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Oud For Highness 75 by Krigler

My favourite perfume.
Very linear. Very expensive.
There's no other Oud I've yet found comes close.
Not sure if it's the honey or the amber that makes it so wonderful.
22nd May, 2012
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United Kingdom

Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

Perfect Lavender. Like the lavender flowers in the garden (I have 20 varieties).
Top is lavender; base a little musk so just a solifleur. As there's nothing in the middle it doesn't last on the skin beyond 20 minutes - so try a few drops on collar or sleeve. At these prices you could bathe in it.
I keep a bottle by the remote control, and at the end of the day it overcomes those drydown blues - just a litlle every time you change channel.
03rd October, 2010
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United Kingdom

Memoir Woman by Amouage

After trying a few days of Memoir Man I moved onto Memoir Woman.
Initial impression is wow, can I wear this instead. Starting out with a short lived orange settling to pink pepper and green wormwood with a floral contribution (from the white flowers?). A few hours in the incense wafts around with rose and woods and jasmine and eventually a mossy musk. Sillage will have you walking around with nose pressed to wrist and over twelve hours useful life. Unisex and combines well with Memoir Man.
30th September, 2010
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United Kingdom

Memoir Man by Amouage

Initial impressions:
A gorgeous start very leafy green. Not sure which notes are the wormwood, but I get mint leaves under basil. [No tootpaste]
After 20 mins the leaf notes start to fade and you move into a vibrant garden - lots of growth after the spring rain, flower buds, no flowers.
Maybe too healthy, there's something not quite right in this garden.
You find yourself wandering into a wood and soon it's dead trees hanging with moss and stagnant green pools (maybe theyre filled with absynthe).
Six hours later and you're still lost in that wood and the light is failing.
Tomorrow you have to decide if you're brave enough to explore that wood again.

It's not oriental, it's not what you'd expect from Amouage - the madness of absynthe bottled as a scent.
26th September, 2010
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United Kingdom

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

I came to Tuscan Leather via a rather around-about route - an instant love of Clive Christian's C for Men.
Having tried Knize Ten as representative of a great leather and finding it a truly awful scent on me I assumed that what I loved about C Men (sic) must depend more on the raspberry and the tobacco absolute than the leather.

I was told that the nearest scent to C Men was the cheaper TFPC Tuscan Leather. So I did a simultaneous left hand C Men right hand Tuscan Leather - getting a good spray of both at Roja Doves Emporium. C Men starts out very interesting for 10 minutes but from then on I couldn't really tell them apart (again C Men has a little more depth of other notes).
By 4-6 hours the Tuscan Leather changes having lost the raspberry and then starts exhibiting a virtual vetiver (I'm told there's none in it) and then fades. C Men continues with raspberry (maybe snow lotus takes over - if I knew what it smelt like) and a weakening leather for ever (I can still faintly smell it 30 hours later).
Maybe to be expected as TL is an EDP and C Men a parfum.

Still it seems like I've found two raspberry and birch tarred leather signature scents. Maybe TL for work and C Men for pleasure?
09th September, 2010
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United Kingdom

Nicolaï pour Homme by Nicolaï

I was in Parfum de Nicholai shop near South Ken, London and they had no stock of Pour Homme. I got the impression from the SA's unclear replies to my questions that it had been taken back to Paris to be improved upon as it "wasn't good enough" (whether this was one batch or an as a whole tinkering I didn't persue).
I'll check there soon as PdNs are bargains of the century prices still (and they had a sale on too)
05th September, 2010
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United Kingdom

New-York by Nicolaï

A warm sunset, glowing orange, seen from the forest edge. Citrus over smoky wood with wafts of soft amber and occasional notes of something more exotic.
As the sun sets and the citrus becomes a memory the soft warm glow stays with you for hours.

22nd August, 2010
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United Kingdom

Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

In the shop on a test strip it smelt great to me both initially and after 30 minutes. So I took a sample home to try.

As soon as I applied it I was met by a cloying sweetness like an old fashioned sweetshop full of open boxes of turkish delight in sugar. This continued for less than an hour then thankfully faded almost completely away.
I had an even worse experience with FMs Iris Poudre - they share Iris/Tonka Bean so one of or the combination of really hates my skin.
21st August, 2010
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United Kingdom

Cologne Grand Siècle 07 by Parfumerie Generale

First impression is a combination of colours; grren and orange with a hint of yellow.
A cologne with definately tangerine (not orange) and a little sharp lemon. The green brings to mind tomato plants whilst the fruit is still green (which sets me a little on edge as I'm allergic to the plants).
It doesn't change character, it just fades. On me after 20 minutes it's all but gone; after an hour it's hard to detect where it was sprayed.
19th August, 2010