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Eau de Vetyver by L'Occitane

I strongly agree with the previous reference to Gucci Envy. After an hour or so, its base smells extremely similar to Envy's. However, Vetyver begins with a great dose of vetiver that's the best I've smelled aside from Guerlain's. Imagine a non-soapy Guerlain Vetiver crossed with a milder, smoother Gucci Envy. Very classy, a great value at the price, and highly recommended.
18th November, 2007

Thé Vert / Green Tea (original) by L'Occitane

This is a great scent for summer (i.e. hot weather). It's a very light green tea scent that's definitely unisex. Longevity is so-so, but it's relatively inexpensive, as are all the L'Occitane fragrances.
18th November, 2007

Kenzoair by Kenzo

I've always been a fan of Kenzo's scents for both men and women, but I didn't like Kenzoair when it first came out. I must say it's definitely grown on me. The only two notes I can make out in it are anise and vetiver, but man, they smell fantastic. The anise fades away after a short while (20-30 minutes tops, in my case) and leaves behind a very, very nice aroma of vetiver. Kenzoair's sillage is minimal--barely extending past a few inches--but its longevity is OK. Applied it last night at 5 PM, and I could still detect it at 11 PM.

Anise and vetiver fans will like this one, and the bottle is a minor masterpiece.
15th June, 2007
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Quasar by J del Pozo

This is a pleasant--but not amazing--scent. I definitely detect the banana note as well. If you already own something like Swiss Army, Dior Higher, or Acqua di Gio, then you might want to skip this one; it's a good representative of the "fresh" category, but not that different from the others. That said, if you're looking for an inexpensive fresh scent and you have no others, than this would be a great place to start.
27th June, 2005

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

This is a really light, smooth, high quality scent. It starts off with crisp citrus notes, then dries down to something resembling a more refined version of YSL's Live Jazz. Eau d'Hadrien does not project itself at all, so this may be a good choice for the office.
29th March, 2005

Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's

The previous reviews are pretty accurate. After the top notes dissipate you're left with a VERY sharp, green (herbal? pine?) drydown that just begs to be worn with a nicely pressed shirt and tie. Pure class. Caveat emptor--several women in my office turned up their noses at this one. Ah well--there's no accounting for taste.
29th March, 2005

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

This stuff is mind-bogglingly good! Two enthusiastic thumbs way up! It certainly hearkens back to the classic scents of the 70's; it's undeniably masculine. It has a strong woody aroma, not unlike Gucci Rush or Azzaro Visit, though it's also a lot more pungent (peppery?) than those two. Also, what you smell at the onset is what you get all the way through--it's a very linear scent. Though it's certainly strong, it seems that after it dries down it stays fairly close, at least on my skin. Every guy I've asked likes it a lot, along with several women. All this, plus the bottle design is gorgeous. Highly recommended.
14th June, 2004

Zirh by Zirh

I found this last weekend at a deep discount. Given what I paid, I'd say it's a good alternative to the other "fresh" and "clean" scents out there. Not long-lasting, and doesn't evolve at all. Just a well-done rendition of the whole fresh/clean thing (e.g. Acqua di Gio), not unlike Halston's Unbound. Good for hot weather.
14th June, 2004