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Absynthe by Christian Lacroix

This is my guilty pleasure. A few years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing Avon. I was intrigued by the novelty factor of the name and promos for Absythe. It was cheap enough so I bought a bottle on a whim. At first it was nice, but now I can't put it down. The sad part is the humidity here makes it stuffy and migraine-inducing even though it's not a heavy scent. It's a nighttime or wait till it cools down in the fall scent for me, but it could work in a less humid summer climate. It's definitely given me reason to rethink my views of Avon fragrances.
31st July, 2010

Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

I just picked this one up and after some reservations it's really grown on me. It's definitely one of those scents that will wear you if you're not careful. It comes on very strong and dries down nicely to an elegant woodsy fragrance with a fruity twist that lasts forever. It's feminine, but not girlie. There is a bold and timeless quality about it that makes it beautiful, and yet completely out of place with jeans and tees. I wouldn't wear this one casually. Diamonds does, however, make a great statement for a woman looking for a mature scent that's not old or matronly.
31st July, 2010

Princess by Vera Wang

This one surprised me. I avoided it like the plague because of the name/look of it, till I got my hands on a really cheap bottle. It's not the best out there, but it's a nice fun scent. I don't get "princess" out of it. Cupcake maybe. It's so subtle on me it's barely there, which I both love and hate. It's great for the super humid heat of summer days in the deep south. That alone makes it a great casual perfume if you're still youthful enough to get away with the "cute" factor. I do wish it had a bit more complexity, but it lasts long enough to make it a fun playful daytime scent.
31st July, 2010
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Tabac Blond by Caron

Tabac Blond is amazing! It's everything retro and youthful and rebellious rolled into one scent. I really can't get away from this one, and I'm eternally thankful it fits my skin chemistry. I can see how it is rather hard to wear and not for everybody. I hate the smell in the bottle. The second it hits the skin is when the magic happens. It's a very uplifting fragrance, though not in a soothing way (so girlie girls: beware). This is one you put on to conquer the world. When the world's against me, that is when I love to splash this on and head for French Quarter.
31st July, 2010