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Clubman by Pinaud

Purchased this with every other cheap drug store fragrance the pharmacy had. In the ingredients Oakmoss extract is listed; Oakmoss definitively stands out in the forefront as a smooth saltiness alongside a lightly sweet powdery note. A soft citrus and bergamot orange pokes threw the stuffiness of the former notes. I'm impressed they still use an Oakmoss extract in such a low cost fragrance! Smells like a well shaved gentlemen with money from a generation long gone.
01st February, 2011

Kouros Eau de Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

Just like Andrewthecologneguy I got lucky and found a bottle of Eau de Sport online. Also like him I'm a huge Kouros fan; I was before even realizing it as my dad wore it when I was young. Eau de Sport to me is how he has described it; a softer but by no means dialed down or weak version of Kouros. The words less synthetic and to me a just more genuine ingredient made Kouros are a good way of putting it. The word 'Sport' conjures fresh aquatics but Eau de Sport has none of that; Eau de Soft is what comes into my mind. To my novice nose the clove note seems to be put in the background but sweetened up while the incense note increased but rounded and more smooth. An odd note is that my Eau de Sport says Made in USA; a first for YSL as far as I've seen. Overall a very nice addition to the Kouros line and a wonderful alternative for the Kouros fan. Shame its so hard to find but makes it that much better once you do!
30th September, 2010