweet, bubblegum like scent. And you know what? I loved it. I walked out of my room and went to my brother and said "smell this". He like it too. It is such a distinctive smell. My friend wore it after getting it from his brother as a gift. I smelled it while we were in the car and knew what it was instantly. He was surprised when I guessed it but truly, it is very distinctive.

I use it when i go clubbing, its a sexy smell which is inoffensive. I've worn it on a date and got compliments for it. I said it was Paco Rabanne Black XS with pride.

As for longevity..I woke up after a night of clubbing and i could still smell it on my chest and wrist (10+ hours).

I will be buying a bottle of this when I run out.
27th July, 2010

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Firstly, I bought this out of pure curiosity after watching the now famous viral Old Spice commercials featuring Isiah Mustafa. I guess I was just blown away by the ad and its promise of masculinity in a bottle that i just had to get a bottle. So I did. First impression, It smells like a spicy version of musk candy. Which I think is amazing. I probably wont wear it out much but i wear it after every shower for personal pleasure. It smells so warm and manly. I've worn it to work a few times just for a bit of variety and experimentation. It seems pretty long lasting. I wear it the night before after I shower and can smell it the next morning.

I think I will be buying this for the rest of my adult life. 22.
27th July, 2010

cK be by Calvin Klein

I got this as a gift. I tried it and almost instantly i thought "is this for guys". It's unisex. I gave it two stars out of five because it smells cheap, overly floral for a guy to wear and not very complex. I gave this to my brother. Nice looking bottle though. I could see myself using it as an air freshener (which it really does smell like) but never again as a scent for me. There are far better floral and green scents out there. This is just too simple and floral for my personal tastes.
27th July, 2010

Brut by Fabergé

A classic. My dad used, uncles used it, I know this because i can smell it when im in the same room with them. It projects well and and amazing silage.

I never wore this growing up or even after highschool into uni. However, after looking for razors in my dads bathroom i cam across some brut aftershave and gave it a smell. I fell in love with the lavender and oakmoss smell. I went out and bought the cologne version for pretty cheap at my local chemist. I wear it after a shower when im at home just for personal pleasure and when im out playing poker with my mates. Its a manly smell which I just can't get enough of.
27th July, 2010