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Earth by Gap

An ingenious concoction. I cook with sage but 'til I read the ingredients, the perfume was a mystery to me. It's an invigorating scent. Have been wearing it since 1994. It is my favorite perfume of all time. It is the mosting invigorating unexpected scent I can think of. Sweet, refreshing (it's got a punch), and addictive. Love it. Can't smell it and not smile.
02nd August, 2010

Boss Intense by Hugo Boss

Sex in hot, humid weather in some faraway but not altogether isolated place. The scent is too sophisticated for that. Urban, asian, retro makes me think of Lust Caution by Ang Lee.

What with the spice and the kumquat I can see how some might say it is borderline sickening. But it does not cross that line. Mythically (I've never been) very Southeast Asia, that is the first thing it conjures up. Must be the kumquat. You can feel the ripeness of the fruit in the in the perfume. The scent lays on the skin using the body's heat to insinuate itself on anyone who comes close enough. A perfume with a hook. Will definitely not elicit a shrug for a response.
01st August, 2010

Eau de Givenchy by Givenchy

I wore this scent in the late 80s and early 90s, in fact it was one of the very first perfumes I owned. I purchased the original formula on Ebay a few months ago - the one that comes in a round-cornered rectangular bottle with the marbley blue cap. It smells just as I remember it, though I now have a greater vocabulary to described it. Someone here described it as dewy, and that is what I get as well.

As with all perfumes I like, it is so well blended that I have trouble picking out the notes. It's on the sweet side but has a non-distinct citrus sharpness that prevents it from being overly sweet. It also, thankfully, does not smell like any flower in particular. The moss is probably the only ingredient that my amateur nose can isolate. Makes it smell natural and secretory. Should attract folks who revel in the scent of another's skin.
01st August, 2010
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